Monster Cookie Dough Pretzel Mummy Bites

DSC_0179AIf I know my readers, I know you guys love your cookie dough as much as I do! This is why I love you.

And since that’s true, you guys oughta hop on over to Food Fanatic to check out my latest cookie dough recipe — Monster Cookie Dough Pretzel Mummy Bites! 

Not only are these little guys super adorbz, but they’re so easy to make and taste like monster cookie dough! What’s not to love?!

So head on over to Food Fanatic to check it out!! Click HERE!!

Have a monstrously awesome day 🙂

xo, Hayley

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza {A Food Fanatic Post!}


Haaaaaaiii guys.

So some of you may not know, but I’m now a regular contributor at the awesomesauce website, Food Fanatic!

Food Fanatic is FANTASTIC for food-lovers (like you!) and curates original, delicious and easy recipes from around the web and from some of your favorite bloggers into one convenient site. Bookmark it – I promise it’ll be a new fave!

Anywho, over at Food Fanatic, I am now the Queen of Cookie Dough! They even gave me a cookie dough-covered throne to sit in. Just kidding, I ate it. But seriously, I’m now the Cookie Dough Fanatic and I cannot wait for you to see this recipe for my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza! 

Layers of cookie dough are smooshed together in this dreamy pizza pie and it couldn’t be simpler to make (or tastier to eat)! Just click on over to the Food Fanatic site for the recipe and to see some of my other Cookie Dough Fanatic posts!

xo, Hayley

Browned Butter Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cups {A Guest Post from The Cooking Actress!}

Hey party people!  I’m crying a little (okay, a LOT) on the inside because today is my last full day in NYC!  And also because the mayor said I couldn’t take NYC home with me.  If I recall, his exact words were, “miss, it is physically impossible to take home an entire city, now please leave.” Clearly the mayor doesn’t understand science.

Anyway, last year I visited NYC for the first time and fell in love with it and the girl who let me crash on her couch, Kayle from the blog, The Cooking Actress!  Kayle is as sweet as she sounds on her blog, with an infectious smile, great acting chops, and scrumptious recipes that she crafted in her tiny apartment kitchen.  I had a BLAST while she showed me around NYC & I am so sad I won’t be seeing her this trip since she moved back to the Buckeye State, Ohio. *shakes fist at Buckeyes* Buckeye people definitely don’t deserve to eat her nutty Pecan Lacey Cookies or her S’mores Lava Cakes — I do!  I do!

However, maaaaaybe I can arrange us to surprise land in Ohio so I can sneak a taste of these cookie dough cups… 🙂 Okay, take it away, Kayle!!

Hello there domestic rebel-ers!! Kayle here from The Cooking Actress (in case ya didn’t guess-I’m an actress…who cooks…)-and I am SO excited to be here! Hayley has already guest posted for me twice (with her insanely delicious Creme Brulee Cookies and Gooey Texas Sheetcake!) so I am so happy to return the favor.

But…I’m also a little bummed. You see, Hayley and I became super tight when she came to visit me in New York City last year. A few months ago I relocated from NYC to my hometown in NE Ohio and nooow Hayley is in New York WITHOUT ME! I’m so sad. She’s probably eating cannoli, the best pizza in the US, Wafels and Dinges, and who knows what other kinds of tastiness! Even though I am totally jealous and wishing I could be there with her, I’m also hoping she has a ton of fun.

Enough about Hayley, NY, and moi, let’s talk sweets!
When trying to decide what recipe to share, I had to make sure it was something worthy of The Domestic Rebel. I couldn’t just make cookies! No, it had to be something somewhat mad-scientist-y, and insane in the amount of yum (I mean-I can’t even handle the ccc dough brownie bombs…or like anything Hayley makes! HER BRAIN THINKS OF THE MOST EPICLY DELICIOUS THINGS), because that’s how things roll over here. And ya know what? I think you guys are going to love these luscious little candies. You know peanut butter cups, right? Of course you do-we all know and love ’em. But you know what else we love?
Cookie Dough.
Sooo….maybe we browned some butter (because I want to put brown butter in all the things-the flavor is always so rich and complex) and made some peanut butter (eggless!) cookie dough. And perhaps we encase that in dark chocolate. Maybe we also sprinkle some salt on top, because sweet & salty is EVERYTHING. And then maybe we’re gonna eat like 10 of these cookie dough cups because they’re so good you just can’t stop.

Browned Butter Cookie Dough PB Cups
Author: Kayle, “The Cooking Actress”, adapted from How Sweet It Is

5.0 from 1 reviews
Browned Butter Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cups {A Guest Post from The Cooking Actress!}
Recipe type: Candy
Serves: 24
Nutty, caramel-y brown butter meets creamy, salty peanut butter in these sweet-and-salty Cookie Dough Cup candies from the genius Kayle, who blogs over at The Cooking Actress!
  • 2 cups dark chocolate (or semisweet) chips
  • 6 tbsp. unsalted butter
  • ¼ cup packed brown sugar
  • ¾ tsp. vanilla extract
  • ⅛ cup + 1 tbsp. peanut butter
  • ½ cup powdered sugar
  • 1 and ½ tbsp. all purpose flour
  • ¼ tsp. salt + extra salt to sprinkle on top
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips
  1. In a saucepan melt butter over medium-high heat, whisking constantly, as it foams, bubbles, and eventually turns amber with little brown flecks.
  2. Immediately add in the brown sugar and remove from heat. Whisk until the sugar is dissolved-approx. 2 minutes.
  3. Mix in peanut butter and then the vanilla-the mixture will be liquid-y. Allow to cool completely (don't make my mistake and end up with melted chocolate chips later on! Let it be cool!)
  4. Line a mini muffin tin with 24 liners.
  5. In a heatproof bowl, heat 1 cup dark chocolate chips in a microwave on high power in 30 minute increments (stirring after each time) until melted and smooth. Drop approx. 1 tsp. chocolate into each lined cup and use a pastry brush to brush the chocolate up the sides of the liners. Freeze for 20 minutes.
  6. Once the peanut butter mixture is cooled whisk in the powdered sugar, flour, and salt until smooth.
  7. Stir in the mini chocolate chips. Let the dough refrigerate until hardened-about 20-30 minutes.
  8. Once the chocolate and cookie dough are fully chilled, scoop about 1 tsp. sized pieces of dough and form into little balls. Place inside each of the chocolate cups. Freeze 10-15 more minutes.
  9. Melt the rest of the dark chocolate (same way you did last time) and cover each cookie dough filled cup, using a spoon to smooth it all over.
  10. Freeze 15-20 more minutes. Sprinkle finished cookie dough cups with salt. Store in the refrigerator (can be kept at room temperature for a couple hours, although they will soften.)

Thank you all so much for having me here! I hope you enjoy these cookie dough cups as much as I (and my fiance’) did and that you didn’t miss Hayley too much! And, if you thought I was kind of cool, feel free to check out my blog and follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram! Xoxx

If you guys aren’t following Kayle yet, you MUST!  Be sure to give her likes, follows and LOTS of love to stay connected to her adventures (she’s getting married soon!) and for more scrumptious recipes like this!

Have a delicious day!!

xo, Hayley

Oatmeal Scotchie Butterfinger Cookie Dough Bars

oatscotchieCalling all butterscotch lovers — these are your bars.

Let me preface by saying that these aren’t the cutest looking bars in the world.  They’re a butterface bar.  They taste good, they smell good, they’re easy to prepare, but are they pretty?  Hardly.  Just put a paper bag over your head while you eat them; they won’t mind.

I happen to love butterscotch and love these ugly duckling bars.  I knew before I even made them that I’d love them because A) how can you go wrong with cookie dough?, B) how can you go wrong with oatmeal scotchie cookie dough?, and C) butterscotch.  Butterscotch is enough.  Cover a freakin’ flip flop in butterscotch and I’ll probably lick it off in shame and happiness.


DSC_0910AIf butterscotch ain’t yo jam, come back tomorrow.  But otherwise, let’s huddle together and run through this amazing recipe once more.  Egg-free oatmeal scotchie cookie dough topped with a sinfully smooth butterscotch ganache that’s smothered in crushed Butterfinger candy bars.  I went there, y’all, and I’m not going back.

Now bring me my flip flop plate!


5.0 from 2 reviews
Oatmeal Scotchie Butterfinger Cookie Dough Bars
Recipe type: Cookie Dough, Bars
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 9-12
Calling all butterscotch lovers! These sinful bars are made from oatmeal scotchie cookie dough and are topped with Butterfingers and butterscotch ganache. Heavenly!
  • ¾ cup butter, room temperature
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup white sugar
  • 2 tsp milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 & ½ cups old fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 cup butterscotch chips
  • ¼ cup heavy cream
  • 1 pkg (12 oz) butterscotch chips
  • 2 full-size Butterfinger bars, roughly chopped
  1. Line an 8x8" square baking pan with foil, extending edges of foil over the sides of the pan. Mist the foil lightly with cooking spray.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat together the butter, brown sugar and white sugar with the paddle attachment until creamy, about 2 minutes. Add the vanilla and milk to combine. Beat in the flour and cinnamon until a soft dough has formed, then gently stir in the oats and butterscotch chips.
  3. Spread the mixture evenly into the prepared pan; set aside. Meanwhile, in a microwave-safe bowl, combine the heavy cream and the entire package of butterscotch chips. Microwave for 45 seconds or until smooth, stirring until smooth if needed. Pour the mixture on top of the cookie dough bars in an even layer; sprinkle liberally with the chopped Butterfingers.
  4. Refrigerate the bars for about 20 minutes to set, then cut into squares.

DSC_0902AMy sister and I, both self-proclaimed butterscotch freaks, devoured these bars in seconds.  They are SO delicious!  The oatmeal scotchie cookie dough offers great texture — the buttery undertones from the butter, brown sugar and butterscotch, the chewy heartiness from the oats and the sweetness from the chips of course.  Then that smooth, sweet ganache topped with crunchy, flaky peanut butter and chocolate Butterfinger candy bars — this is heaven on earth, people!! … even if it is an uglier heaven 😉

Have a delicious day!!

xo, Hayley

Pop Tart Cookie Dough S’mores

poptartsmoresI really envy all of you who are no longer in this cruel, harsh world of dating.

If I had to compare the dating to world to something, it would probably be District 12 in the Hunger Games.  Vastly insipid & just downright terrible.

So a few days ago, I posted on my personal Facebook, recruiting friends to tell me the romantic stories of how they met their husbands/wives/SO’s.  My inbox was flooded with adorable stories while I tried my best to convince myself love was real after another lame date with a dud.

And then, I got a message from a guy whom I’d been Facebook friends with for awhile.  I don’t know why I initially added him; he was friends of friends and I’d never met him, so I was shocked he had personally messaged me.  He confessed he’d been having dating trouble, too, and thought we should get together since we’d probably have a lot in common.  I agreed, so we began texting.  Turns out, we had a ton in common which totally blew my socks off.

We spent all day asking each other personal questions to get to know each other better.  He confessed he hated liars and cheaters since he’d been cheated on before (as do I) and liked food (as do I) so I pretty much knew we’d like each other.  We made plans to meet up for ice cream the next day.

SO you can imagine my shock when perusing his Facebook page (hey, we’re friends, first of all, and second of all, I wanted to refresh my memory as to what he even looked like), I noticed at the top of his wall a picture of him and this cute blonde girlie posted a day earlier.  In her comments she proclaimed they’d been official for a month and he was her new man.  Interesting.

I figured I would let this boy know that there was a rather cute blonde on his Facebook who seemed to think they were officially a couple, so I did — to which he replied, “I know this, but we aren’t official yet.”

Um, exsqueeze me?  A baking powder?  Aren’t official yet?  Aren’t official?  Really?  Because it seems to me this young lassie thinks you two have been official for about a month now.  Still not knowing all the details, but also feeling very uncomfortable dating someone who has a random chick longing for him on the other arm, I told him hanging out probably wouldn’t be the best idea right now.  He said he understood, and that was that.

Fast forward to when I get home, and this pathetic piece of trash has blocked me on Facebook.  Straight-up blocked me.  For what?  Calling him out for being a loser?  Because I didn’t want to get ice cream with him while he was currently a BOYFRIEND to someone else?  What a freaking loser, right?

Not to mention, he kept overusing my name (a HUGE pet peeve of mine) in casual conversation and said weird things like how he wanted to “hold me.”  I’m not a baby.  Please do not touch me, strange man.  And do not use my name or tell me you’ll hold me.  You are scary.

So anyways, you can see how I’m extremely envious of those of you who have retired from this treacherous world of online dating since it is just a big clusterf*ck of awful.  I’m sure “the one” is out there and I’ll “meet him when I’m not looking/when I least expect it!” but come on, do I really have to go out with shithead after shithead before I’ll find the one?  And they all seem so normal at first… but then again, Jeffrey Dahmer was normal before he went and ate people.  So maybe I just survived a serial killer, who knows.

Anyway, bad dates + survival require a treat, and I can’t think of anything more indulgent than these delectable Pop Tart Cookie Dough S’mores!  I was walking around the store one day when I spotted S’mores PopTarts and KNEW I had to make something with this iconic, delicious pastry.  Then it hit me: um, duh.  S’mores!

DSC_0537ABetween each S’mores flavored PopTart is a fluffy marshmallow and a thick layer of egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough, thrown in for extra indulgence.  The entire thing is dunked in milk chocolate and topped with festive sprinkles — perfect for Fourth of July since they’re an American classic and they’re no-bake!  Your family will be requesting these on the daily, so get ready to taste your new favorite treat!


5.0 from 2 reviews
Pop Tart Cookie Dough S'mores
Recipe type: Treats
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
S'mores are an iconic American dessert, and I spiced things up by making my s'mores with PopTarts and a thick layer of cookie dough. Irresistible!
  • 1 box (4 pkgs) S'mores PopTarts (if you can't find S'mores, substitute Cookies N Cream or Chocolate Chip)
  • 8 Jet-Puffed Square S'mores Marshmallows (or Stackermallows, which are long, thin marshmallows ideal for stacking for s'mores)
  • 1 & ½ pkgs chocolate Candiquik
  • Sprinkles
  • 1 stick butter, softened
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup white sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp milk
  • Dash salt
  • 1 & ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup miniature chocolate chips
  1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil or a silicone liner and set aside. Cut each PopTart in half crosswise; you'll have 16 fat little squares total. Set aside.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer, cream together the butter, brown sugar and sugar with the paddle attachment until creamy. Beat in vanilla and milk to combine. Stir in salt and flour to combine, then stir in the chocolate chips.
  3. Take a marshmallow and gently tug on it to help stretch it out into a longer rectangular shape. You don't need to completely stretch it, just until it fits on the PopTart better. Gently press onto the flat, unfrosted side of a PopTart half. Take a Tablespoon-sized ball of dough and press it into a rectangular shape with your fingers. Gently press the cookie dough onto the other flat, unfrosted side of the PopTart half. Then smoosh the two halves together; place on the baking sheet and repeat with remaining s'mores.
  4. Freeze the s'mores for about 30 minutes-1 hour or until solid. Melt the Candiquik according to package directions and pour the mixture into a deep bowl with high sides; it makes it easier to submerge the s'mores.
  5. Dunk each s'mores into the chocolate, coating completely. Allow excess chocolate to drip off (I use a fork for easier dunking) and return to the baking sheet; immediately top with sprinkles. If the two halves come apart, spread some melted chocolate on top of the marshmallow and resandwich the halves, waiting about a minute or two before dunking the entire thing (the chocolate will seal the sandwich together faster when the s'more is super cold).
  6. Store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. They're good room temperature or cold!

DSC_0533AAren’t they adorable?  SO simple to make and scrumptious, too!  I love the unexpected cookie dough surprise smothered inside of each sweet and chewy bite!  These are huge and quite a mouthful, but lazy summer days deserve decadent, frosty treats and these s’mores are no exception — they’re great frozen!

For this recipe, I used Jet-Puffed’s new S’moreMallows, which are puffy square-shaped marshmallows which perfectly fit onto a graham cracker for a s’more!  I loved how they were almost the perfect shape for my PopTart s’mores — that gentle tug I mention in the directions helps stretch them out to fit the area of the PopTart better, ensuring gooey marshmallow in every bite.  If you can’t find these S’moreMallows, consider using Stackermallows (long, narrow marshmallows, great for snacking) or regular marshmallows that have been halved or pressed so they lie flat within the s’more and don’t roll around.  You can also try different flavors of PopTarts or cookie dough to suit your tastes!

Have a fantastical day!!

xo, Hayley


Cookie Dough Doughnuts {Cookie Dough Week!}


Cookie_Dough_Week_updatedYou. Guiiiiiiiiiiiisssseee.

This takes my cookie dough and donut loves to a whole new level of insanity.

When Lindsay and Julianne asked me to participate in Cookie Dough Week, I spent awhile taking mental inventory of all my cookie dough recipes, what I’ve done, what I could do, etc.  As usual, I knew I wanted to make something under my typical criteria: A) a unique recipe; B) easy enough that novice bakers can make it; and C) outrageously rebellious, like its creator 🙂

And then it hit me: I hadn’t made a cookie dough donut before.  Instead of being all “yes!” and rejoicing the creative gods for birthing me this idea, I actually got all upset and pondered my existence, like whyyyyy have I never thought of this before?  It just seems so duh but it never occurred to me how awesome it would be to stuff a donut full of cookie dough.  Serious duh moment.

But instead of going the whole grueling route of making my own yeast dough and spending approximately one billion years waiting for it to rest and rise and raise and graduate and get married and all the complicated stuff yeast dough does, I thought I would use the shortcut route by using canned biscuits as my donut base.

Have you ever made canned biscuit donuts before?  They’re awesome!  No, they don’t taste identical to a freshly fried, from-scratch donut, but they are easily adaptable to any flavor glaze or icing you want to top them with and have roughly the same texture and mouthfeel (seriously, mouthfeel is a terrible word but you know what I mean) as a “real” donut.  In a pinch and when stuffed with cookie dough, I’ll challenge you to notice the difference.

DSC_1005AFor this, I used my favorite egg-free cookie dough recipe, which you can find HERE.  It’s a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, just made egg-free so it is safe to eat and free of salmonella and bubonic plague and whatever else you can contract from raw eggs.

So, wanna get stuffin’? (ew, I promise I’ll never use that term, either — gaaaaaah).


5.0 from 4 reviews
Cookie Dough Doughnuts {Cookie Dough Week!}
Recipe type: Donuts
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
These delectable fried donuts are filled with cookie dough for an even more decadent treat!
  • 3 cans refrigerated biscuits (not the flaky kind)
  • 1 batch homemade egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough
  • About 2 cups canola or vegetable oil
  • 1 can chocolate frosting, melted
  • Miniature chocolate chips
  1. Pour oil into a large, heavy bottomed skillet. Heat over medium-heat.
  2. Meanwhile, on a clean, flat work surface, flatten each canned biscuit into a larger circle using the heel of your hand. Take a Tablespoon-sized scoop of cookie dough and place it in the middle of the biscuit circle. Pull up the edges of the circle to the center and pinch to seal. Roll the biscuit donut in your hands to round it out again, ensuring the cookie dough is safely secured inside of the biscuit.
  3. Drop the biscuits into the hot oil and fry for about 1-2 minutes on each side, taking care to watch them carefully as they cook very quickly. Once one side is golden brown, flip and cook on the other side. You want them as browned as possible without being burnt.
  4. Drain the biscuits onto a paper-towel lined plate or a wire rack. Once cool enough to handle, dip them halfway into the melted chocolate frosting and sprinkle generously with remaining chocolate chips. These are best served immediately.

DSC_1007aThese are the epitome of sinful!  Even though they’re extremely rich, it’ll be an exercise in willpower to stop at just one.  Try using peanut butter cookie dough with a chocolate and peanut butter glaze!  Either way, any fried pastry stuffed with cookie dough is bound to be instantly satisfying 🙂

Check out some more amazing Cookie Dough recipes from some of my favorite bloggers!!

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Have a fantastical day!

xo, Hayley


Cookie Dough Chess Pie {Cookie Dough Week!!}



Cookie_Dough_Week_updatedCookie Dough Week.  AKA, the best week of your freakin’ lyffffeeeee.

It’s no surprise I loooove me some cookie dough.  Classic chocolate chip, salty peanut butter, overloaded monster, sweet sugar… I love it all and am a complete cookie dough eating equal opportunist.  And if you hover over the ‘Browse by Recipe’ tab at the top of my page, you’ll even see I have a small section dedicated exclusively to cookie dough recipes…and that collection is expanding quite rapidly as my love for cookie dough continues to grow.

DSC_1017AToday on the menu, I’m kicking off Monday the right way: with a pie entirely made up of cookies.  And cookie dough.  And so much goodness your brain will nearly explode of overwhelming happiness.  Yeah, it’s that intense.

Chess pies ain’t nothin’ new, but the idea of covering the bottom of your flaky pie crust with ooey, gooey cookie dough, then topping the dough with freshly baked cookies and that decadent chess mixture and well, you have a whole new ball field with a brand new star player.  This is the chess pie to end all chess pies, ya hear?!  It’s a slam-dunk.  A touchdown.  A goal.  A… crap, I don’t know anymore winning sports terms, but thankfully you catch my drift, yeah?

So less talk, more eat, am I riiiite?


4.7 from 3 reviews
Cookie Dough Chess Pie {Cookie Dough Week!!}
Recipe type: Pie
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
Cookie Dough Lovers will rejoice over this extremely gooey, decadent Cookie Dough Pie!
  • 1 refrigerated pie crust
  • 1 recipe your favorite egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough -- see link below recipe -- or you may use your favorite refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough but bear in mind that most refrigerated doughs have eggs and I do not condone eating raw eggs -- that's up to you!
  • 1 pkg Chips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (or your favorite soft & chewy cookies)
  • 1 stick butter, melted
  • 3 eggs
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup white sugar
  • 1 Tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • Cookie Dough ice cream, whipped cream, more chocolate chips, chocolate syrup optional
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Liberally grease a 9" pie plate with cooking spray. Unroll the pie crust onto the pie plate and press to conform; crimp edges if you'd like.
  2. Gently press the cookie dough into the bottom of the pie crust in an even layer; set aside. Meanwhile, chop up all of the chewy chocolate chip cookies into bite-sized pieces. Place all of the chopped cookies into the pie plate on top of the cookie dough layer.
  3. In a bowl, whisk together the melted butter, eggs, brown and white sugar, vanilla and vinegar until combined. Pour the mixture evenly on top of the chocolate chip cookies.
  4. Bake the pie for approx. 30-35 minutes or until the center is only slightly jiggly and the pie is golden brown. The crust usually cooks faster, so halfway though I strongly suggest putting a foil tent around the edges or use silicone pie shields to prevent burning. Once baked, allow the pie to cool completely.
  5. Cut into slices and serve topped with cookie dough ice cream, chocolate syrup, and any additional fixins you desire!



DSC_1032ATHIS is my favorite egg-free cookie dough recipe that I encourage you to use for the base of this cookie-doughy, gooey pie.  You will likely have leftover cookie dough for which I strongly encourage eating straight outta the bowl or for making truffles — check out the Cookie Dough section on my blog for more ideas 🙂  This pie is a cookie dough lover’s DREAM come true!  It’s so irresistibly gooey and rich, loaded with tons of that brown sugary, vanilla and chocolate-y cookie dough goodness.  The bottom of the pie doesn’t quite cook all the way, leaving that sweet and half-baked cookie dough layer on the bottom.  And the chess mixture (that luscious sugar-butter mixture!) makes the baked cookies moist and chewy, mimicking cookie dough more so.  Topped with cookie dough ice cream and a generous smothering of chocolate syrup and this is the end all-be all to cookie dough ever!

Because we’re in the midst of Cookie Dough Week, be sure to check out these AWESOME cookie dough recipes from some of my bestest bloggy buddies!

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Cookie Dough S’mores Dip from Beyond Frosting

Have a fantastical Monday!!

xo, Hayley

Cookie Dough Seven Layer Bars

cookiedoughsevenI don’t know about you, but I really hate when service people have to come to the house.  Plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners… my hatred doesn’t discriminate based on specific professions.

I have seen WAY too many crime shows of jovial electricians turning into deadly murderers when you least expect it.

So you can imagine my disappointment and fright when my mom informed me that a plumber was coming to our house and I would be home alone with him.  I quickly hid random knives around the house in unexpected places just in case and predialed 9-1 on my phone so I’d be more than ready when I needed to dial that additional 1.

And just like in the movies, some seemingly-harmless dude showed up and I had to let him into my home and show him to the toilet.  Like the majority of non-murderous plumbers would do, he went straight to work and I hesitantly sat at my computer with the phone nearby, ready to dial that 1 at a moment’s notice knowing very well that this whole “nice dude plumber” thing was probably an act and I’d be clubbed over the head with a pipe wrench any second.

Little did I know that my seemingly murderous plumber was actually not so much murderous as he was, er, curious.  Instead of sneaking up behind me and striking me dead, he walked confidently into my kitchen and turned on the sink.  As he checked the water pressure, he casually asked me, “so, have you ever seen the show Sister Wives?”

I responded with something along the lines of “ew, oh my god NO, that show is *bleeping* disgusting” to which he replied (rather defensively), “why do you think it’s so disgusting?!”  I explained that the idea of polygamy is crazy and gross and demeaning and I do not agree with it and he began to tell me about how his friends are swingers and how he thinks swinging is ‘cool’ and how he thinks it’s interesting that polygamy and polyamory is becoming more widely accepted and didn’t know why I wasn’t a fan of either.

No. Freakin’. Shit.  This conversation legitimately happened in my kitchen.  With a stranger plumber that reminded me of a giant sociopathic Teletubby.

So instead of dialing my precious additional ‘1’, I decided to text my friend Sarah to come over instead.  A) because Sarah lives right around the corner, and B) because she grew up in South Sacramento where it’s super ghetto and once beat the crap out of some mugger with padlocks hidden in her hands.  Sarah came right over which made the molestery polygamist plumber man mad because she had intervened on his plans to kidnap me to his scary cult compound to become his 8th wife.

It wasn’t until he had to show me some drainage pipe outside that he took the opportunity to very sheepishly ask for my phone number.  My normal response to weirdos asking for my number is to reply that I’m seeing someone (which is kind-of true as I do spend a lot of time with Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds…well, watching him on the show, anyways) so I blurted it out without thinking that clearly this response wouldn’t jive well with someone who believes that having 3498723 wives is kosher, so what’s another non-existent boyfriend?  But to my relief he took the bait and refused to acknowledge me after I shot him down in my driveway while he hosed sludge out from our pipes.  It was, quite possibly, the shittiest way to turn down someone — literally.

DSC_0469aSo anyways, after the incident and narrowly escaping my dreaded fate of becoming a sister wife, I went out and had a beer as a toast to my survival.  And then I shoveled these Cookie Dough Seven Layer Bars in my face because I deserved them after my crazy afternoon.  I’m so happy I lived to try them because they were so incredible!  Like, if you open the dictionary to ‘gooey’ you’ll see these bars.  They are & you must try them — they’re the key to your survival!


4.9 from 7 reviews
Cookie Dough Seven Layer Bars
Recipe type: Bars
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
Irresistibly rich seven layer bars topped with chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough and drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. The taste of a gooey cookie without all the chilling & rolling. You'll love these!
  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • ½ cup oil
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 1 pkg refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough, roughly chopped or torn apart (such as Pillsbury)
  • About 15 chewy chocolate chip cookies, roughly chopped
  • About 15 Cookie Dough Oreos, roughly chopped
  • ⅓ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • ⅓ cup white chocolate chips
  • 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 13x9" baking pan with foil, extending the sides of the foil over the edges of the pan. Mist the foil lightly with cooking spray and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the cake mix, oil, eggs and brown sugar with a rubber spatula until a soft dough has formed. Press the dough evenly into the prepared pan and bake for 10 minutes.
  3. Top the par-baked base evenly with the cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, chocolate & white chocolate chips. Drizzle evenly with the can of sweetened condensed milk and return to the oven to bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the center appears set and the top is golden brown and bubbly.
  4. Allow the bars to come to room temperature and cool completely before cutting into squares. Serve warm or room temperature, bare or topped with ice cream! These keep well at room temperature when stored airtight, up to one week.

DSC_0479AHave you tried those new Cookie Dough Oreos yet?!  If not, you must pick up a package.  Lately Oreo’s been on the money with their limited edition fun flavors — I haven’t met one I didn’t like and the Cookie Dough is no exception.  Personally, I think they taste identical to cookie dough — brown sugary, rich and spiked with vanilla, then paired with the crunch of the chocolate wafer cookie.  It kind of has a coffeeish undertone to it which makes it taste more well-rounded and deepens that flavor but doesn’t push it into mocha territory.  So you can imagine that upon trying a handful of these fun flavors, I HAD to make something with them and these bars immediately came to mind.  They taste just like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie: chewy, slightly underbaked, SUPER gooey and oh-so scrumptious.  You won’t be able to stop at just one bar!

Have a fantastical day!!

xo, Hayley



Caramel Apple Jack Snickerdoodle Pops

caramelapplejackYou guys wanna hear about the time I got a free iPod?!

So I was dating this guy I met through a friend’s friend’s friend.  We met up for the first time at a movie theatre and he was wearing a butt-flap.  A butt-flap.  If you’re blissfully unaware of what a butt-flap is, it’s a piece of fabric that unnecessarily hangs from the back of one’s pants, quite literally being a butt-flap.  And it’s the most asinine and ridiculous thing one could ever wear besides sandals and socks.  And he was wearing one, and in my moment of being a stupid teenager, I didn’t see anything wrong with this.  Later, there would be many other things I didn’t see wrong which were very, very wrong, like taking 2347627823 pictures of myself to post on MySpace, or wearing turquoise eyeshadow up to my brow bones and thinking it was attractive.

Anyway, I was totally smitten with the fact that he spiked his hair just-so, that he wore that friggin’ stupid butt-flap, and that he read great works of English literature and claimed to be a feminist.  We would frequently have conversations in which he would wax poetic about how he thought squatters were cool and how he thought meat-eaters were terrible people.  He was unlike anyone I’d ever dated before because I probably was avoiding people like him for a reason.  Also, he was a Cancer, which is a terrrrrible mistake for an Aquarian to make.  (If you’re an Aquarius and like a Cancer dude: stop, drop, and run.  Don’t answer his texts.  He’ll probably start wearing a butt-flap soon.)

For a YEAR I listened to his intense arguments about why most men were chauvinistic pigs and why he thought leather was evil, even though he wore shoes with leather soles.  We would hang out at his house–a sprawling, dilapidated 1920’s style mansion (really) in his room where he had posters of Japanese artwork on the walls.  And for about 30% of the year we were together, I was happy.  The rest of the time, true to teenagers-in-love fashion, we fought terribly over absolutely NOTHING, as most teenagers do.

Fast forward to the day of our one year anniversary.  Things were going prettttty awkward.  So awkward, I’m assuming, which is why I cannot remember any of it except little snippets that I am going to tell you about now.

We got to the apathetic-gift-exchange part of the anniversary.  I don’t remember what I got him so therefore, it was probably crappy, and he handed over a large box which contained the first and original iPod: a clunky, snow-white brick with a eardrum-splitting clicks when you thumbed the wheel and a dim black and pale green screen.

Of course I was floored.  An iPod?  He didn’t even have a job (hello, he believed in squatting–do you really see him being conventionally employed!?) and yet he had purchased this iPod for me, in spite of all of our bickering.  It made me look twice at him, like maybe I could forget about the fact that he had an aversion to deodorant or that he wore jeans from the womens department.

Juuuuust about when I was getting ready to accept this, a few hours later he broke up with me, in a parking lot, in front of my mom’s minivan, while wearing a butt-flap.  “It’s just not working out, and I just can’t do this anymore,” he explained vaguely.  He insisted I keep the iPod and, now the proud owner of a 450-pound iPod, I happily obliged.

And that’s how I simultaneously ended an exactly 365-day relationship AND got a free iPod.  Now who is hungry?!

With caramel apple season around the corner, I haaaaad to get a jump start.  Personally, I find caramel apples to be a seasonless favorite–I can enjoy them while it’s melting hot outside or when it’s blustery, but I prefer them when the weather changes, the leaves transform into beautiful shades of ruby, and when apples are in their peak season.

DSC_0103AThese apple pops are a spin-off of two ideas that knocked my socks off — a recipe for Apple Jack Cookies in Jessica Segarra‘s new book, Cereal Sweets & Treats, and a recipe from an older Taste of Home magazine that called for dipping baked cookies in caramel, rolling them in nuts and sticking them on a toothpick.  Not one to skimp on that extra oomph, I decided to blend both recipes to create a truly unique, seasonal treat that is reminiscent of my all-time fave!


5.0 from 2 reviews
Caramel Apple Jack Snickerdoodle Pops
Recipe type: Cookies
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 18
These cookie pops perfectly encompass all my favorite fall flavors: cinnamon, apple, caramel, and cookies, into an adorable, edible pop!
  • ½ cup butter, softened
  • ¾ cup white sugar
  • 1 Tbsp milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 & ½ cups Apple Jacks cereal, finely crushed
  • 1 & ¼ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 pkg caramel bits
  • 1 can sundae peanuts
  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, cream together the butter and white sugar until fluffy and light. Gradually add in the milk and vanilla, beating to combine.
  2. In a separate medium bowl, whisk together the crushed cereal, flour, cinnamon and salt; gradually add this mixture into the butter mixture, about a cup at a time, until fully incorporated.
  3. Roll the cookie dough into Tablespoon-sized balls using a cookie dough scoop to portion. Place the dough balls onto a foil-lined baking sheet. Freeze the cookie dough until completely firm, about an hour.
  4. While the cookie dough freezes, melt the caramel according to package directions until smooth and on the thinner side (you can thin it out gradually by adding a little milk at a time).
  5. Gently stick a toothpick into a still-frozen cookie dough ball. Dip the bottom half of the ball into the caramel, allowing excess to drip off. Roll the caramel-coated bottom in chopped sundae peanuts. Place back on the sheet to set and repeat with remaining pops.
  6. Serve immediately, or store leftovers in the fridge for several days.

DSC_0109AThese pops aren’t only adorable, but they’re DELICIOUS, too.  I LOVE the addition of crushed Apple Jacks cereal into the snickerdoodle cookie base.  It’s such an unexpected twist and marries so beautifully with the spicy, warm cinnamon of the sugary cookie dough, while imparting a nice, crisp texture as well.  The apple flavor is subtle, so you can focus primarily on that buttery caramel, the salty peanuts, and the rich, complex cinnamon flavor of these scrumptious, highly addictive cookie pops.  I’m in love!

Be sure to check out Jessica’s book — I LOVE cereal and am finding I am obsesssssed with every recipe in here!

Have a fantastical day!!

xo, Hayley


Cookie Dough Billionaire Bars

cdbillionRemember that time when your boob popped out at the gym?

No?  Is that just me?  Go figure.

Why is the gym some super hotspot for me to have embarrassing things happen?   Deep down, I think it’s the universe’s way of saying don’t go to the gym because really, most mortals don’t have these weird-o things just happen to them consecutively.

Anywaaaay.  So I was doing my usual floor exercises/stretches/bullsh*t when I decided I wanted to do a plank.  Why not, I thought.  Planking seems like the perfectly logical thing to do while working out.

While this thought was being born, I was doing toe-touches and because of my lack of pockets I had ingeniously lodged my iPod into my bra for safekeeping.

After toe-touches I got down into planking position and was dying doin’ my thang when a horrid song came on.  I don’t really know why I have terrible songs on my iPod, but I’m assuming it’s because any song is horrid if it isn’t the one I’m playing on repeat.  And also because I have a terrible taste in music.

So naturally, I am unable to do anything when a bad song is on, so I reached for my iPod to quickly banish said-awful song from my ears when, kaboom.. boob.

During this exercise mishegas, my iPod had, er, stuck to me, and without thinking, I just pulled it out thinking everything was jim dandy buuuuut, my lady lump fell out with it.

S0o0o0o0o there I was, planking and sweaty, with a boob just chillin’, and a horrible song in my ears, and about 3476283468234 people surrounding me.  It was the perfect equation for oh my god this is my life what the hell.

This has absolutely zero to do with these billionaire bars except I’m pretty sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to billionaires since billionaires can usually afford workout clothes with iPod pockets.  Or their own home gym.  Or you know, just have their favorite band perform while they do lunges.  Dammit, why do rich people have everything?!

Everything except gymboob stories.  And cookie dough billionaire bars.

DSC_2283AIf we’re being honest, I have no idea why these are called billionaire bars.  I’ve just seen them around the interwebs and realized it’s basically just cookie dough sitting on top of caramel sitting on top of a shortbread crust, and that sounds awesome.  I made them, and true to their genetic makeup, they are super duper superbly awesome.  And totally make me feel less omg embarrassed for the whole boobage thing.


5.0 from 2 reviews
Cookie Dough Billionaire Bars
Recipe type: Bars
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 15
I'm not sure why these bad boys are called 'billionaire bars' since I've never actually met a dessert worth as much as Oprah. Needless to say, these sinful treats are worth every bite.. and penny 🙂
  • 1 pkg refrigerated sugar cookie crust
  • 1 pkg Kraft caramel bits
  • 2 tsp heavy cream or milk
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup white sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp milk
  • 1 & ¼ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup miniature chocolate chips
  • 2 squares baking chocolate
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Liberally grease a 13x9" baking pan with cooking spray. Unwrap the sugar cookie dough and press it evenly into the bottom of the prepared pan.
  2. Bake the sugar cookie crust for approx. 15 minutes or until center appears set and top is lightly golden. Cool completely.
  3. In a medium saucepan, melt together the caramel bits and the 2 tsp heavy cream over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the mixture has melted and is nice and smooth. Pour the mixture over the sugar cookie crust and spread to even out.
  4. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat together the butter and sugars until creamy. Add the vanilla and milk, beat again. Lastly, gradually add the flour until a soft dough forms. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  5. Spread the cookie dough mixture evenly on top of the caramel layer. Place in the fridge to set, about 2 hours. Before serving, melt the remaining baking chocolate and drizzle on top of the bars. Cut and eat!

DSC_2299AI brought these into work and they were gone within minutes.  I don’t blame my hungry coworkers– there’s something about sweet, crispy sugar cookie crust, gooey, smooth caramel and buttery, soft cookie dough that makes me weak in the knees, too!  And lucky for my coworkers, I didn’t even charge them per bar! 😉

Have a delicious day!

xo, Hayley


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