Over the Rainbow Brownie Bombs

rainbowbrowniebombsYesterday, I did a grown-uppy thing: I got a queen-size bed!!  This is pretty exciting news seeing that I have been sleeping on a twin for my entire life and finally feel like I’ve surpassed some grown-up right-of-passage with my grown-up bed.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, I’m a big girl now!

So out of nowhere, my parents decided to graciously treat my me and my sister to brand new beds.  We headed to the mattress stores to check out our options which basically consisted of my eyeballs popping out of my head upon seeing the price some people pay for a mattress.  Unless it has a built-in toilet and mini fridge, I’m not interested.

Anywho, so my sister and I were checking out our options when the mattress lady came by and asked what we were up to, as if we were random strangers intruding in her large home filled with an extensive collection of partially used mattresses.  After we assuaged her nerves and reminded her we were shopping for mattresses, she seemed to calm down some & wanted to know who was looking.  My mom said, “these two” and the woman took that as the perfect opportunity to call us “the kids” from there forward.

I’m sorry, but there comes a time in a person’s life when they pass the ‘kid’ threshold and are called by their names, or by anything other than “kid.”  Excuse me, lady, but I pay taxes.  And I have tattoos.  And my own car.  Which basically means I’m an adult in every sense of the word.  Who cares if my mom is buying me a mattress?  YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

And mind you, there tends to be an age where people call anyone under 65 a ‘kid’ or ‘kiddo’, but this woman clearly was not in that bracket and was only slightly older than myself which definitely does not give her the elderly right-of-passage to call anyone a ‘kiddo’ and wear adult diapers.

The worst part was after she called us ‘kids’, she asked our ages and when I said ’23’ she STILL called me a ‘kid’ after that!  It’s like, excuse me, but I’m definitely not a kid.  Just because I watched Little Einsteins on TV a few days ago doesn’t mean anything!  Because first of all, the gym had it on for some reason and as far as I’m concerned, it was far more interesting than watching CNN.  And last I checked, ‘kids’ cannot vote, abuse a Target credit card or order drinks at the bar with a cute guy who was as interested in me as someone would be with a used napkin [his loss].

DSC_0556AAnyway, I have my big-girl mattress now so I don’t need her judgments.  Plus, she’s probably just bitter because she didn’t have one of these incredible Over the Rainbow Brownie Bombs!! 

DSC_0571AWith St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I knew I wanted something rainbow for this lucky little holiday.  By combining one of my favorite recipes, my Rainbow Truffles, with my classic Brownie Bomb recipe, I made one super bright and ultra fun bomb that everyone will love!  Plus, while it looks intimidating, it’s super easy and fun to make with the kids — just a little labor intensive, but worth the wait 😀

If you ever wondered what was over the rainbow, it’s brownies.  And cake.  And queen-sized mattresses.  Now eat up, kid!!


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Over the Rainbow Brownie Bombs
Recipe type: Brownie Bombs
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
These adorable rainbow brownie bombs are perfect for St. Patrick's Day and are a fun dessert to make with the kids! Have them roll the rainbow cake to make the cake balls, or decorate the tops with the gummy rainbow candy!
  • 1 recipe Rainbow Truffles (link provided above and below)
  • 1 (13x9") baking pan fudge brownies, baked and cooled and cut into about 1"-2" squares
  • 1 pkg vanilla Candiquik
  • Kraft Mallow Bits
  • Sour Rainbow Candy Strips, cut in half
  1. Prepare the Rainbow Truffles according to the recipe provided; freeze the truffles until solid. Meanwhile, take a brownie and using the heel of your hand, gently flatten the brownie into a flat plane.
  2. Wrap the brownie gently around the cake ball, rolling it in your palm and pinching the brownie around the truffle to cover. Place the brownie covered truffles back onto the baking sheet and freeze once more, for about 15 minutes or until firm.
  3. Prepare the Candiquik according to package directions. I used ONE drop of liquid blue food coloring into my Candiquik just to give it a little blue tint, but this is optional. Once the Candiquik has melted and is smooth, dip each brownie bomb into the mixture, coating completely and allowing excess to drip off.
  4. Place on the baking sheet and, working quickly, take a halved rainbow candy strip and arc it on top of the brownie bomb. You may need to carefully hold it in place for a few seconds so the edges of the rainbow don't droop down the wet chocolate. Going as fast as possible, lightly press a small pinch of miniature marshmallow bits onto the edges of each rainbow to create the clouds. Repeat with remaining bombs.

DSC_0569AAren’t these the cutest?!  Yes, they require some work, but the payoff is a sweet, fun and unique treat that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!  No one can resist the fudgy, one-of-a-kind taste of a brownie bomb, and everyone will fall for the bright, sunny surprise of a rainbow cake ball hidden inside!  Plus, this is a great chance to engage the kids in helping with rolling the cake balls and decorating the outside.  Can’t find the rainbow gummy strip candy?  You could also use rainbow sprinkles, miniature M&M’s or rainbow colored pearl sprinkles or candies like Sixlets to decorate the tops of the bombs.  However you make ’em, they’re guaranteed to brighten your day!!

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Have a fantastical day!!

xo, Hayley



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  1. Jon Pope says:

    Let put it this way if you were my young adults. I would have told the salesperson that they are young adults and if you don’t apologize. We are leaving and going somewhere else to shop. One time I went to the store with my neighbor and her kids the salesperson said that we looked like a cute couple. Well I was 45 at the time and my neighbor was 25 with a 7 and 5 year old. I said EXCUSE ME WE ARE NOT A COUPLE. The sales lady was so embarrassed we got a 20% discount

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hahahaha oh man, I don’t know why people automatically assume stuff like that!! It’s the same thing as if a woman walked in and you weren’t sure if she was just overweight or pregnant, DON’T SAY ANYTHING!! It would be fine if they just said “who are we shopping for today?” than assume and try to get you and your neighbor to shack up, lol. Thanks for the laugh, Jon!!

  2. Did you paint your unicorn sprinkle shaker?!

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      No!! I found this one at Target 😀 my sprinkle shaker unicorn is currently MIA, probably on some rainbow-catching mission in Neverland, so I used this one instead 😉

  3. Stupid mattress lady! That reminds me of when I bought my car and the dealer spoke only to my fiance. I would have been angrier but I hated my old car too much to care.
    I am loving these brownies! Rainbow-food anything rocks, but when you add chocolate it makes it all the better.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      How annoying!! I would hate that — it’s like when snobby salespeople ignore you because you may look a certain way. Um, how do YOU know I don’t have money to drop on a new car/mattress/hella expensive purse?! Don’t judge someone on their appearance or age because if you’ve got the money, honey, you can buy anything!!

  4. This is by far the cutest thing you have ever made!!! Plus the little pony. Gah!

  5. OMG these are the cutest things EVER. Love the rainbow on top!

  6. Love, love, & love!!! Can’t wait to share these!

  7. So cute! I made a cupcake last year for St. Patrick’s Day using that candy for rainbows on top! Love how you use them on these truffle bombs.

  8. These are some of the prettiest, happiest pictures ever. And they just scream “HAYLEY!” Love em! These are so awesome, girl!

    and ugh. One of thooose people. Callin’ ya kids. Icks. buuut WELCOME TO THE QUEEN MATTRESS CLUB! Enjoy all your space!

  9. Oh, my word! Those are the cutest rainbow treats I have seen! Love it kiddo! (LOL I couldn’t resist) You know how much I love ya!!!

  10. hello, these are the most fun st patty;s day treat – and that guy does not know what he is missing our on 🙂

  11. I read half of the post at like 5:30am when I randomly woke up all early, you know its so not like me!! And now I finished the rest of it 15 hours later or something, I got a big girl bed last year and I love it, so much room!! Room to devour all these brownie bombs!! So stinkin cute!!

  12. omg I hate when people make comments about me being “little” or a “child” when I’m 23 and I pay my own rent and cook real people food and DAMN RIGHT YOU DON’T KNOW ME. Ahem. Sorry. I might have shouted hell yeah when I read that you felt that way. 😉 But these brownie bombs?! The cutest things I’ve seen ever! Omg I want to eat them all right nowwww.

  13. Kids most definitely do not abuse a target credit card!!! Damn right tell her haaha. And kids definitely do not create such deliciousness that make me want to eat an entire bowl of rainbow bombs. Just saying.

  14. These are so cute!


  1. Ian Leaf says:

    Ian Leaf

    Over the Rainbow Brownie Bombs | The Domestic Rebel

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