Rainbow Truffles

There are a few things that I’m embarrassed to say, as an adult, I cannot do.

I was hoping it was just a child or adolescent phase. That, along with age I’d be the wiser and could do everything with adult-like savvy and sophistication.

Not the case.

I watch other adults–teens–kids, even–attempt these tasks with ease and complete lack of frustration. They can do these things in the simple blink of an eye, no question. Yet I’m in the corner, wishing ill upon them all because I was born with a genetic defect that prevents me from doing the simplest tasks.

Time to embarrass myself.

#1. Sealing Ziploc baggies. In my defense, if they have the zipper thingy, I’m good. But the regular ol’ strip-seal bags? No way in hell. There’s always a huge open gap in my “seal” and I can never get all the air out.

#2. Touching styrofoam egg cartons. I seriously hate styrofoam. It was created by the devil to wreak awful-sounding, squeakiness onto my ears and cause me to go moderately homicidal. This proves difficult since where we grocery shop, eggs are packaged in styrofoam containers. However, last summer I got some eggs at an organic grocery store and yay–they came in cardboard. So you know what I did? I SAVED the cardboard egg containers and I transfer my eggs, cringing the whole time I’m touching the damn styrofoam. It’s nearly unbearable.

#3. Putting my shoes away. Okay, I really am genetically incapable of doing this. My shoes are strewn about my house everywhere. I got the concept from my dad, who has his entire footwear collection in our foyer. I learned wisely and enjoy tossing my flats right in doorways and throwing my beat-up converse where people can easily trip. I’m obviously very (in)convenient.

#4. Opening cereal boxes. How am I even a food blogger when I have such difficulty with food packaging? I’m a disgrace. I hate cereal pull-tab boxes. They never open well and there’s always a rip in the tab which makes for an impossible-to-shut-the-tab-box of Fruity Pebbles. And don’t even get me started on the plastic bags–whenever I (gently!) try to rip them open, they burst down the seams. Cereal companies are obviously out to get me.

#5. Opening screw-top bottles. This is an embarrassing story which will probably make my mom happy since it involves my own stupidity preventing my own underage drinking. Last Superbowl 2011, I wasn’t of drinking age but went to a Superbowl party and decided to have a Corona like the rest of the guests. Jessie left the kitchen with a bottle in hand so I went in and grabbed one, too. I took it to my seat and tried a couple of VERY unsuccessful times to unscrew the cap–resulting in a bloodied, red and angry palm on my part and uh, no beer, either. It wasn’t until I later realized Coronas aren’t screw-top drinks. But in my idiotic defense, I can’t open those either.

I should just wear a straitjacket for my life because I am obviously a catastrophic member of society.

To make up for the fact that my parents created such a mess and because Jessie is dating said mess, I made something cheerful and happy and pretty to make them remember my good qualities–like how I can always make them laugh no matter the occasion, or how I make them dinner nightly, or how I let my dad drink my fancy beers; vacuum the living room for my mom and make sure I scratch Jessie’s head every time we’re watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. 

Something bright and sunny should do the trick… how about Rainbow Truffles??

I’ve been redeemed. Now can you, uh, seal this for me?

Rainbow Truffles *adapted slightly by Rainbow Cake Pops over at Munchkin Munchies– such cute stuff!

1 pkg white cake mix, plus ingredients on back of box
1 small box sugar free/fat free vanilla instant pudding mix
1/3 can vanilla frosting
1 pkg white almond bark
Rainbow sprinkles
Red, golden yellow, lemon yellow, kelly green, royal blue and violet Wilton gel food coloring

1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Line a muffin tin with 12 paper liners. First, prepare your cake mix according to package directions, stirring dry pudding mix into the batter to combine. Divide the batter evenly among six small bowls. Tint each bowl a different color of the rainbow to the intensity of your choice. I made my colors bright, but pastels would be cute, too!
2. Divide the colored batter into the muffin cups–2 muffin cups per one color–and bake about 13-15 minutes or when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with light crumbs. Allow to cool completely.

3. Once cooled, crumble the cake by color into six separate bowls. Add about one Tablespoon or so of vanilla frosting to each bowl and mix with a spoon until combined.

4. To make the balls, take a small pinch of red crumbs, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Once each color is in the palm of your hand, gently roll them into a tight ball. Place on a foil-lined baking sheet and repeat until all the crumbs are gone. Allow to harden several hours in the freezer.

5. Once chilled, prepare the almond bark according to package directions. Once melted and smooth, dip each truffle one at a time into the melted chocolate with a toothpick, turning it gently to coat. Allow excess to drip off, then carefully release the coated cake ball back onto the baking sheet. Immediately sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles and repeat until finished. Allow chocolate to harden, then store airtight up to 2 days.

Since my Amazing Rainbow Cupcakes are kind of a big deal around here, these truffles made an instant impression. It’s amazing that a mini rainbow can brighten anyone’s day in one bite-sized morsel of happiness.

I make up for my shameful childlike behavior sometimes.

Have a great day!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Having just ripped the top of a box of cereal to shreds and fought with the inside plastic bag, I feel your pain. These truffles are SO cute – and so much work! You are awesome for attempting the task. Beautiful!

  2. I am married to another Styrofoam hater. And balloons do the same thing for him. I remember he was convulsing on the floor the last time I pulled something out of a box that was packaged tight in Styrofoam. I hope you are comforted in knowing that you’re not the only one!!!

  3. Hayley, these truffles are awesome!!

    And, in other news, I also hate styrofoam. HATE it.

  4. Saw these on pinterest (and repinned them). They’re pretty dang cute!
    I, for the LIFE of me, can not put my shoes away either. I also can not open a carton of milk without the cardboard getting all jumbled, soggy, shredded and almost ruined to the point of no return. When they started introducing cartons with the pull tab and screw on lid, I almost did back flips!

    • Ahh, how funny! I hate when they make products so complicated to open. I love the pull-tab cartons of juice; so easy and goof-proof! Now if only they could goof-proof cereal and change the sounds of styrofoam…

  5. These are just gorgeous. Love them!

  6. Those are the most awesome cake truffles!!! I can’t open ketchup packets right to save my life….it ends up tearing all the way down the side and making a mess:-)

  7. Um, YUM! These look so fun and delicious! I’ve avoided making cake pops or cake balls or anything that involves make cake even harder to put together, but this actually looks do-able. I might need to stop fighting it! Fun!

    • Hi Jen! To be honest, I really dislike making cake balls and pops usually because A) it’s tedious and B) most of the time, I’m not a huge fan of the consistency (the frosting always makes them taste mushy to me–yuck) but the consistency here was perfect, and who can resist rainbow truffles? Hope you have success if you try them 🙂

  8. Making these and the lucky green velvet cookies for my boys classes. Thank you for your awesome recipes!!

  9. Why do you add the pudding mix? I love your site by the way. I’ve never made cake pop/truffle balls but this looks easy enough and fun. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comment. I like adding dry pudding mix to my cake recipes because it makes the cake extra moist and fluffy (in my opinion). Of course, feel free to omit the pudding if A) you don’t want to use it or B) you don’t have any on hand. Here, it’s not as necessary as say, if you made a regular cupcake.

  10. Well I will have to try it. I make cupcakes alot for the kids so there’s no harm in trying something new and moist is probably a good thing when makes the cake pop ball things. lol

    • making not makes lol

    • Yeah! I have used the cake mix without the pudding plenty of times and they’re still moist and very good; I just have severe issues from childhood pertaining to crumbly cakes and I like to take the extra step to ensure mine aren’t as much as possible, lol. That’s why I love the pudding mix! If you try it, let me know if you notice a difference. Who knows, it may be your new fave 🙂 (another great thing is experimenting with the flavors of pudding mix–sometimes if you make say, a lemon cake, adding the lemon pudding intensifies the flavor. I like using this for flavors like strawberry, or doing something different and using cheesecake or white chocolate flavor to red velvet, etc)

  11. Sooo cool! I’m currently loving any rainbow food, I have an entire board on Pinterest for them. Almost-hubby’s birthday is next week and I might make him these instead of a cake.

    I noticed a baaad typo lol. Point 3, between the cupcakes and the crumbs, says SEX separate bowls, instead of six.

  12. My 4 yo daughter, my niece, and myself all made these today! We put green sprinkles for st. Pattys day. So much fun for the kids to roll the balls and sprinkle them. Thanks! (and I too hate syrofoam, especially when my husband scrapes hs ice cream dish with his plastic spoon)

  13. Persnickety Hall says:

    Oh my gosh! I am in LOVE with these truffles!!!! I cannot wait to make some. Thank you for sharing these! 😀

  14. These are so beautiful! I wanted to let you know that I featured you in my Rainbow Ideas round up at: http://printabelle.com/?p=2268 If you would like a featured button, I have one here on my About page: http://printabelle.com/?page_id=724

  15. TaraPaleg says:

    These are adorable and I have been wondering how to make a multi-color cake pop!! You Rock!

  16. These are AWESOME!!

  17. Hello Hayley.. just wondering as I am in Australia.. what is almond bark?
    Love the rainbow pops they are gorgeous and i really want to try them.. what sort of colourings do you use? are they proffessional ones or just the average ones you get from the supermarket?
    Dionne. 🙂

    • Hi Dionne! Almond bark is a chocolate candy coating you use to dip and coat things like these truffles. (I have NO idea why they call it almond bark since there’s no almonds in it, but that’s another story). Any smooth melting chocolate will work, or candy melts. Thank you!!


  19. About how many truffles do you get out of a batch of your truffles. Love all of them.

  20. is 2 days the longest these will store? i want to make them and put them in little cellophane bags for my xmas gift baskets

    • Hey Candice! I’m sure they’d be okay a couple days longer, but after a week, I wouldn’t trust ’em. You could try making them in advance and freezing them; that’d prolong their shelf-life!

      • Hi, I want to make these as favours for my rainbow wedding (next week!!) – would you freeze them as just the dough before covering in almond bark or freeze the whole thing? Thanks 🙂

        • thedomesticrebel says:

          Hi Sam! Either way would work! Just make the truffles all rainbow-y and freeze until you’re ready to dip, or dip them and thaw out before packaging. However, I’d prefer the former only because sometimes I notice that after the chocolate comes out of the freezer it has little beads of condensation on it. It’s not terribly noticeable, but if you want a super smooth surface (and obviously want it super pretty and perfect for your wedding!) I’d dip as late as you could before packaging 🙂 congratulations girl!!

          • Hello, Thank you so much. I cooked them and froze them on Sunday and then defrosted and chocolated them on Wednesday. I got married on Thursday. Everyone loved them. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe and for the advice. Best wishes

  21. it seems that it would be a lot easier if you added the food coloring to vanilla frosting instead of baking the cake in muffin tins. that way you can just bake the cake in a regular pan and not waste the muffin liners

    • Hi Sabrina, true, you could definitely do that and mix the colored frosting in with crumbled cake; however, it wouldn’t be as vibrant as the dyed cake. Either would be fun and would work though!

  22. Do you put just the dry pudding mix in, or do you make the pudding and mix that into the batter?

  23. These are so cute! I think I’ll make a batch of these, and oreo truffles, and then we can have a game of bite-sized roulette…

  24. Patricia Shary says:

    I had a brain tumor and I am experiencing the same problems. I love this and may just be able to accomplish it! TY

  25. Hayley, I LOVE your rainbow truffles! They make me so happy! How did I miss them? Now I know what to do with some of my leftovers…right now! Thanks for the link-love!

  26. I just made these for my daughter’s Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party and they came out awesome! I substituted pink for the purple so all the character colors were included. I also used Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free cake mix and they still came out great! Awesome idea that is really simple to make but looks gourmet. Love them!!!

  27. where was the pudding used in the recipe?!?!

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  30. So Colorful and Yummy…thanks!!!


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