Baklava Brownie Bombs

baklavaLet’s talk public restrooms for a second.

You know that time when you went to meet a friend for coffee at a quaint coffee chain that may or may not rhyme with “Marclucks” and you two spent three hours catching up over large iced teas and then you felt that sudden OMFG WHERE IS THE BATHROOM moment, only to get up and realize that there is a huuuuuge line outside of the women’s single-stall restroom?

Dude.  We’ve all been there.  You’re squirming awkwardly like a newborn baby deer because you can’t help the OHMYGAWDDD feeling inside, but the squirming makes the feeling even worse, rendering you basically useless as a human being for those critical moments.  People say they can get mean when they’re hungry… well, I get mean when I need to pee like a racehorse.  Don’t eeeeeeven think about talking to me because I will probably start swearing uncontrollably and then urinate all over myself.  Dammit, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that.

Anywaaaays, while seizing in the middle of Starbucks waiting impatiently for the bathroom, I peeked around the corner and noticed that the single-stall men’s restroom was empty.  I turned — only to see more women behind me — nary a male specimen in sight.  So I did what any rational-thinking, full-bladdered person would do: I approached the empty men’s room.

Before secluding myself in my safe haven, I turned to offer the room to the women before me, as if showing them it was socially acceptable in these circumstances to violate gender rules.  But they just looked at me like I was swearing uncontrollably and urinating on myself.

By the time I had finished, washed up and exited the restroom, the same line stood before me.  Again, I surveyed the women, daring them with my eyes to use the men’s restroom — it’s 2014, dammit — liberate yourselves and your bowels! — but they just looked at me quizzically and didn’t budge.

So, my question is: would YOU bend gender rules and use an empty men’s room?  Or is this like, incredibly taboo and I just set a voodoo hex on our human race by peeing in the male washroom?  I guess we’ll never know.

Anyways, let’s stop talking about gender rebellion and start talking about brownie bomb rebellion, shall we?  Ever since I introduced you to the granddaddy of them all, my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs, you guys have gone CRAZZZZYYY for the original and its unique spin-offs, like my Carrot Cake Cheesecake Brownie Bombs, S’Mores Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs and Raspberry Pie Stuffed Brownie Bombs.  Well, in the spirit of being rebellious I concocted another scrumptious bomb recipe that’s sure to please your taste buds.  Introducing: Baklava Brownie Bombs.

DSC_0152aI’d hope you know what baklava is, but if you don’t, let me inform ya: baklava is a delicious dessert popular in Greece and the Middle East.  It consists of layers of flaky, butter-soaked phyllo dough, spices and chopped mixed nuts.  After being baked, a sweet honey lemon syrup is poured over the scored pastry to soak into all the crispy layers.  This sweet treat is a favorite dessert during the holidays but can usually be found year-round at specialty grocery stores in the bakery case, or sometimes in the frozen food aisle.  And if you can’t seem to track down this intoxicatingly sweet concoction, thankfully it’s relatively easy to make.

But we aren’t dishing it up solo today — we’re stuffing it inside of fudgy brownies, then topping it with a creamy white chocolate, chopped pecans and festive gold sprinkles.  The result is a unique dessert combination that will wow your face off.  Guaranteed.


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Baklava Brownie Bombs
Recipe type: Brownie Bombs
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
These baklava stuffed brownie bombs combine the classic flavors of the Middle East with the contemporary brownie bomb concoction!
  • 12 (1" square) pieces of baklava
  • 1 13x9" pan fudge brownies, baked and cooled
  • 1 pkg white Candiquik or other candy coating
  • ½ cup chopped pecans
  • Gold sprinkles, optional
  1. Cut the pan of brownies into 12 squares, about 1-2" in size. Take a brownie and flatten it gently in the heel of your hand.
  2. Place a square of baklava in the middle of the flattened brownie and gently begin wrapping the brownie around the baklava piece to cover it. Place the coated baklava bomb onto a foil-lined baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining baklava pieces. More than likely you will not be using the edges of the brownies as they are too crispy to flatten easily; discard the edges or eat them 🙂
  3. Freeze the brownie bombs for about 15 minutes or until firm. Meanwhile, melt the Candiquik according to directions until smooth and melted. Set aside.
  4. Dip the brownie bombs into the white chocolate using a fork. Allow excess to drip off. Return the bomb to the baking sheet and immediately top with chopped pecans and gold sprinkles. Let chocolate set before serving.
  5. Bombs can be stored airtight at room temperature, or can be frozen. At room temperature, they stay good for about 4-5 days but are best enjoyed the day of or day after.

DSC_0153AI love the surprise, crispy filling of the honey-butter soaked baklava pastry.  It lends such a unique texture against the fudgy, chewy brownie and makes this dessert truly one-of-a-kind!

Have a delicious day!

xo, Hayley

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  1. I ALWAYS use the men’s room if their is a long line for the women’s restroom and not a man in sight.

    I have a small bladder and no shame.

    And I love baklava! They look delicious!

  2. Once at a concert, when many of us found ourselves standing in a long line, we actual took over the men’s room and made the one poor guy who came up go and find another. Women who were waiting stood guard to keep out any men who wandered up. None of them were game to argue with that many obviously desperate women! Girl power!

  3. You had me at baklava! I am obsessed! These sound so totally amazing! YUMMMMM!

  4. Somehow I have yet to try any of your brownie bombs. Probably because I know I would eat them all in one sitting! But I really need to work on that.

  5. OMG, I’m gonna pee myself laughing so hard! Seriously though, these look amazing!

  6. First of all, Baklava inside a brownie bomb? The possibilities really are endless. This must be AMAZING! Ok, bathrooms. We spend a lot of time in the car so we are always stopping to use the restroom. If the girls room is full, my boyfriend stands outside the mens room while I use it. He’s a doll. However, I don’t think it’s cool for guys to use the ladies room, because they leave the seat up. I actually got in a argument with a man at Starbucks who left it up as I was walking in. It was super awkward and he was WAY bigger than my boyfriend, so not much I could have done if he decided to go all redneck on my ass. He was a total redneck.

  7. If it’s a single stall men’s room, I am always going to use it! Nobody’s going to see me in there. I mean, I might get some weird looks coming out of it when there are people outside, but if I need to pee, I need to pee.

    Plus both bathrooms are so gross that I usually squat pee anyway.

  8. You’re a pioneer, it never would have occurred to me to use the men’s room but go you for doing it!

    your brain is a think outside of the box brain. The ideas you have are just like…whoa! Baklava in a brownie??! WHAT?! Love you

  9. These are so incredibly unique and look insanely good. Why hasn’t anyone thought of these before?!?

  10. Dude when you have to go you have to go which means using the mens restroom. Your a super genius for stuffing baklava into this brownie bombs.

  11. girlfriend, it is ALWAYS acceptable to bend those gender rules in these circumstances!! I’m that annoying person who ALWAYS has to pee and even if there is no line whatsoever, if the ladies room is full but that men’s room door is wide open, you better believe I’m walking right into that men’s room!

    I actually do this ALL the time at restaurants and always get dirty looks from both the women and the occasional man who had to wait for….me. Lol. Oops!

    Btw, between your use of the men’s room and stuffing a baklava in a brownie, i feel like we could be good friends 🙂

  12. LOVE these Baklava Brownie Bombs, Hayley! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. But, oh yeah…I’ve done the male washroom thing. At a concert, at Joe Louis Arena, in Detroit. And, I am proud of it. Several sweet guys even helped us pleading girls by ‘watching the door’ to protect us. Someone reported us four girls and security came in reading us the riot act. We got thrown out of JLA! Hahaha! Thanks for sharing and HAPPY NEW YEAR, girl! Wishing you all the best in 2014!

  13. Haha! Since having Seraphina, my bladder just ain’t what it used to be (TMI? Oh well!). I used to be able to hold it forever…yeah, umm, not anymore! I can see myself doing a pee-pee dance in a bathroom line in the near future!

    And, Baklava brownie bombs, say what!? You come up with the most creative combinations!

  14. Oh my dear lord, baklava brownie bombs! Just genius

  15. DUDE I’ve so been there. How on earth do you have single stall bathrooms anymore?! Especially in a coffee shop! COFFEE MAKES YOU PEE. Ugh. Bravo to you for using the men’s one. I don’t know if I could be that brave, unless I was just being my normal spazzy self and accidentally went into it without realizing lol.

    Oh btw – these brownie bombs? I need them in my life. Right Now. Dropped to me by an express brownie delivery drone. 🙂

  16. Baklava and brownies together? That’s the oddest combination I’ve heard of since Chicken&chilli chocolate. You made it look absolutely delicious though! They look really fancy with the nuts and sprinkles on top (even with the coloured sprinkles at the bottom 😉 ) Please keep making more of these spin-offs! 😀
    (oh, and it’s totally normal to go into the mens bathroom when theres a line – the other women were probably just standing there for the social aspect of toiletting. who knows?)

  17. Ok. These are amazing! What a fun and clever combination! I have got to try these 🙂

  18. 100x yes. Would, could, and did. Dude, if you gotta go WHO CARES WHERE? All those ladies can just pee themselves waiting for the women’s room while I go on about my day thankyouverymuch.

    It’s why all single stall bathrooms should be unisex. 🙂


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