S’mores Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs

smorebbombTis the season for camping, being eating alive by mosquitoes and wearing nothing but bikinis.

For many people, this is their favorite season.  But for the rational, practical people, summer sucks, man.

Every year, without fail, my family (sans my mother, who is rational) begs me to go camping with them in the mountains.  They promise several days without cell reception, zero distractions, sunny skies, clean air, yummy grilled food and ultimate tranquility.  They talk up how awesome it is to wake up early, go on a nice morning hike while the weather’s nice, spend hours lounging by the lakeside and indulging on gooey s’mores around a crackling fire at night.

However, instead of hearing all of the amazing perks of the great outdoors, my ears have a convenient Anti-Camping filter which helps me weed out the generous “perks” and really hear the serious “cons.”

Cons like…

Mosquitoes eating me for dinner each night.
Not having access to bathrooms.  Or if there are bathrooms, there are more spiders in the bathroom stall than should be legal.
Pooping in a hole (see above).  Toilets weren’t invented to ignore, yo.
Everything in an ice chest.  One of my weird pet peeves is drippy stuff coming from an ice chest.  I haaaate it.
Starting a fire from scratch… and then smelling like fire for the next three days.
Wild animals.
No showers.  Shampooing yourself in a lake does not count, because my shower at home doesn’t have dirt and seaweed at the bottom of it.  Or god–fish in it.
The smell of fish.
Being dirty.
Being in the middle of nowhere, so if a crazed psychopath decided to rampage our campground, our remains wouldn’t be found for weeks.  Or bears would gnaw our bones before investigators could get there.  HELL NAH.
No reception.  Not that I need to Tweet while camping, but as mentioned above, having reception would help to call the cops should a murderous mountain man start killing us off.
Sleeping on the ground.
Having only a thin sheath of fabric separating you and mountain lions.
Ghost stories.
Having to properly dispose of trash.  It’s not like fifteen brown bears will be swarming around my trashcan at home.
Getting lost.
Falling off of a cliff/mountain or drowning in the river/lake.
Scary drunk campers from the neighboring campground who try to start fights and bring rifles over (true story).
And so on.


Thankfully, I don’t have to forfeit my love for s’mores.  I can enjoy them in brownie bomb form in the comfort of my own air-conditioned, toilet-and-shower-owning, bear-proof, mountain-man-absent, cell-reception-receiving home.  God bless America.

You had to know a S’mores Brownie Bomb version was coming to the blog!  These have all the tasty flavors of s’mores but in my signature brownie bomb recipe.  Try them today!!


S'mores Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs
Recipe type: Brownie Bombs
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 18
These brownie bombs have the traditional flavor of s'mores in a convenient bite-sized form!
  • ¾ cup butter, softened
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp milk
  • About 2 cups flour
  • About ¾ cup miniature chocolate chips
  • About 1 &1/2 cups miniature marshmallow bits
  • 9×13″ pan brownies, baked and cooled
  • 1 pkg chocolate Candiquik
  • Graham cracker crumbs
  1. Make your dough: in the bowl of a stand mixer, beat together the butter and sugars until creamy. Beat in the vanilla and milk to incorporate.
  2. Beat in the flour to combine, and lastly, add in the miniature chocolate chips and marshmallow bits, stirring to blend. Roll the dough into Tablespoon-sized balls and place on a foil-rimmed cookie sheet. Freeze until solid, a couple hours, or overnight.
  3. Cut the cooled brownies into approx. 1″ sized squares. Take a square in the palm of your hand and gently press down to flatten. Wrap the brownie around the frozen cookie dough ball to cover; press the brownie around to help blanket the cookie dough completely. If it doesn’t totally cover it, that’s okay. Return the brownie-covered balls to the baking sheet and freeze for about 20 minutes to set.
  4. Microwave the Candiquik according to package directions, until smooth. Dip the bombs into the chocolate, coating completely, before returning to the cookie sheet. Immediately sprinkle with remaining mini marshmallow bits and graham cracker crumbs.
  5. Store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Makes approx. 15-18 truffles, depending on the size of the cookie dough and cut brownies.

DSC_1755AOh my gosh, you guys.  Of COURSE I want you to make the brownie bombs .. but like me, you may have trouble staying out of the cookie dough bowl!  This dough is SO good.  The marshmallows, the brown sugary base, the chocolate .. I’m telling you, the dough alone is totally s’morestastic.  Then to surround it with another fudgy brownie layer, coat it in chocolate and sprinkle it with buttery cracker crumbs and more plush little marshmallows is just divine.  You’ll love these — and won’t need to fight bears for them which is even better 🙂

Have a fantastic day!!

xo, Hayley

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  1. RememberThatTimeWeWentCamping? says:

    Camping’s not all THAT bad….I mean, the scary drunk campers from the neighboring campground who tried to start fights and bring rifles over did lead you to shooting your first gun. Which was PRETTY AWESOME 🙂

  2. You have GOT to stop coming up with these amazing bomb desserts – my pants will never fit again!! Pinning 🙂

  3. These look amazing!!! I SO need to try them!

  4. I LOATHE camping!! It’s not for me. I wouldn’t even camp in my back yard, yuck. The campfire and the s’mores really isn’t tempting enough for me. These, however, are very tempting!!!

  5. S’mores are the only good thing about camping! Well, real camping anyway, my family used to go “camping” when I was little, but we had an actual camper with beds, an oven/stove, and a bathroom. I don’t even think that counts 😉

  6. I’m with you on the camping. I used to like it when I was growing up. Now, not so much. And…can you please ship me some of these brownie bombs?! YUM.

  7. Yes! Totally agree on the camping. Can your family just get an RV? That would solve several problems. Though spiders, bears, mountain lions and psychopaths will always be a problem… always. Unless you give them a S’more Brownie Bomb? “Hey there bear, don’t eat me, eat this!” Throw bomb and run. That’s why they’re called “bombs” right?

  8. Yeah, I am not really a camper either. I like a bed and a clean bathroom!

    But I can for sure do the brownie bites. Whoa! They look awesome!

  9. ATTENTION: When you post a recipe with raw flour (the 2 cups that will make the cookie dough are un-cooked) you should do some homework.
    As a professional I can tell you about the USDA filth allowance with “natural contaminants” but you should know:
    When raw flour is not cooked it still has bacteria, it could also have •
    Insect filth: Average of 75 or more insect fragments per 50 grams

    Rodent filth: Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 50 grams

    And that is perfectly legal.
    Also, if you let it sit for a month or so,or the flour has not been properly stored (you don’t know if the store let it sit on a dump pallet or so) maggots can even come out of it. its pretty disgusting. As long as its cooked everything is fine.
    So, you should definitely NOT encourage people to eat raw flour anything. As a food professional you should know. Educated people make educated choices anyway.
    Thank you.

  10. Ha-ha. I hate camping too. HATE IT. I don’t do well without a bed and clean bathroom! At least these can be eaten in home..in comfort.

  11. I adore S’mores. I think I’d marry them if I could. Don’t tell the hubs. Oh and totally agree on the camping thing. I can only do it when I have a CAMPER with running water, a kitchen and electricity. And a real bathroom. Seriously. Those other people are nuts!

  12. I’m a 100% with you on camping…seriously!! But these bombs will give me that feeling in front of my fireplace 🙂

  13. I’ll pass on pooping in a hole. I’ll enjoy these in the comforts of the AC. Damn, do they look good!

  14. I’ve never been camping, the entire idea scares me but as I get older it sounds more exciting(?). I always think I’m going to get bit by a snake, a bear will pick me up, or a serial killer will be waiting outside my tent.

    I love these brownie bombs, you win the camping inside award!

  15. Camping isn’t my thing. Give me a clean bathroom, a comfy bed and room service any day. These S’mores Cookie Dough Bombs are the closest I’ll come to sleeping outside.

  16. I can handle camping occasionally! These look freaking amazing!

  17. I’m pretty sure I’ve just come.
    Thnx, I’ll be sharing this.

  18. These are out of this world! Pinned for later!!!

  19. You’ve done it again! And I love you again for it!

  20. Thank God for these! I’m not a huge camper either, unless there is a nice cabin with a comfy bed involved!! But I do adore s’mores. These might be the ultimate s’more creation. Way to go Hayley! Can’t wait to try them. Pinning to my S’more board on pinterest. 🙂

  21. Love that you made a s’mores variation to your brownie bombs! Amazing!

  22. The best part of camping at home! Love 🙂

  23. Cheryl Stanke says:

    Where can you buy mini marshmallows?

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Cheryl! Jet Puffed makes mini marshmallows called Mallow Bites now! You can find them in a little jar on the baking aisle, or sometimes on the aisle with the hot cocoa 🙂

  24. I used to go camping all the time but I can honestly say I never really loved it! I’d do it because I thought I would come to like it or because I wanted to give the experience to my kids. Well, if the truth is coming out….I can’t stand it and I’d rather eat these S’mores Bombs in the comfort of a 5* hotel room while my family is enjoying the Great Outdoors! 🙂

  25. my diet is bombing because of all of your bombs!! these may be the best yet

  26. You are killing me with these bombs. Ha, get it. Ahhh, it’s sad that I have to point out my jokes to people…that’s what happens when you live with teenagers who roll their eyes at you. ANYWHO….forget the camping and just eat cookie dough. brownies. bombs.

  27. As long as I have these bombs I don’t care where I am! Cannot wait to make these! Thank you!

  28. Ughhhh hate camping!!! I don’t know if I can even think of one thing I like about it….well, besides s’mores 🙂

  29. Of all the brownie bomb recipes, this one has got to be the best. S’mores and cookie dough and brownies and wonderfullness.

  30. I try very hard to like camping for my Hubby but I’m sorry, I hate it 🙁 I hate feeling dirty and feeling dehydrated when you wake up in the tent in the morning and its hot, oh and not having a toilet!! 🙁 sorry! But as much as I love him, I can’t do it 🙁

    Anyhow,these sweet treats of yours- amaze balls!!!! 🙂

  31. You forgot to add the herds of racoons ravishing through your campsite and making you freak out in the middle of the night in total darkness. Or does that only happen on the east coast? Because I swear it happened to me every summer as a child. Yes, I came from a camping family. No, I have no interest in camping in my adult life.

  32. Can you please bomb my mouth with these?! And can we not camp together, I never understood people who wanted to camp?!?!? So not fun, I’ll camp inside a 4 star hotel with room service and movie time. And maybe camping could include me laying down and someone feeding me these smores brownie bombs?!

  33. It’s a pretty universal truth in this house that camping ain’t for us. I mean, glamping, maybe. Mayyyyybe. But s’mores? Always up for those! These are unreal, Hayley!

  34. Love it! Anti-Camping filter. You tell it like it is, girl. And, I love you for it. AND…I love these wicked bombs of yours! With that word being used so often on your blog, along with the word “rebel” in your title, the authorities might just hunt you down! I’m with Georgia…glamping, maybe. And, that’s a strong maybe. Oh! Missed your last tweet last Friday. Yes…Uncle Rico chucking that steak. *whack* Priceless!

  35. camping=AWFUL

    s’mores brownie bombs=OMG BEST IDEA EVER MAKE ME THEEEESE!

  36. I’m with you on every single one of your points!!!! I’d rather stay home, and eat those brownie bombs!!

  37. New Domestic Rebel Subscriber. This is the 1st Recipe I checked out. Wow! Love your camping story. Hilarious!


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