Chocolate Donut Turkeys

chocdonutturkeySo I’m kiiiiinda in a predicament, guys.

Well.  A could-be predicament.

A week ago, I went to the store and bought a couple random things including some soup.  This also happens to be the same soup I have been eating on a daily basis for a week.  Actually, I bought eight cartons of said soup and am down to one carton left.  I may or may not have a soup problem.  Soup problems: they’re a thing, people.

Anyyyywaaays, while I was checking out with my stuff + apocalyptic stash of soup, I happened to have a rather handsome checker.  Like the typical lame-o I am, I made small talk about how the store was busy and tried to distract him from the fact that I must be a weirdo if I was buying eight cartons of tomato soup… which, not surprisingly, probably drew his attention more to the fact that I had an unusually large supply of soup in my cart.

After I walked my groceries to my car, I decided I hadn’t made a fool of myself enough, so I ran back inside with my name and number scribbled on a ripped-up receipt.  I waited in his line until he noticed me again and handed him my number.  I’m sure that either due to the fact that this was an incredibly bold, out-of-character move of mine OR because I have likely eaten seventeen gallons of pureed tomatoes in one week that I blushed insanely red as I handed over my number.

And then, to my complete shock and happiness, he texted me!  He actually texted me!  I was totally dorky with elation until I realized something utterly dark and disturbing.

What if this doesn’t work out?  What if he thinks I’m a psycho or what if we were to date and it ended terribly?  I mean, obviously those things would be awful, but oh my god, that is the only store where I can get my soup.  Like, I hope he wouldn’t think I was stalking him when I go on my weekly soup-trough run.  It’s not you… it’s the soup!!

Because really, I can’t live the rest of my life without this soup, you guys.  It’s life-changing.  And if I just ruined it by being bold and flirty… my heart can’t go on.

Luuuucccckily my insanity hasn’t jeopardized the texting or the soup-shopping, so it’s only a matter of time, I suppose.  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my soup and these adorable Chocolate Donut Turkeys.  Because if I can’t have my soup, I will have a donut, dammit.

DSC_0600AFunny story: Dorothy made these Brownie Candy Turkeys last week which happen to look nearly identical to my donut turkeys.  I texted her immediately after her post went live to inform her I had made something eerily similar and that I hoped that my posting my version wouldn’t ruin our friendship.  If I had to lose soup and my bloggy best friend in the same week, I don’t even know if I’d get out of bed ever again.  But thankfully, us bloggers know what it’s like to have the same ideas at the same time, so I was able to leave my bedroom and live life.  Thanks for being such a genius, Dorothy! 🙂

Anyway, it’s turkey time.  Gobble-time (also, I promise never to say ‘gobble-time’ ever again).


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Chocolate Donut Turkeys
Recipe type: Donuts
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
These simple chocolate donuts transform to look like adorable Thanksgiving turkeys with the help of a little chocolate icing and candy toppings!
  • 1 pkg chocolate-frosted donuts
  • 1 can chocolate icing
  • Candy corn (I used s'mores flavor and regular flavor)
  • Royal icing eyeballs (like by Wilton-- found at Michael's or Walmart)
  1. Using an offset spatula, smear a generous amount of chocolate frosting into the top of one of the chocolate donuts, covering the entire plane of the top of the donut. Set aside.
  2. Using the candy corn, create a fanned wingspan pattern as you'd like. Then gently press the candy eyeballs onto the turkey.
  3. For the beak, gently snap off the white tip of the candy corn and attach it sideways onto the turkey underneath the eyes.

DSC_0608AThese chocolate donut turkeys take minutes to make and create such a unique and fun breakfast or dessert for the fall holiday!  Consider setting up a candy buffet and have the kids decorate their own turkeys on Thanksgiving morning.  Or make Santas or Snowmen during Christmastime using white canned frosting and original glazed donuts.  The possibilities are endless!

Have a fantastical day!!

xo, Hayley



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  1. SO cute! I love making my food festive like this! 🙂

  2. 1. GIRRRRRL! Good for you! Do not stress about what-ifs—just have fun and see what happens!

    2. These turkeys are ADORABLE, and so were Dorothy’s 😛 There’s enough dessert turkey love for all 😛

  3. OMGAWWW you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking brave!!! I could never do that ! What I could do is gobble up these turkeys!!!

  4. That’s awesome, how exciting for you! Well done for being so brave!!

  5. These are super cute! I have a theory about your TJ soup situation. You should try and find out his basic work schedule because obviously he can’t work there every hour of the day and then you can just try and go when he is not there, and maybe stock up with more than 8 at a time so you have to go to the store less often. Otherwise, I am happy to mail you Tomato soup from the TJ near my house in SO Cal.

  6. Tonette Joyce says:

    Oh, Hayley! Too cute!

  7. Could you tell me what kind of crack laced tomato soup this is?!?! I’m pretty obsessed with tomato soup. I actually dip PBJs in it (no judgement zone?).

  8. So I want all the details about soup man! 🙂 Love the turkeys!

  9. Bahahahaha soup is SO important: I see where it can be a predicament. BUT what if it did work out and he BROUGHT you said soup whenever you had the craving?! That would be a win-win. 😉 Heehee the romantic in me says go for it! I’ll just chill here staring at these delectable doughnuts in the meantime.

  10. Too cute! I love these little turkeys.. especially because they are chocolate donuts. 🙂

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