Buttercream Fudge


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with it. Similar to how I felt about MTV as a teenager, or how I feel about driving a swanky new car now. I want to love it; really, I do. But I just can’t get behind the .. abundance of it. Just like I couldn’t get behind the abundance of stupidity on MTV as a teen (Super Sweet 16, GAG) or my abundance of never-ending car payments (I mean, I’m cool with being responsible and paying for my new car, but do I really have to make car payments for 67 more months? Uuuuughhh).

I feel like if life could somehow shave off a good half of the junk I don’t like, I’d be happy. Half of a car payment: aces. Half of the crap TV shows on air: swell. Half of the frosting on a cake: perfection.

Okay, so I knoooow I’m totally alone on this frosting-hating island. I know I may be swiftly making mortal enemies who are presently burning virtual holes through their computer in hopes they’re judgment will sear my soul with shame. I knooooow! And ouch, can you like, stop searing for a sec? I made you fudge, sheesh.

But even with our dear friendship on the line, I just can’t outright lie to you and say I like frosting. I can’t. It’d be wrong, and I don’t play dirty like that. It’s just that sometimes, I find a very little frosting goes a loooong way. And yes, if you’re looking for more reason to hate me, I am that brat at the party who takes her napkin, gingerly wipes a clod of sugary buttercream into her palm and tosses the soiled sugar-lump into the garbage, only picking at the parts of the spongy cake untouched by that vile film of frosting.


But again, as I mentioned before, I know I’m alone on this island. Vastly, supremely ostracized in a world full of buttercream lovahs. And while I tried and failed at convincing Honda to like, maybe let me bake cookies instead of payments?, or watched an episode of Teen Mom in hopes of bonding with my fellow peers but failed because having strep throat was more interesting than that garbage, I know I can succeed at winning back your hearts today…

..because I made you Buttercream Fudge. And really, how can you turn your back on me now? No one puts buttercream fudge in the corner.

And even I, a self-proclaimed buttercream h8r, had myself a piece of this here fudge and found it to be scrumptious. Overtly sweet, it is extremely reminiscent of buttercream frosting but more solidified in the form of a melt-in-your-mouth fudge.

Promise you won’t hate me too bad? And will you quit with the soul-searing already? Duuuuuude.

Buttercream Fudge
Recipe type: Fudge, Candy
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12-16
For all you frosting fans, this fudge is for you! It tastes JUST like biting into a rich piece of frosting-laden awesomeness.
  • 1 pkg white chocolate chips
  • 1 can buttercream frosting
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ -- ¾ cup vanilla sugar*
  1. Line an 8x8" baking pan with foil, extending the sides of the foil over the edge of the pan. Mist very lightly with cooking spray and set aside.
  2. In a large, microwaveable bowl, melt the white chocolate chips for one minute. Add a Tablespoon or so of oil and stir, then reheat for an additional 30 seconds or until smooth and melted.
  3. Stir the can of frosting + the vanilla extract into the melted chocolate chips and fold the ingredients together to combine. Once fudge has come together, gently press the fudge into the prepared pan in an even layer. Sprinkle liberally with the vanilla sugar.
  4. Allow the fudge to set at room temperature for about an hour or two, or chill in the fridge for about an hour before cutting into bars. The fudge can be kept airtight, at room temperature or refrigerated, up to several days (almost up to a week in the fridge).
  5. **Note: I love using vanilla sugar whenever I can because of the beautiful sparkle, but also because of the wonderful taste. You can find vanilla sugar at specialty cooking stores like Sur La Table, or I prefer the Duff Goldman brand at Michael's craft stores for under $5. It looks like white sanding sugar but has a sweet, aromatic vanilla flavor to it. And it's pretty!**


If you’ve ever snuck one too many finger-licks of buttercream, scooped five too many spoonfuls of frosting from the can, or have been guilty of sacrificing a perfectly good slice of cake solely for the purpose of violating said-cake in the name of frosting, this buttercream fudge is for YOU. It’s super sweet, has great texture, and I LOVE the hint of vanilla from the gorgeous sprinkles on top. It’s to die for, and would make an awesome holiday gift!!

Happy Thursday!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Jaan L of Tx says:

    LOL Your not alone. Not all that crazy about butter cream either. But, gotta say your butter cream fudge does sound interesting, and will give it a go.

  2. I think I love you!! If you were a guy, my husnand might be in trouble ! I will be making this as soon as my daughter wakes up and we can go to the grocery store. I can’t wait to try it.
    PS. Can we best friends? You can have my cake and I’ll take your icing!

  3. Hater of buttercream….I don’t understand 🙂 I could eat buttercream with a spoon. For breakfast. Lunch. And dinner! Maybe I need to make you some, maybe it would change your mind? I love that you made fudge that is so easy, and tastes like frosting!!! YUMMERS

  4. Clearly you and I need to be at parties together, working as a team. You hand me your unwanted buttercream, I hand you my sort-of-wanted, but not needed cake!!! Love buttercream! Love this fudge too! Tastes like frosting, but acts like fudge! Perfect!

  5. Frosting is totally not my thing either.
    But this fudge is SUCH A GREAT IDEA! OMG so creative!

  6. Did everyone get together and decide to make this fudge week? If so that was a BRILLIANT idea!
    Love this like Tons and Tons!

  7. I’m glad I’m not alone! I only like just enough frosting on my cakes or cupcakes so that I can taste it and then that’s it!! What usually happens is I scrape off most of my frosting and pile it onto my mom’s cupcake because she is a frosting fiend!!

  8. I am a frosting hater too…. with the exception of cream cheese/pecan frosting and that is ONLY because it is, well, cream cheese and I can’t hate anything with cream cheese in it..LOL

    I was the popular kid/cousin anytime there was cake being served.. everyone knew I got 2 pieces of cake because I didn’t eat frosting so they would jockey for a seat next to me so they could get the frosting I scraped off…
    My mother makes a Chocolate Angel Food cake for me for my birthday, sans frosting….

  9. I love fudge, but I am not very successful at making it….even w/ mallow creme…So I love white chocolate and this sounds just like it was made for me….As Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake….” Well I say give me the icing….love your ideas and it is fun to read thoughts for the day….

  10. I’m with you – not a frosting person at all – I don’t really even like cake that much
    but this fudge is just SO pretty!

  11. This is so much more acceptable than eating frosting by the spoonful! Love!

  12. You hate frosting??? I’m gonna need a minute to process that. I just don’t understand, but then again I’m with Aimee. Give me a bowl full of buttercream and a spoon and I will go to town on it. I’m ok with your confession because you made awesome buttercream fudge:-) I love that easy peasy recipe!!! And that vanilla sugar? How have I missed that at Michaels…gonna have to make a stop and see if I can find it.

  13. Hayley…I’m totally with you on this one. I hate buttercream also (although I may make an exception for peanut butter frosting :-)) I’m a particular hater of buttercream in a victoria sponge cake…just jam please! 🙂

  14. I hate you and love you all at the same time. I’m a frosting addict. I’ve gone through the 12 step program, and now after reading this post, I’m dialing my sponsor. Sigh. I love how it’s not supposed to be a Christmas recipe per se, but it looks like a sweet sparkling block of snow!

  15. BUTTERCREAM FUDGE?!?!?!? I’m sure that there can’t be anything better, I’m head over heels in love with BOTH buttercream and fudge 🙂

  16. I halfway agree with you. I hate a lot of frostings other people make. But I have a few recipes of my own that I honestly make just to eat allbymyself. We can still be friends, I get it.
    This fudge is so pretty and sparkly! You know I have a soft spot for sparkles. This has to be good!

  17. bakerbynature says:

    Yes Yes and YES!!!

  18. It makes me feel sooo old to say this, but when I was a teen MTV actually played nothing but music videos!! Those were the days…. I eat way too much frosting for my own good, and this fudge looks absolutely divine!!

  19. No, no, noooo! I love frosting. I could totally sit there with a spoon and happily die of the sugar coma after so this buttercream fudge is right up my alley. And I guess it’s probably a lot healthier than shovelling butter and sugar into my mouth too. Bookmarked and added to my ‘make’ list. 🙂

  20. Well, I could eat buttercream frosting all day long with a spoon if I thought my jeans would allow it. And OMG, buttercream fudge? This is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever freakin’ heard of. And what’s up with the vanilla sugar at Michael’s? Now I have to stop there tomorrow after work because I have to have that rightthisverysecond.

  21. I’m the opposite – I’m an insane frosting LOVER! sometimes if a cake has a lot of frosting, my husband will scrape his extra onto my plate + i’ll gobble it all up. Gross, I know! Sooo, this fudge looks insanely delicious to me. Want!

  22. I am totally with you. I am not a frosting lover either. I find myself scraping the frosting OFF cake/cupcakes/etc. Unless it’s an insanely good frosting, then I’ll take a LITTLE bit. The fudge looks awesome by the way!

  23. How can anyone hate buttercream??!! I love frosting…it’s always the best part. This sounds soooo gooooooooooooooood

  24. I hate frosting too! It’s too overly sweet for me. But!!!! This fudge looks like melt in your mouth goodness.

  25. This sounds delicious! Like anything else on your blog! I adore your creativeness and love your style of writing, so funny! 🙂 And I totally understand your dislike of buttercream. I don’t hate it but I don’t need it either. But you know what I really find disgusting? That my parents like their cupcake frosting quite cooled, like only a few minutes out of the refrigerator! And then they complain about their cupcakes falling apart… 😀

  26. I got the stuff to make this today but not the vanilla sugar, I wanted to add some vanilla bean paste to it do you think that would be good? If so how much would you think like a half a bean pod maybe? I can’t find the paste in the jar. I still want to add the vanilla extract also i got some really good pure vanilla exctract with no corn syrup so I’m excited to see how yummy this fudge could be. Just don’t wanna over do it in the vanilla department 🙂 thanks!!

    • Hey Harmony! The vanilla bean paste would be super yummy, and super vanilla-y! I think I’d like it 🙂 and if you’re using the pods (not the paste), I believe half a pod or so would work. It’d just depend on how strong you want your fudge since the vanilla bean paste/pods are MUCH stronger than regular vanilla extract!


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