Sugar Cookie-Covered Oreos


Some Guilty Pleasures…

Betsey Johnson. Obvi.

Hamburger Helper. Scrunch your nose all ya want, but I friggin’ love the saucy boxed stuff.

French fries. They can do no wrong.

Ridiculously fake-long eyelashes. Love ’em.

Wearing cologne.

Nonfat iced chai tea lattes at Starbucks. The $4 somehow makes them taste better. Or not.

Doughnuts because duh.


Real Housewives. I love my California girls, OC & Beverly Hills.

Sprinkles. Tons of them. All day, everyday. I. love. sprinkles.

So when I got the crazy idea to wrap sugar cookies around Oreos, I knew those aforementioned sugar cookies would be positively smothered in rainbow sprinkles. Is there any other way to eat sugar cookies? (I think not).

These Sugar Cookie-Covered Oreos are a fun surprise snack. Buttery sugar cookie dough is wrapped around both Golden and regular Oreos, then rolled in sprinkles and baked until golden. The result is a crispy, chewy, sprinkle-filled cup that’s as sweet to eat as it is to look at.

So eat up, sweetie.

Sugar Cookie-Covered Oreos

1 pkg refrigerated sugar cookie dough, room temperature (can use homemade, I used store-bought because it was easy)
12 Oreos (I used 6 Golden and 6 Double-Stuffed)
Rainbow non-pareils

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a muffin pan with 12 paper liners for easy removal. Set aside. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, pour some of the rainbow sprinkles.
2. Using your palms, flatten out one square of cookie dough into a flat disk. Place a cookie on top of the dough and sandwich between another flattened disk of dough. Seal the dough edges together around the Oreo to enclose it completely. Roll the stuffed cookie into the rainbow sprinkles and place in the muffin liner.
3. Bake for approx. 15-18 minutes or until the edges are light golden and the center appears set. Allow them to cool completely before removing the liners and eating. Best kept at room temperature, airtight, up to 2 days.

These cookie cups are super easy to make and taste delicious! The perfect sprinkle overdose in every bite 🙂


xo, Hayley


  1. I am SO excited that the Beverly Hills version starts next week. YAY! And, hey, I won’t judge. I love Rice a Roni and boxed mac ‘n cheese! And I LOVE THESE cookies.

  2. Nope, you cannot have a sugar cookie without tons of sprinkles!!!! Love that you show both chocolate and golden oreos!

  3. I need a plate of these to brighten my day! It is cold, raining, and SO SO windy here as hurricane sandy hits uus! Hayley! I need some sprinkles in my life! and the little Oreo surprise… I’m dying! This is so creative. like an oreo stuffed choc chip cookie but better 🙂

  4. Oh my!! That’s like two of my favorite cookies all wrapped into one. Amazing! 🙂

  5. Back for Seconds says:

    Why are you so awesome??
    I am with you on 90% of your guilty pleasures. I won’t say which I disagree on…
    These cookies made me happy just looking at them 🙂 NEED!

  6. You’re guilty pleasures practically match mine. I have just started to get into chai tea lattes and I love them! Also, you are a baking genius! Sugar cookie covered oreos encased in a tomb of sprinkles, love all around.

  7. Um, YUM.

    Also, I love sprinkles. It should be outlawed to make sugar cookies WITHOUT them.

  8. Super long, fake eyelashes are a guilty pleasure of mine as well. And now so are these cute sugar cookie Oreos. Holy yum!

  9. You can put “recipes with pre-made cookie dough and oreos” on my guilty pleasure list. Sold!

  10. I so miss my Housewives. We no longer run in the same circle since I decided to downgrade my cable, sigh. But at least these cookies will make me feel better!

  11. Whoa! Talk about a Sprinkle Bomb! These are great! Love the fun color. Brightens up Mz. Sandy’s gloomy and rainy day outside.

  12. Never too many sprinkles! Perfect way to brighten up a long day!

  13. Oh my goodness, these look + sound soooo good. And your list of guilty pleasures looks suspiciously a lot like mine. Real Housewives + Hamburger Helper + donuts + peplum = happy happy amy!

  14. You.Are.Killing.Me!!!!!

  15. Oh my gosh!! Haha. I am so obsessed with sprinkles too!

  16. Yum, I would love these with the Golden Oreo surprise stuffed inside!

  17. I’m with you, I could eat french fries every day. Love these!

  18. these look SINFUL, girl!! omg, if we were neighbors, we could watch RHOBH and RHOOC together. those are my two favorite ones. RHOBC comes back on november 5th!! AHHHH 🙂 :):):)

  19. You know I’m totally obsessed with Golden Oreos. I’m seeing these happening in my kitchen super soon 🙂

  20. These look amazing! My mouth is watering, and I’d love one right now!

  21. The boys and I made these during Hurricane Sandy. Delicious!

  22. Seriously, what’s not to love about sprinkles? I love the way these look!

  23. Just letting you know that this person is using your image without a link back.

  24. These were AWESOME. I had leftover sugar cookie dough so I used that. The only thing I did differently was put them on a stick. People went nuts! Awesome idea!!!

  25. jennifer says:

    Hi- planning to make this tonight. I have a question what is the quantity of the (tablespoon? or 2?) -flatten out one square of cookie dough into a flat disk- I don’t have a square of cookie dough I only have a tube to use. Thanks for your help.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Jennifer! That’s fine, I’d just use about a Tablespoon or so of dough from the tube 🙂

      • Jennifer Alet says:

        I normally don’t use store bought cookie dough but I will do it. They look so good. I am planning to use silicone cupcake pans without paper lining. I hope it works out.. Thanks for the fusion recipes.. I love love love them

  26. jennifer says:

    is it ok to use a silicone muffin pan for this without the paper lining?

  27. LOVE THESE and who know how simple they are!

    xox Elizabeth

  28. Just made these with the golden Oreos… OMG delish!!!! Mine all sank though – and the tops are all cracked…. probably took them out of the oven to early. Sure doesn’t affect the taste though! Can’t wait for my girl to get home from school and have a taste!

  29. ANDDDDD I’m making these tonight. I CANNOT WAIT.

    xo elizabeth


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