Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs



Do you have a neighbor who stares at you from across the street constantly, waits until you leave your car to approach you and shouts at you or your dog every chance he gets? Does he have weird, googly blue eyes, wear neon polo shirts and have an equally-odd son?  Then your neighborhood is probably plagued with Creepy Dad.

Creepy Dad can strike at anytime, anywhere.  He’s versatile, and can range from mildly creepy to straight-up horrifying.  Thankfully, my neighborhood Creepy Dad is somewhere toward the mild-end of the scale, though that’s not to say he’s only mildly creepy.  Oh no, child — he’s fuhreaaakay.

Creepy Dad rightfully earned his name when I realized he was too engaged in conversations with a 22-year old girl to be a normal man.  And when he’d pull his truck to the side of the road where I’d be walking my dog to roll down the window and shout my name and my dog’s name repeatedly for no reason.  And also because he’s creepy.  You can’t deny those kind of genes.

I’m in survival mode each day, constantly trying to outwit him and his mysteriously-oogy ways of appearing nearby and trapping me in mundane conversation.  Sometimes, in the mornings, I’ll have prepped Mannie for a walk and I’ll notice he’s outside, usually staring towards my house but sometimes staring up into the trees in his yard because I guess that’s a favorite past-time of loner-neighborhood dads.  I wouldn’t know as I am not a dad.  And I’ll have Mannie staring up at me with wide, brown eyes saying “Mom, why aren’t we walking?  My leash is on and I’m ready to go!  Why’d you get me ready if you won’t take me?!” and I have to respond telepathically (as Mannie does not speak English fluently) that Creepy Dad is out and Mom wants to avoid being visually assaulted by him.  Usually, it involves me doing sleuthy things to avoid being seen, like ducking behind cars or exiting out of back gates.

However, sometimes I can’t escape him, like when he will purposefully wait for me to get home so he can get his mail, conveniently at the mailbox directly behind my car.  So now I’m stuck inside of my vehicle waiting for him to get his mail and walk back home like a normal human, but instead he defies all human decency by walking at the pace of a sleeping snail and lurks around the mailbox until I finally leave my car.  Of course, he casually begins conversation as if people normally stand around the mailbox and have in-depth conversations, and usually puts me on the spot by asking me if I can watch his dog over the weekend or worse, inviting me over to “meet the new dog” (the “new” dog has been there for months.  And I have met it before).

And usually, I have to politely decline his offers: “no thanks, I don’t feel like spending my Saturday in your ant-infested man-cave” or “I would rather stab myself in the eye than talk to you, much less be in your home in your presence.”  

Anyways, when I’m not ducking behind bushes or walking Mannie sleuth-style, I’m usually safe inside of my home baking…and usually comforting myself with cookie dough.

DSC_1200AEver since the insane popularity of my original Brownie Bombs, and its sprinkly incarnation, my Funfetti Brownie Bombs, I have been brainstorming ideas left and right for more delicious bomb recipes.  Naturally, you can’t pair chocolate brownies without thinking of creamy peanut butter, thus this peanut buttery version was born!

It may be one of my favorites yet!

DSC_1197APeanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs *adapted from my original Bombs recipe

1 box fudge brownie mix, baked and cooled
1 stick butter, softened
1/2 cup + 1 Tbsp smooth peanut butter, divided
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
2 Tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
About 2 cups flour
1 pkg white chocolate bark (like Candiquik)
Peanut butter chips, optional

1. First, make yo’ dough, homie. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat together the butter, 1/2 cup peanut butter and sugars until creamy. Add the milk and vanilla; beat to combine. Lastly, beat in the flour until a soft dough forms.
2. On a foil-lined baking sheet, drop rounded, (scant) Tablespoon-sized balls of dough. I used a cookie dough scoop for this and just scantily filled it so the cookie dough balls wouldn’t be so big. Freeze the cookie dough balls for about an hour to firm up.
3. Cut the brownies into small squares, about 1″ in size. Pick up a square and gently flatten it with your palm. Fudgy brownies will flatten easily and retain their moisture which is why it’s important to make sure you use a fudgy brownie mix rather than a cake-y one.
4. Place a cookie dough ball in the middle of the flattened brownie and very gently, wrap the brownie around the cookie dough ball. If the brownie cracks, that’s okay; just kind of roll it in your fingers until the brownie completely surrounds the cookie dough. Repeat until all cookie dough balls are covered, then return to the freezer for 30 minutes or so.
5. Prepare white chocolate bark according to package directions; once melted, stir in the remaining Tablespoon of peanut butter to combine.  Using a fork, dip each brownie truffle into the white chocolate mixture, coat completely, and allow excess to drip off. Return to the foil-line sheet and sprinkle the tops with the peanut butter chips, for garnish. Store these bad boys in the fridge or freezer, in an airtight container.  Makes approx. 15-18, depending on the size of the truffles you roll.  Also note that you may have leftover brownies and/or cookie dough, but I’m not about to tell you what to do with that.
*Note: this works best when using brownies from the middle of the pan.  I don’t like using brownies from the edges because the edges are far crispier and don’t mold around the cookie dough as well.*

DSC_1207ALuscious, creamy peanut butter cookie dough surrounded by its BFF, a fudgy brownie, then coated in a rich, peanut butter-white chocolate mixture and sprinkled with more peanut butter.  This, my friends, is what heaven tastes like.

Stay tuned, because I have some more delicious explosions coming soon!!

Have a delicious day!!

xo, Hayley





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  1. These look super! I have a neighborhood creepy dad!! He hugs me when i walk my dog.. but like a rib breaking hug..I feel your pain.

  2. Oh Hayley, that sounds awful! What’s with creepy men? My neighbor across the (narrow) street is a creepy old man. He is constantly outside his garage working on some car or other, and he yells to me as I go tearing into my garage to avoid him. I’ve taken to shutting the garage from within my car, immediately after the engine is off, because he’s actually come into my garage and opened my car door! The times I can’t avoid him, he finds excuses to touch my hair or face (oh, you’ve got an eyelash! *shudder*), and he’s said to me “Since you’ve been out of town, I haven’t seen you through your window in a while.” Now, I haven’t gone out of town, so while I’m totally wigged out that he’s watching for me, at least he seems to suck at it. Be careful! As for the recipe, yum. I’d like to try with Biscoff. 😀

  3. I just always felt bad for the creepy man across the road. I dont think he knew he was being creepy and everyone avoided the poor guy. These brownie bombs look DELICIOUS. Perfect PB and chocolatey combo.

  4. Now these are so genius! You had me at peanut butter then again at cookie dough and then thrice over with the brownie bombs! How many perfect things can be in one food?

  5. So many delicious tastes rolled up into one little ball. Genius!

  6. These look super amazing!! Are those mini peanut butter chips on top!?!? I have never seen them anywhere! I love mini chips, they get the flavor everywhere! Yum. Well I can’t wait yo make these for my next girl’s night in

  7. Ah, you did it again, made me drool all over my keyboard! Love the peanut butter cookie dough version, it actually might be my favorite! And wow, Hayley, I’m sorry about your creepy neighbor. Maybe he just needs some of these to make him happy. You know how dogs are with peanut butter? Maybe he’s the same way. I know I am, I LOVE peanut butter! Great recipe Hayley!

  8. Look at those mini peanut butter chips!! Where id you find those? And oh my gosh these look amazing.

  9. What an awesome combo – peanut butter and chocolate! Love these!

  10. These look absolutely delicious!! So creative too! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  11. Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard!!! Creepy Dads are the worst!! See this is why your website is the best. Awesome recipes no one else would ever think of (I might just have to make this recipe, it looks heavenly) and hilarious posts.
    Thank you Hayley. 🙂

  12. Wow these look amazing plus they sound like the perfect excuse to stay inside baking and staying away from your creep-tastic neighbor!!!

  13. Get in my mouth!

  14. oh man these look BOMB. pun intended.

  15. Hayley, I am plenty old enough to know that that guy is beyond creepy; he’s dangerous.It’s obvious that you “Uh-Oh Reflex” is working over-time…don’t ignore that.
    If you can’t stand up to him and be downright cold, blow him off rudely and see what happens, then I’d have your dad ask him what his interest is in you.That should shut him down.He has every attitude of a real predator and they are all cowards. I know you are a nice girl but really, in some states what he is doing constitutes stalking. You should not have to be in fear. I am afraid just listening to you.I think he may take it farther.Sickos consider ANY friendliness as consent; they talk themselves into believing that. Please be careful.

    • He is definitely a predator and a stalker.. I just get nèrvous hearing about him. Be careful…some years back I wad stalked by a person I workef with and eventually he was told to leave me alone or he would be fired. Be careful

  16. Ugh. Creepy men suck. These brownie bombs? Don’t . Best one ever!!!

  17. These are amaze-balls Hayley! Ewwww for creepy men across the street. Hopefully he doesn’t read your blog!

  18. Eek – creepy neighbor :/
    These look crazy good though. I could use about 5 right now, that would make my day a lot better!

  19. Hayley, I agree with Tonette. Make sure you tell someone about this creepy neighbor’s behavior. He may not have done anything illegal yet, but he needs to be put on notice that his behavior is being watched as his attentions are not “appreciated”. ALWAYS trust your gut. As for the brownie bombs….where else but in food blogging are you going to find a group of people (myself included) who get really excited because you have a photo posted of mini peanut butter chips?! Where did you find them?! 🙂

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Wendy, thanks for your comment! My family has been made WELL aware of how much I loathe Creepy Dad. Lately I haven’t seen him, so that’s a relief! But I definitely agree with you and Tonette!!

      As far as the mini peanut butter chips go, I found those bad boys at my local yogurt shop! I’d suggest looking at candy stores/ice cream shops/yogurt shops for cool toppings because I had NO idea they made mini pb chips until I spotted them one day while getting froyo!!

  20. First off – These bombs look freaking amazing! Love how you’re expanding your Bomb repertoire, keep that up!

    Second, and more importantly – I totally agree with EVERY point Tonette Joyce made a couple of comments back. I’m a dad and that is definitely not normal behavior for a dad. I was reading this and laughing as usual, but the things you’re describing are not your regular hey-this-dad-was-checking-my-ass-out-in-the-supermarket type creepy. I’m not sure what you’ve done to extinguish this burning desire he has for you, but I suggest you find some way to do it. Your dad, the cops, something. I’d even check out sex offender lists for your neighborhood. He totally sounds like the type that will think you’re in love with him if you simply say “thanks” after declining his oh, so tempting invitations. Somethings wrong with him and if you haven’t said something to someone you need to. Seen too many movies that start like this.

    Oh and third – Like Liz said, you better hope he doesn’t read your blog! Ha!

  21. That looks so good. The neighbor sounds so creepy! I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog. Check out Sunshine PenPals and join the fun, we’d love to have you!

  22. Okay–these look amazing!! You’re amazing! The neighbor thing had me snickering the whole way through. I don’t know about creeper…but I have a neighbor who is VERY anal. ALWAYS outside doing something to his lawn. I hardly ever see his wife. She’s a lucky gal to have a husband who loves yardwork. That’s of course all fine and dandy, but if he sees you he waves and then we say hello back, and then we say “how are you,” and he then just goes along his bizz or kind of stares you down. I find it really annoying. Thank god we hardly see him, but the whole stare thing? He’s socially dumb/awkward. There’s been other awkward silences when we have spoken to him as well. OK. I’m, done. Can’t wait to give these a whirl!

  23. Okay I officially want to try all brownie bomb recipes on your site.

  24. You and your brownie bombs always amaze me! Love the peanut butter variation!

  25. Wow – just wow. I wish my life were filled with these little brownie bombs – they would make everything SO much more awesome heehee. 😉

  26. I’m like 99% sure you need to call the cops on this guy. What a freaking creep! Gah! I wonder if he can smell the baked goods on you and all he really wants is a brownie bomb? I would do some pretty creepy things for a brownie bomb….

  27. What a CREEP!! That’s awful Hayley. When I lived in Baltimore city, there was a very old man who would stand at his doorstep without a shirt one (he should have been wearing a shirt, yes) who would say “good morning beautiful” when I walked to my car every morning. Let’s just say I’m happy I don’t live in the city anymore.

    Seriously… these bombs… love them!

  28. Any food with “bombs” in the title, and I am all over detonating. These look out.ray.jus!

  29. I would say you could throw some cookie dough brownies at him, but I don’t want them to go to waste!

  30. These look incredible Hayley!

  31. anything with brownie and bomb in the title has got to be delish!

  32. WTF is up with creepy neighbourhood dad?! Where’s his family? Why doesn’t he spend his time freaking them out instead of innocents like you? If you ever disappear, we’ll know where to point the police. As for these brownie bombs – holy shiznit, these look dangerously good.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Seriously!! He is gross. And so is his creepy son who plays video games all day (he’s like, 24) and screams to his video games loud enough that we can hear across the street. Wuuuut.

  33. seriously. Drooling.

  34. Umm cookie dough and peanut butter? YES please.

  35. I have to agree with what everybody said above. If your gut is telling you this man is a creeper, he most likely is and has creeped out other women as well. In this day in age, its better to air on the side of caution then not. On the bright side, next time he tries to talk to you, you can pelt him with these peanut butter balls and run away. And then eat the rest of them in the safety of your kitchen.

  36. OMG. I totally had a creepy dad at my last house. Okay, I didn’t have a creepy dad at my last house. There was a creepy dad who lived across the street from my old house. That makes it seem like maybe my last house was the house I grew up in and my own dad was creepy. This creepy neighbohood dad was the worst! I would corner me forever and try to sway my political leaning. Dude, I’m a Social Worker who was raised by hippies. Get a hint.
    These look awesome Hayley!!!!
    What do you think would happen if I tried to juice them?

  37. What a creep!! Eww!!

    These brownie bombs however are awesome!! I need one now. No, seriously I really do!! Love them!!

  38. I have everything but the whit chocolate bark!!! Making these!!! Um HELLO creepy neighbor!! 🙁

  39. Danielle :) says:

    Was just checking in on those mini PB chips…please disclose this uber important necessity! 🙂

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Danielle! I found the mini peanut butter chips, of all places, at the local yogurt shop in Rocklin, CA! I would highly suggest checking out local ice cream shops or yogurt places because sometimes they have the coolest toppings!!

  40. In LOVE with these!!!
    As far as the neighbor goes… what?!!!
    You need mace. Or to teach Mannie to growl and snap at strangers (but not bite because that might land him in doggie jail– he just needs to help you keep up appearances.)
    OR you could become creepy neighbor and every time he talks to you just say something totally nuts. Or develop a weird nervous tick. Or drool.
    Whatever you do– don’t share the brownie bombs.

  41. uh, yikes. girlfriend you need to moooooove!
    maybe he just wants you to offer him some of these? i mean, if i were your neighbor, i’d probably be “creepy katie” because i would want some of your delicious baked goods.

  42. oh noooo! Creeeepy Dad sounds like a nightmare! I’ve totally been there though, ick.

    But at least we live in a world where these pb cookie dough brownie bombs exist. Because ohemgeeee

  43. Oh geez. What a creeper 🙁 Luckily, you have these awesome cookie dough bombs to take your mind off of the fact that your neighbor is kinda psycho!

  44. I just want to say, I only found your website this morning (I think it was your original brownie bombs that brought me here, but there have been so many delicious creations it’s hard to remember) and I am in love with this site, and so far THIS recipe sounds like it would be my favorite. Sadly, I’m only 15 and have no money or the fudgy brownie mix, so I can’t make these. =(

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Awh, Walker! Come over and I’ll make ya some brownie bombs! I’m sure if you show your parents or neighbors this recipe and ask them to lend ya a couple bucks, they’ll do it.. as long as you promise them one 🙂 thank you!!

  45. Do these have to be refrigerated? I was hoping to do for a cookie exchange.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Cheerio! No, they don’t have to be refrigerated for the length of a cookie exchange. I’ve only ever had them immediately or straight from the fridge, so I’m sure they’d be alright without being refrigerated, but typically, that’s how I store mine. Since there is no eggs in the dough, and since it is surrounded by brownie and chocolate, it should be fine at room temperature.

  46. I made a batch and they turned out really well! I actually ended up running out of white chocolate, so I melted some PB and dipped the other half in that, they turned out just as yummy! Really great, I would just advise you to have a cup of milk next to you when you eat these 😀 Thanks for the recipe!


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