Eyeball Pops


Eye contact.

It’s kind of a pain, isn’t it?

I mean, people stress that eye contact is totally imperative in job interviews and talking with people and forging connections, but really, I feel like I’m just being an obnoxious lamewad boring into your soul… a place I don’t really want to go searching through in the first place.

I mean, not to say you don’t have a good soul. I’m sure your soul is fine and dandy and soul-ly and all the stuff souls need to be. I just don’t care to bore into it through my pupils.

I don’t know when or how or why, but eye contact has always bothered me so. I’ve always tried (okay, made semi-half-hearted attempts) to make eye contact but I just end up blushing and feeling weird inside, and thus fail miserably.


And then, sometimes life likes to laugh in my face and give me a creepy starer to chat with for a bit. The whole time I’m trying not to look like an A-hole while I avert my eyes anywhere but looking into theirs. And they talk to you, eyes glued to yours, like creepy Peeping Toms trying to bore into the windows of my soul.

Those people need someone very nice to pull them aside to tell them you stare way too much and your eyeballs are basically like daggers. Also, stop. 

But anyways. Eye contact. Not my friend.

However, when it comes to Eyeball Pops, I can get friendly. Especially when said pops are made of Golden Oreos (hello, bestcookieEVER) and are dipped in chocolate. If all eyeballs tasted like this, I’d be scratching mine out for a snack.

Mmmm. Eyeballs.

Eyeball Pops *inspired by Christi’s Halloween Oreo Pops recipe and Toni’s Monster Eyeball Cookies recipe 

1 pkg Golden Oreos
1 pkg vanilla Candiquik or white chocolate almond bark
Candy melting disks (I chose purple, vibrant green, blue, black and orange)
Brown mini M&M’s candies
Lollypop sticks
Red liquid food coloring

1. Line a baking sheet with foil and set aside. Melt the white chocolate candy bark according to package directions. While it’s melting, gently twist apart the cookies.
2. Dip the end of a lollypop stick into the melted chocolate; gently press the coated tip into the frosted side of the cookie. Top with the other cookie half, pressing to adhere. Repeat, then freeze the cookie pops.
3. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 250 degrees F. Once preheated, turn your oven off. On another foil-lined sheet, line up the candy disks, flat side down, in an even layer. Place the disks in the oven for one minute, staying by the oven the entire time. Working quickly, remove the pan from the oven and immediately press the mini M&M’s on top of the candy disks. Repeat, then freeze or refrigerate the baking sheet to set the eyeballs.
4. Dip the frozen cookie pops in the remaining white chocolate, allowing excess to drip off. Once all the pops have been coated & set, gently peel away the eyeballs and attach them with a little white chocolate to the set cookie pops.
5. If you’d like, dip the end of a toothpick into the red food coloring and use it to trace veins onto the cookie pops.
**Note: for demon eyes, use black candy melts with red mini M&M’s candies. For monster eyes, use purple candy melts with yellow mini M&M’s.
**While working, your chocolate may start to set up. Just reheat the chocolate in 15-second intervals until remelted.**

If you’re looking for a fun and spooky treat to whip up with the kids, look no further: these pops are simple to make and look totally cute! I wrapped them up individually and sent them to a work party and they were a huge hit. Who can resist a creepy-cool Oreo eyeball pop? (No one, that’s who).

And Jessie and I, of course, had fun playing with them. We are 10 years old.

I hope you enjoy!!

xo, Hayley



  1. Those photos are hilarious! I love these.

  2. Super cute!

  3. I have to say I LOVE this post! The pictures are just too fun. It looks like you guys had tons of fun with these!

  4. These are so adorable!! I bet they are super super good too 🙂

    I hate eye contact so much. I have really blue eyes, so all my life, people have been super creepers and try to burn holes in my retinas looking at them and telling me they were beautiful. So it bugs the crap out of me when I have to attempt and be actually social and make eye contact. Also…it’s real creepy when someone doesn’t look away after so long. I’m pretty sure there are rules for how long you hold eye contact.

  5. I was cracking up over those pictures on facebook, haha,
    Love the oreo eyes, but I am with you on creepy eye contact. Especially those people who stare wide eyed 2″ from your eyeballs. Souncomfortable.

  6. OMG you guys are hilarious! I love the poses. And um, Golden Oreos? Yes. Best. Cookie. Ever. 🙂

  7. Okay, you guys are cracking me up! These cookie pops are sooooo cute!

  8. Ok who could not love those adorable eyes! It makes me think of the song,”Jeepers Creepers Where’d you get those eyes”

  9. These are amazing!!
    Sooooooo cool and soooooooooo CUTE

  10. Dude, eye contact makes me feel SOOOO uncomfortable! I always try but end up giving up, due to an increasing awkward feeling.

    These though! These are so clever! My mom usually makes Choc. covered oreos with one of those chocolate molds you get from the craft stores, but these look so simple to make! =D


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