Caramel Apple Bread

It’s pretty apparent by the monstrous recipe index on this blog that I bake a lot. And “a lot” is a minuscule term to use how much I really bake.

Recipes are cranked out of my head and my kitchen as often as most people blink.

My family’s become so used to seeing the oven on and smelling something sweet that they barely bat an eye anymore. Or mind eating stray, deformed cookies off of the baking racks. Pretty much, they never eat the “pretty” things or anything served up all pretty-like.

When Welcome Home Brands contacted me about doing a giveaway for their new paper bakeware, I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t worked with paper bakeware before, but I was intrigued by the idea. Basically, it is exactly what it claims to be: paper bakeware that you can bake in and serve from, ditching the need to do dishes (yay!!) or find the right serving platters for (yay!!). Needless to say, it’s awesome! Finally, my family could eat pretty food from a pretty container (and I think they felt kinda special).

Plus, they offer their bakeware in fun patterns, colors, styles and shapes, so you can pretty much replace every pan in your house with their durable line of products and bake for any occasion worry-free. No more needing to awkwardly ask your neighbor about that loaf pan that you kinda sorta need back, or fret about another stack of pie plates when you can use disposable ones. Easy peasy!!

How fun are those dotty mini loaves?!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED; WINNER CHOSEN! Congratulations, Kelsea!!

And Welcome Home Brands is generously giving a lucky reader some of their cool products! All you have to do is leave me one comment telling me: What would you bake in either their loaf pans, cupcake cups, or cake pans? 

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Contest will run from Saturday, 9/8 until Saturday, 9/15, where a winner will be selected via around 5pm PST. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or a new one will be chosen. Contest is open to US residents only. Good luck!!


Now, onto THIS BREAD.

Y’all better hope you win those loaf pans because this bread is out of this world INSANE. As in, INSANELY DELICIOUS.

It’s light and fluffy, yet totally substantial and thick. It’s full of thick chunks of Golden Delicious apples, swirled copiously with an amazing brown sugar & cinnamon crumb mixture, and of course, layered with rich, buttery caramel. This bread is easily one of my favorite breads I’ve baked and one I’ll definitely be baking again and again and again…

Whether you’re already breaking out your scarves and boots or you’re still rockin’ bikinis, bake this bread and relish in the enticing fall aromas that will emanate from your oven. Trust me, the smell is awesome and so is the bread that’s inside!

Caramel Apple Bread *adapted from a recipe for Apple Bread in my mom’s work cookbook

1 cup butter, room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 Tbsp lemon or lime juice
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 cups coarsely chopped apples (I didn’t peel mine, but feel free to peel yours if preferred. I also used Golden Delicious, but Granny Smith would work!)
Caramel sundae sauce

For Crumb Mixture:

1 tsp cinnamon
4 Tbsp flour
4 Tbsp brown sugar
4 Tbsp cold butter

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. If using paper bakeware, place two loaf baking pans on a foil-lined baking sheet. If using glass pans, spray liberally with cooking spray.
2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until creamy. In a separate bowl, dissolve the baking soda into the lemon juice. Mixture will foam up; that’s normal. Once dissolved, add the baking soda mixture, eggs and vanilla to the butter and beat to combine.
3. Add the flour and salt until a thick batter has formed. Stir in the chopped apples by hand.
4. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine the crumb ingredients until mixture forms coarse crumbs. Set aside.
5. If making two loaves with paper bakeware: Spread 1/4 batter in the bottom of each loaf pan. Sprinkle heavily with the crumb mixture and drizzle a generous amount of caramel on top. Repeat with another layer of each batter, crumb and caramel. If using a regular-sized loaf pan: Repeat same process, just in one pan.
6. Bake the paper bakeware loaf pans for 30 minutes, or a regular-sized loaf pan for about 1 hour, or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out mostly clean. Bread can be cooled and served directly from the paper bakeware, but if using glassware, remove the bread from the pan after cooling slightly; allow to cool completely on a wire rack.
7. Bread can be stored up to 2 days at room temperature, wrapped tightly.

The great thing about this paper bakeware is that cleanup was SO easy. When we were done serving from the loaf pan, we just recycled it and we were done. No scrubbing dishes, no mess. And we gifted the other loaf to a friend by just simply wrapping the bread in cellophane and tying it up with a ribbon. Think of how easy holiday baking will be with this paper bakeware!

Good luck, and enjoy!!

xo, Hayley

Welcome Home Brands generously provided me with these products to review and giveaway to one lucky reader. All opinions are strictly my own and I was not compensated for this post. 


  1. Hayley your bread is gorgeous!! Wow, the flavors in it, apples, caramel, and the streusel crumb topping, that is perfect! I love just cherry-picking off big streusel pieces 🙂

    The first thing I’d bake in their products is a loaf of banana bread!

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  4. FABULOUS! I’m going to be teaching kids some simple cake decorating next month and these would be perfect for the baking portion of the class!

  5. Wow! I had been thinking about making loaf sized coconut poundcakes to give away for Christmas UNTIL I saw your recipe! I will definitely be doing a trial run of your bread to see if it would work for gifts instead, it looks fabulous! The paper pans would be perfect for Christmas gifts!

  6. Of COURSE I’d make cupcakes in them! Or this awesome-looking bread! PAPER bakeware?! This needs to happen. (Sadly, I’m not on Facebook at the moment so cross your fingers for me 🙂 )

  7. I’d make something with pumpkin…Maybe pumpkin bread!

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  14. I would bake some of my banana bread in the loaf pans….but I think this recipe would be better!

  15. I would make a loaf of this bread! It sounds wonderful!

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  18. What a great giveaway! I would make some Pumpkin bread with a cream cheese icing

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  25. Wow! Those are the coolest things I’ve ever seen and exactly the kind of thing I need – seriously. Where do you get them? Are they just in hip Cali or has the wagon train made it out here yet? Do I need to order them online……..whatever I need to do, I will do it just to find them prior to the holidays. So, you just baked the Caramel Apple Loaf IN the paper load pan? And it didn’t burn or scorch – BTW, the apple creation looks fantastic and I pinned it. I am bowled over by this cool stuff!

  26. First of all, this bread looks so wonderful and moist! And I have never heard of this brand of paper bakeware, but I would love to try them! I would either make your bread or this pecan date bread that I saw yesterday!

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  29. Shawna Marie says:

    I would totally try out this bread in a loaf pan! And then some yummy banana bread, my favorite!

  30. Oh wow, this bread is amazing! I’d totally bake bread. 🙂

  31. Ooh, this bread looks goooooood! And fun giveaway! I’d love to try out the loaf-sized one – too fun!

  32. LOVE THESE!1 Would be great for some pumpkin bread or cupcakes!

  33. These are AWESOME! I’ve seen them and thought they would be great for baked gifts and pot luck parties. Would LOVE to win 🙂

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  35. Reblogged this on foodiessweetgoodies and commented:
    These are just way cool and an awesome recipe from The Domestic Rebel!!

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    Love this giveaway and the bread looks GREAT!!

  39. The paper bread pans would be great! I would love to use them for all of the bread I make each Christmas…what great gifts!!!

  40. I would make this caramel apple bread. It looks so good!

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  43. I need to try this recipe for sure! But to bake in these products, I would probably do some sort of coffee cake to bring over to my mother-in-law’s. I’m a soon-to-be stay-at-home-mom and everyone is always asking me to bake for them. Actually, I’m expected to make two of everything!

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  48. First, I just have to say, this bread sounds wonderful, I can almost smell it baking, or maybe I’m just doing some wishful thinking! Pinned it! As tribute to you, I’d have to make some mini coffee cakes in the loaf pans, would be perfect thank you gifts!

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  53. I’d make brownie cookie dough cup cakes…but this bread does look great!

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  56. I’d bake up some zucchini bread in one of those paper loaf pans! What an awesome product, makes it so easy to bake and give away!

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  60. I would love to try the caramel apple bread! And it looks great in the patterned loaf pan!

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  62. Oh WOW That recipe looks mouthwatering !
    I would probably give this recipe a try or pumpkin bread ..well probably both 🙂

  63. This bread is gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to make cupcakes so that would be at the top of my list!

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  68. first up would be banana bread

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  73. I’d make delicious cupcake.

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  78. That bread looks crazy good…yum for picking off pieces of streusel to eat first:-) Those are adorable polkadot liners. Since it is pumpkin season, I’m pretty sure I would bake pumpkin bread first!!!

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    I would bake a french vanilla chocolate caramel coffee cake in their cake pans. 🙂

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  91. Mmmm, I would definitely have to bake this bread. Along with your recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcakes that I have been wanting to make!

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  96. What an amazing way to take items to potlucks or for gifts!!! I’m amazed and I would DEFINITELY use these items !!!

  97. Patty Denton says:

    I would love to bake some breads for my friends and family to try. I love the containers, they are awesome!!

  98. Suh-weeeet!!!! There are too many choices but at the moment i think i would make coffee cakes or spice cake…

  99. That looks so ooey gooey and anything apple/cinnamon/bread is always popular in my house. Also, I think I need those paper baking things in my life! I always wish there were pretty “disposable” baking accessories instead of the boring silver kind… answer to my prayers 😉

    Followed you both on Pinterest/FB, too!

  100. I’d make a chocolate cake for my peanut butter chocolate trifle.

  101. Per your post yesterday, ’tis the season! i would bake mini pumpkin banana bread loaves…oh those are CUTE!

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  104. Honestly, I would love to try this bread in a loaf pan because it looks absolutely amazing and I am sure everyone in my family would like it.

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  107. These would be perfect for all the baking that I do for all of mine and my husband’s military buddies/co-workers! I would bake a delicious batch of tres leche cakes and cupcakes and probably every other recipe that they love just to show off this gorgeous bakeware!

    “Liked” on FB and “Following” on Pinterest both The Domestic Rebel and Welcome Home Brands!

  108. Oh my, these pans are so cute! I love baking breads this time of year, so I’d probably go with a pumpkin loaf or maybe some zuchinni bread–or this caramel apple bread of yours look phenomenal!!!

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  110. Is there any question? I will be making this bread, of course! Holy yum!

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  115. I would bake bread and meals.

  116. I would make a Strawberry Banana Bread.

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  121. I would have to make this bread, chocolate cupcakes and something pumpkin

  122. definitely pumpkin-apple bread, my signature gift!

  123. I would have to make English Muffin Bread but Caramel Apple sounds more than wonderful on a cool Fall day. Thanks for sharing!

  124. I would bake strawberry bread in their loaf pans!!

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  129. It’s not too early to think Christmas! These paper loaf pans would be perfect for neighborhood gifts of holiday goodness. Perfect..easy and affordable.

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  131. Sue Williams says:

    I’d bake a White Chocolate Irish Cream Cheesecake in the cake pan and Cream Cheese Pound Cakes in the loaf pans.

  132. Following all, and what I would bake in the cupcake cups would be my top secret gooey butter cupcake recipe..those would look adorable in those. Ooo I hope I win 🙂

  133. I would first have to make that delicious looking caramel apple bread in the pans and then some pumpkin gingerbread also in the bread pans.

  134. I would bake some apple cupcakes for my granddaughter!!

  135. I’d bake pumpkin bread in the loaf pans. YUM!

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  137. I’d try this recipe first thing. I love to bake, especially yeast breads.

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  142. These paper products are a terrific idea. Will you them for my holiday giveaway loaves! But first – banana bread!

  143. I am quite intrigued with the paper bakeware products and any means with which to make for easier cleanup. Would love to get my hands on some of them and begin my fall baking bonanza!

  144. Michelle Bowers says:

    I would sooo use these to make this bread… It sounds amazing–caramel + apple + bread =what’s not to love?!

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  148. Crystal Douglass says:

    With the bread pansI would bake my easy banana bread recipe for friends (and finally don’t have to worry about getting a pan back! I would of course make this recipe too yummy!!!!! I would also love the cupcake ones because I make cupcakes all the time for family and friends.

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  153. looks like my comment didn’t post….but
    bread pans-banana bread and your recipe above for friends and family! yummy!!!!
    cupcake ones-I make cupcakes all the time for different friends and family!

  154. I would use the mini loaf pans to bake all sorts of banana breads for gifts.

  155. I would use those mini loaf pans to bake all sorts of banana breads for gifts.

  156. I follow you on Pinterest.

  157. I would bake banana bread in the loaf pan.

  158. I follow you on Pinterest

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  160. I would bake banana bread in the loaf pan or maybe banana muffins in the cupcake holders or maybe banana bread cake in the cake pan… many options

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  162. I did all 4 likes and follows 🙂

  163. June Ferguson says:

    I would love to try out this new paper bakeware… those polka dot pans!
    I think the first thing I would whip up would be your Pumpkin Butterscotch cupcakes recipe that you posted the other day…..they sound like heaven!
    June in KS

  164. I would make my kids favorite Caramel Peanut Butter Banana Bread.

  165. I’d bake banana nut bread.

  166. Wow, this bread looks unbelievable! I’d love a slice for dessert RIGHT NOW : )

  167. Patricia Roberson says:

    I’d bake all kinds of bread: banana nut, carrot coconut, and orange pecan for starters.

  168. Wanda Kollar says:

    I would make banana bread and pumpkin bread. The paper pans make it so easy to give away the breads withou worrying about getting the pan back. Love it!

  169. Kym O'Donnell says:

    ohh- i’d like to try this caramel apple bread in these! looks devine!

  170. I made this over the weekend. Amazing!! I really could have sat there and ate the whole thing.
    I sent the rest home with my sister.

    My question, did you use the regular loaf size for the paper bakeware? I was able to find them on Amazon.

    • I used the loaf baking pans with the dimensions 2.5″ wide x 7″ length x 1.8″ high which seems a bit smaller than a regular sized loaf pan, like the glassware I have at home (probably why I got two loaves out of this instead of one large one). But either way, it worked! I’m glad you liked it!

  171. Linda cross says:

    This looks yummy!

  172. I give this recipe an A++! Normally, I’m not a fan of these kinds of breads but, wow! This one is so good.

  173. That looks fantastic. I’m going to have to make it for my kids. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  174. I made the apple bread it was delicious but I must have done something wrong. The batter was very thick like a dough and the apples were not covered by it. The bread fell apart and couldn’t be sliced. I usually use large eggs but only had medium could this have been the difference?

    • Hey Sandy! As far as the batter goes, it’s supposed to be thick, so that sounds about right. Without having been there myself, it’s hard to tell what could have gone wrong, but did you let it completely cool down before slicing? Sometimes, if I slice my bread when it’s still warm, it falls apart. Sorry it wasn’t sliceable but at least it tasted good! 🙂

    • I tried stirring the apples into the bread but they wouldn’t even stick in the batter. I ended up pushing the apples into the dough as I put it in the pan. I let it cool and when I tried to turn it onto a rack it just fell apart, there wasn’t anything to slice. Didn’t stop us from eating it! I’m going to give it another try with large eggs. It is too good not to make!

      • Hm. Again, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful about what could be the matter! I’m assuming you diced your apples, correct? Diced apples would be easier to incorporate into the batter as opposed to apple chunks, so if you didn’t have them diced before, maybe dice them this time? Otherwise I’m sorry I’m not more help! At least it’s still delicious!! 🙂

  175. I’ve been making this on almost a weekly basis..Yum. I’m wondering if I can make them in cupcake tins too. I’d like to send a bunch to my husband’s police department. I figure more portable.

  176. That looks so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing it, I will be trying this recipe out asap!

  177. healthyyou72 says:

    This bread looks beyond delicious!!! I love how hearty the bread is, and I can only imagine it is amazing slathered in butter:-) Take care, Terra

  178. This looks soo yummy! I think I might try it out today!

  179. Yowzer! Just saw this on Facebook! It looks amazing!!

  180. Maybe i overlooked it, but i didn’t see when or where you add the cartel. Please let me know. I really want to make this

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Marlene, you add the caramel with the crumb mixture and layer it throughout the bread. Makes it super gooey and swirly!

  181. I’m super excited to make this recipe for my family this weekend but was wondering if you used the mini-loaf pans or regular sized. If you used regular, do you think I’d get 4 mini loafs out of this? The store I went to only had the paper liners in mini. Thank you!

  182. Help!
    My crumbs were more like a paste. :/ Where did I go wrong?

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Heather! If your crumbs are pasty, that means you probably added too much liquid. That doesn’t mean it isn’t salvageable though! Just toss in a little more flour and rework the mixture until it resembles coarse crumbs again. 🙂

  183. I’m a bit confused where the caramel comes into play. I arranged all the ingredients and started mixing when I got to the part about layering with caramel…only I don’t have any because it wasn’t in ingredient list, silly me. I did have some butterscotch chips which I used instead…and it’s in oven now. Fingers crossed it turns out well. Can you add what type of caramel and how much we are to use per layer?!!!

  184. Made this last night. Used a loaf pan, and followed the directions explicitly.

    At 50 min, a knife inserted did not come out clean. At one hour, it was done. However, the cinnamon sugar topping had started burning.

    The bread has an ok flavor, but for 2 sticks of butter, seemed somewhat dry.

    At 40 min, might want to loosely cover the bread with aluminum foil.

    Will try again, but instead of the cinnamon sugar in the middle and top, I may try just mixing it throughout.

    Thanks for the recipe

  185. I have to say I was excited to try this bread ! It looks delicious…….Very dry and looked nothing like the picture. Very disappointed and a lot of work for something I will be throwing out.

    The only thing I did is baked in a regular dark bread pan…..would this be the problem ?? It looks so good and I would love to make this…I do not have a glass bread dish or the paper ones….thanks for any information you may have.


    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Char!

      So sad that your bread didn’t turn out as expected! That is a bummer, and I apologize. The only thing I can think of is perhaps your pan. I dislike using dark pans because I find they tend to overcook everything I make in them, so I opt for glass or lighter metal when baking. Otherwise, if that isn’t the problem after all, again, I apologize!

  186. This is a awesome recipe. I added two tablespoons of Dark Rum to the mix. My friends and family love it. Great for breakfast cake also served with sparkling mascado or any sparkling wine.

  187. Disposable pie plates. No, thank you. You’re killing the planet and promoting its ok. Please don’t. I do put gas in my car because I need to get to work. I know you’re excited to work with a company like Welcome Home Brand and you are worth being know. But as a fellow baker, friend, and planet habitant I ask you to rethink and to make your very delicious bake good “Mama Nature” friendly. Please. Also, continue to post yummy recipes, I love them all. 💕

  188. The paper baking pans may be convenient, but paper can not be recycled with food on it.

  189. The paper bakeware is cute & convenient, but I don’t think it can be recycled due to the food stuck to it.


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