Amazing Rainbow Cupcakes

Aren’t these the most amazing cupcakes you ever laid your eyes on? Think of the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. These are cooler.

So it’s my sister’s 13th birthday and she’s at that weird age where you’re kinda unsure what they like, what’d be too immature to make, etc. I decided that rainbows are pretty age-friendly, and even if they aren’t, tell me who (of ANY age) would deny one of these pretty cakes? That’s what I thought.

While they only look ridiculously hard, they were especially easy to make—just totally time consuming. These aren’t for a “quick—Timmy’s birthday is in an hour and I gotta make something edible” type of cupcake. They’re more like a leisurely, “oh, the party is in 6 hours so I should have time” kinda cake. Thank god I had the day off. And take immense pleasure in cupcakery.

For the recipe AND a VIDEO tutorial, click HERE for the Amazing Rainbow Cupcakes Pt. Deux 🙂

xo, Hayley

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