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Caramel Apple Oreo Truffles


Have you guys had the new Caramel Apple Golden Oreos yet? As you may know, for the past couple years, Oreo has been cranking out some delightfully wacky new flavors every couple months.  From Candy Corn to Gingerbread, Watermelon to Banana Split, Oreo's flavor PR team must be working overtime for the newest and greatest flavor! And Oreo PR team?  Can I please come work for you?  Will work for Oreos -- please.  I have some ideas for y'all. After this summer's hugely popular Rice … [Continue reading...]

Caramel Coconut Muffins {And A Fun Giveaway from Coffee-Mate® & Girl Scouts®!}


As a child, I was a Girl Scout.  I started as a Brownie and ended as a Brownie, and I did it mainly because I had serious patch envy and wanted all the patches, pins and badges my greedy little hands could get on. But of course, in order to get patches and pins, you actually had to do things.  Like charity work, special lessons, classwork, and even dreaded camping.  Yes, this camping hater even went camping for a patch.  I told you, I was obsessed.However, through the patch-obtaining … [Continue reading...]

KopyCat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


Last year, one of my Facebook friends Amanda posted a picture on her wall for Cotton Candy Grapes. Cotton. Candy. Motherlovin’. Grapes, people.  Needless to say, I began my hunt for these amazing grapes, starting at my local Safeway where she had found hers.  No luck at my Safeway, so I periodically checked other Safeways in […]

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Cheesy Cornbread Pupcakes


It isn’t very often that I make things that my dogs can eat.  As a baker, I’m constantly working with off-limits food like chocolate, caramel, candy, tons of butter and sugar… aka, all the things my dogs wish they could eat. …Even though that hasn’t stopped Mannie from eating brownie batter out of the garbage, but […]

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Fashion Fridays: A Funfetti Week Roundup & Cute Funfetti Finds


It’s Friiiiiiday, people!  And sadly, the last day of #FunfettiWeek. I don’t know about you, but I loved me some Funfetti Week!  What’s not to love?  Copious amounts of sugar, butter, vanilla and SPRINKLES, jam-packed into cake battery treats.  Dreamy if you ask me!  So let’s have ourselves a little trip down memory lane to […]

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Funfetti Cookie Cake {Funfetti Week!!}

funfetti cookie cake

I live in a neighborhood of intense wavers. Since I walk a three-legged dog daily, I have become understandably recognizable throughout my neighborhood.  People I don’t even know will wave at me from their lawns or cars, and I’ll always wave back or say hello.  I’m a friendly walker — I’ll talk to anyone. But […]

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Funfetti Banana Bread {Funfetti Week!!}


Really, at this point I’m using any excuse I can get my greedy hands on to eat sprinkles for breakfast. But I guarantee if you have picky eaters at home, this is one easy way to trick them into eating fruit.  Okay, so banana bread isn’t a fruit – you guys are so technical — but it is […]

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One-Hour Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls {Funfetti Week!}


I’ve always been kind of a morbid person. It first started with my infatuation/fright of Forensic Files and that risk of seeing blurry, sepia-toned crime scene photos.  And then it developed into a weird fascination with bruises. And now, it’s watching Botched while eating Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls.  Because let’s face it: while everyone else in Beverly Hills […]

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Funfetti Gooey S’mores Bars {Funfetti Week!}


I can’t remember when or for what, but awhile ago I was looking at a feature that was written up about Funfetti goodies, and a couple of my recipes were featured.  I made the mistake of scrolling to the comments section. Most of the comments featured your standard “looks like a bunch of di-uh-bee-tus” or […]

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Mexican Hot Fudge Cookie Sandwiches {And A Stonewall Kitchen GIVEAWAY!}


I figured you guys should know, but I’m moving … to the Stonewall Kitchen factory in York, Maine. I wish! Are you guys familiar with Stonewall Kitchen at all?  If not, you certainly should get yourselves acquainted with them.  Their products are phenomenal and I’m positively hoping and praying they’ll let me move into their […]

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