Easy Coconut Cream Pie

This No-Bake Easy Coconut Cream Pie is a classic recipe you must try! Creamy, light, fluffy and coconutty, it tastes like it's made from scratch without all the effort.

I am the worst packer. Well, the best and the worst wrapped up into one messed up person. You see, I just got home from a quick little jaunt to NYC and I spent hours packing for this long-weekend trip. Ruminating over every piece of clothing, every necklace, every cosmetic, everything. And … [Continue reading]

Cake Batter Lush Dessert


So I need new pants. I came to this conclusion when I realized after working out that my pants were see-through. Underwear. Underwear everywhere. All up in everyone's sweaty gym faces. *groans* In my defense, it wasn't like I was wearing mesh shorts to the gym. They're basic black bike … [Continue reading]

Perfect Cheesecake Bars

These rich and creamy Perfect Cheesecake Bars are truly the BEST and EASIEST cheesecake bars you'll make! They turn out perfect every time!

Something terribly tragic recently happened. It shook me to my very core. My oven died. One day I was minding my own damn business, making … [Continue reading]

Rebel Favorites: July

lemon bars

Happy July! Or, well, almost August!* I figured I was long overdue for a Rebel Favorites post, so here we are. Can we talk about how HOT it is? … [Continue reading]

Copycat Lieges {Belgian-Style Waffles}

These hot, buttery Copycat Lieges are crispy, crunchy yet soft, and absolutely heavenly!

I'm officially the worst blogger ever for withholding these from you for so long. Seriously, do you ever do something you've been dying to do or … [Continue reading]

Tutti-Frutti Cookie Clusters

These Tutti-Frutti Cookie Clusters are delicious, fruity, no-bake cookies that are so easy to whip up!

Back in January, I made these Avalanche Cookie Clusters. And they rocked my face off. And since then, I've been brainstorming other ideas of cookie … [Continue reading]

Perfect Molten Lava Cakes

These Perfect Molten Lava Cakes turn out perfect every time! You'll love this easy, foolproof recipe for gooey, smooth lava cakes!

As a kid, I was obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Every Friday night at 8pm on the dot I'd be parked in front of the TV ready to see what … [Continue reading]

The Easiest Peach Turnovers

These Peach Pie Turnovers are the EASIEST you'll ever make! Three ingredients, one outrageously delicious, gooey peach turnover. You need this recipe!

A couple days ago, my sister and I went antiquing. Typically, 'antiquing' and any member of my family do not go in the same sentence... unless that … [Continue reading]

Root Beer Float Pie

root beer float pie

I am someone who has to have dessert after dinner every night. I don't know how it started, but it's impossible to stop. Plus, it's a little scoop … [Continue reading]

Best Butter Cake

This Best-Ever Butter Cake is so supremely moist, easy to make, and tastes so buttery and delicious!

I know it's since passed, but I hate the Fourth of July. Like, majorly hate it. I hate it because Mannie is so scared of the fireworks. He paces … [Continue reading]