Cake Batter Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs
Recipe type: Bombs, Treats
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
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Serves: 15-18
A Funfetti-twist to my signature recipe!
  • ¾ cup butter, softened
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 2 Tbsp milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp almond extract
  • 1 & ¼ cups flour
  • 1 & ¼ cups yellow or Funfetti cake mix
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • 1 pan (13x9") fudge brownies, baked and cooled according to package directions
  • 1 pkg chocolate bark
  • ¼ pkg white chocolate bark
  1. First, make your cookie dough. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the butter & sugars until creamy. Add the milk & extracts and beat to combine. Add in the flour and cake mix and beat until a soft dough forms. Stir in about 1 cup of sprinkles.
  2. On a foil-lined baking sheet, roll the cookie dough into approx. 1"-sized balls and place along the sheet. Freeze the cookie dough balls for about 1-2 hours or until firm.
  3. Cut the pan of brownies into small 1" sized squares. Take a square and gently flatten it with your palm. Place a frozen cookie dough ball in the center of the flattened brownie, then wrap the brownie around the cookie dough ball, sealing any gaps gently with your fingers. You can also roll the brownie bomb in your hand to smooth out any lumps, if needed. Place the brownie-covered cookie dough bombs back on the sheet.
  4. Prepare your chocolate bark according to instructions. Dip each brownie bomb into the chocolate, allowing excess to drip off. Return to the sheet to harden. Once all the bombs have been dipped in chocolate, melt the white chocolate and drizzle it on top of the bombs. Top immediately with remaining rainbow sprinkles, if desired.
  5. **Note: You could also use white chocolate to coat the bombs and use milk chocolate to drizzle, if desired. For a more authentic cake batter flavored shell, try adding a tiny splash of almond or vanilla extract to your chocolate, or stir in a small teaspoon of cake mix until blended.**
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