Rebel Favorites: Styling Crocs!

DSC_0435AHello my fashionable friends!
I figured I was long overdue for a fashion post and wanted to share some fun news with you! I’ve recently partnered with Crocs for this post to help style these comfortable shoes and think beyond the clog. If you only thought Crocs were clogs, think again, because Crocs has a whole lineup of adorable, stylish shoes, from flats and sandals to wedges.
Want to know something random about me? I wear shoes in my house. It doesn’t matter if I’ve not gone anywhere that day, I’ll have shoes on most of the time. And when I’m baking in the kitchen? I’m wearing shoes. It’s so strange, I know, and I could never live in one of those houses with white carpet and the shoe caddy at the front door. BUT, for what it’s worth, I wear shoes and you bet I want them to be comfortable!
And lemme tell you – for wedged heels, these sandals are SO COMFORTABLE. I baked in them for five hours straight one day without so much of a sore heel or sprained ankle. The cushioned sole conforms to your body, offering support and comfort for extended periods of time. Plus, they’re super freakin’ cute, right? Love the rainbow chevron stripe which is perfect for summer. It’s so fun, and Crocs is all about finding your fun. They even have a #FindYourFun hashtag that I’ve started following along for more styling inspiration.
Anywho, I figured I’d style my new Crocs wedges with three different outfits to give you an idea of how I styled these fabulous sandals. It truly shows off their versatility! DSC_0416AThe first look pairs the Leigh Graphic Wedge with a floral maxi dress, a denim vest, and a chunky necklace. The dress is white but offers big pops of pink flowers which work with the rainbow chevron stripes and poppy pink soles of the wedges. This look is flirty, feminine and easy – the denim vest keeps things casual, but you could omit it for a cardigan or looser blazer for something more girlie. DSC_0427AThe second look is a very casual look of shorts and a loose, flowy top. The wedges work with this outfit because of their versatility; you can simply dress them up or down depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. And may I say, the shoes pair very nicely with my tattoos 🙂 DSC_0431AThe last outfit is feminine and casual – skinny jeans with a pretty floral top. This would be great to wear to the office on Casual Fridays, or out shopping or to brunch on the weekends. It’s relaxed but still has panache from the sweet top and heeled sandals. The jeans just help temper the sweetness a little. DSC_0428AYep, I’d say the Crocs stylists designed these shoes with my tattoos in mind, wouldn’t you? 😉 How would you wear YOUR Crocs? Would you buy this Leigh Graphic Wedge, or would you style up a pair of flats? How about their adorable huarache sandals? There are so many options! DSC_0434AFor more info, be sure to visit Crocs on their WEBSITE. You can also check out the Leigh Graphic Wedge HERE. You can also follow the #FindYourFun hashtag for more styling inspiration.
Have a super fashionable day, and thanks for tuning in!!
xo, Hayley
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  1. Hayley – Those are actually super cute. I’ve never worn crocs, but the wedge version I would consider wearing. 🙂 I’m in love with all of your tattoos by the way. They’re so colorful.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Thanks Erin! I love how bright my tattoos are against my pale skin – one of the positives to basically being translucent, ha! 😉

  2. Those crocs are completely adorable! Love that they are coming out with cuter styles.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Thanks so much Jen! I love them and think they’re so cute… so very different from the standard Clogs!

  3. Can these be any cuter? I had no idea Crocs make fun wedge sandals! You look gorgeous!

  4. I had no idea they made such stylish crocs!! I absolutely love my croc flip flops because they’re so comfy. Totally looking into these!!

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      I’ll have to tell my mom about their flip flops! We’re already fighting over the wedges 🙂

  5. Omg, those are super cute! My kids and I live in crocs during the summer. I need a pair of these wedges.

  6. Okay, I’m totally going to look into buying a pair! You had me sold at five hours baking and still comfortable. I rarely get to go out for date nights, but when I do, I need to not die in my heels, and so I love wedges. These look amazing!! Also, how cute are you?

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Awh, thanks Lisa! And I swear, these were some of the most comfortable shoes ever! Pinky promise!

  7. You are too freaking adorable Hayley – just like those Crocs! I buy Crocs for my kids ALL the time, and even my husband has a couple pair of sandals and flip flops that he LOVES. I see these wedges in my near future! Loving that pink sole!

  8. Your tattoos and these shoes = separated at birth! Love them both. Am clicking over to investigate the non-clog Crocs.

  9. You are TOO gorgeous, my friend!!! I love these Crocs and your fab styling….can you guess my favorite outfit? And can you be my stylist??

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      I will SO be your stylist but I already love your style! No one can rock colored skinnies like you, my friend. xoxo!

  10. Super cute! I didn’t realized Crocs made such cute shoes! I love seeing the different styling options!

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Thanks a bunch, Glory! I love the fun versions of Crocs for adults 🙂 I could see you wearing the wedges!

  11. awww the crocs are almost as cute as you!!! Seriously-I had no clue crocs could be so stylish!

  12. You are adorable and so are those Crocs!! I am thinking I have some online shopping to do!

  13. the kids and I love crocs – but I had NO idea they had wedges – they are SO cute

  14. heather says:

    I can’t believe these are crocs! I must have a pair of these! I would rock these this summer on the boardwalk.

  15. You chose the same ones I did! I heart them so much.

  16. These crocs are totally adorable and so are you! I had no idea they had such fashionable styles! Have to check them out asap! So cute!!!

  17. Who knew crocs made such fun shoes! You look adorable and do your shoes!!!

  18. I still can’t believe those are crocs. They are so adorable!! Thanks for opening my eyes 🙂

  19. These crocs are absolutely adorable! Definitely need to pick up a pair this summer!

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