Rebel Favorites.

Hey dudes and dudettes! I haven’t done a favorites post in awhile so I figured we were overdue. Behold, my latest favorites and obsessions for the month of February.

1. First up, my new blog design! I finally pulled the trigger and got a blog facelift which was much needed. I hired the super talented Erika S. from Designer Blogs and highly recommend her for your blog-redesigning needs. She’s a saint, and she completely encapsulated who I am as a person and blogger in this adorable new look. The donut background? Dying.

Oh, and by the way – stay tuned, because on Monday I’m going to have a pretty big giveaway on the blog to celebrate my new design! 🙂

2. Too Faced’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette is pretty much what dreams are made of. I am in love with the original Chocolate Bar Palette, and the Semi-Sweet version definitely delivers. These shades are more red-toned than the original, but they’re still totally wearable and flattering on any skin tone. I love the surprise pop of blue from Blueberry Muffin, which would look awesome blended with a little Rum Raisin and Pink Sugar.

toofacedLike Too Faced? Again, may wanna come back on Monday!

3. I’m headed to Orlando, FL in about 2 weeks for Food Blog Forum. While I’ve been to Disneyland numerous times, this will be my first time to DisneyWorld and I’m soexcitedomg. I know the rides are kinda the same, so what food do you recommend I engorge myself on!?

4. So my dear friend Karly just published her first cookbook (yay!) called Stack Happy, and it’s all about PANCAKES. I’m kinda sorta obsessing over the delicious ways she’s reinvented pancakes, from sweet to savory. If you love pancakes, you must buy this book. Forreals.

5. …and my other dear friend Christina just published her first cookbook, too! (Seriously, I have the most talented friends!). It’s called Dessert For Two, and it’s all about small-portion desserts. How brilliant, right? Because I definitely don’t need an entire 24-count batch of cookies. Or do I?

tjs serum6. So, awhile ago I posted about my skin care regimen and I officially have to amend this now since I found an amazing new product. It’s called Nourishing Serum, and it’s at Trader Joe’s stores for a whopping $9.99. No, seriously. $10 and it’s every bit as luxurious and potent as its $100+ counterparts. So before you balk and roll your eyes that I’m only 24 and what skin care issues could I possibly have?, know that I’m serious about my skin care and want to take care of it early. While I don’t have wrinkles (yet), this serum magically blurs any lines & imperfections and offers a fresh glow. I wear it under my moisturizer at night, but people have suggested it as a genius makeup primer. Y’all, you have to give it a try!

7. Do I need this, or do I omgneed this!?

8. And from the interwebs, I’m loving Averie’s Samoas Pie (I’m dead), The First Year Blog’s Strawberry Mousse Brownies (gorgeous and tasty? sign me up) & The Cookie Rookie’s fabulous Twix Cookie Bites (I mean…). I’m working in some fabulous company!

9. Speaking of Samoas… it’s Girl Scout Cookie season again & I couldn’t be any more excited. This means SAMOAS season for me and is the time of year when I begin eating in the dark so I don’t have to share my stash. Samoas are easily my favorites; what’s your favorite GS cookie?!

10. Aaaand last but not least, if you didn’t catch these recent posts yet, I recommend you do! Red Velvet Seven Layer Bars, which feature the new (and highly coveted) Red Velvet Oreos; Strawberry Marshmallow Cookie Cups, which are a great and easy last-minute Valentine’s Day treat; Coconut Ranger Cookies, which will instantly transport you to a sunny, white-sand beach in the Caribbean; and my Best-Ever Fudge Brownies, which are the best evah, in my humble opinion.

DSC_0071AI mean, the fudge factor is out of control, bro.

That’s it for this month’s Favorites! What are you crushing on this month? Leave a comment telling me below! 🙂

Have a sweet day!

xo, Hayley




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  1. Whenever I see new purses on ModCloth that are in the shape of anything edible, I always think if you!!! Haha I don’t want to encourage (oh wait I do!) but you need it in your life. 😉

  2. The blog design looks AMAZING!!! Also-uhhh Disney World has WAY more rides! Although if you’re just in magic kingdom…then I guess the difference isn’t that big. Idk. Apparently the cinn rolls at Gaston’s Tavern are epic and I love funnel cakes from Sleep Hollow and the Bella Notte restaurant is deeeelish also (I really really wanna try Be Our Guest but I haven’t yet)

  3. and oh yeah that purse is PERFECT for you-need it!

  4. You gave my book a shout out! You’re the best. 🙂 Thank you!!

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