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Summer’s over (yay!) but chances are, your hair is still holding onto some of summer’s damage. Chlorine, salt water, sun exposure — all create one potent cocktail for your hair. Even though I didn’t swim once, I was in the sun quite a bit from traveling to walking my dog to gardening, and just procured general damage from dyeing and bleaching it earlier in the summer.

And as a notorious hair-dyer, my hair has been through the damage ringer. For you hair buffs out there, here’s a cringeworthy story: I once bleached my damaged red hair to get to blonde. It bleached to peach, so I bleached a second time (that same day) to a baby pink, only to change my mind and dye it back to dark red. In one day. Yiiiiikes.

I did my best to keep my hair hydrated, cut down on bleaching and dyeing, and deep condition as often as possible. But sometimes that’s not enough, and my parched strands shed, cracked and split in protest. The Scarecrow hairdo is never a good look for a human! I didn’t think much else could do anything for my hair, certainly not hair vitamins.

But then I met up with the girls at the Hairfinity booth at BlogHer ’14 this past July. They swore that their product worked and showed me testimonials of girls with noticeably longer and healthier looking hair. Still, I was skeptical. With my luck, I’d take these vitamins and somehow grow a second nose or something; surely it wouldn’t cure my parched strands. So on a whim, I gave it a try.

The Claim & Science

First: a little backstory… Hairfinity is a natural dietary supplement formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair. Hairfinity works by filling in the gaps of your regular diet by providing your body with nutrients needed to grow strong, healthy hair. Customers report seeing hair that is shinier, healthier, longer, thicker, more manageable and hair that grows faster after using the supplement.

haaaSome of the vitamins in Hairfinity include Biotin, which promotes healthy hair growth and protects against dryness, as well as increase the elasticity of the hair’s cortex by producing keratin; Vitamin B5, which prevents hair loss; Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that maintains hair and skin health; and an Exclusive Capilsana Complex, which delivers a unique blend of Hydrolyzed Collagen, MSM and Silica that provides 18 Amino Acids which are crucial building blocks to the protein that gives hair its strength, just to name a few! The nutrients are formulated so your hair is nourished from the INSIDE OUT — your hair isn’t a mask; Hairfinity vitamins penetrate within the hair follicle, strengthening the inside, too.

Within a 90 day trial (3 months), 155% of users reported an increase in hair growth; hair shedding reportedly decreased by 26.4% within 60 days, and almost all users reported hair thickness, curvature and satisfaction with Hairfinity.

My Testimonial


Quite simply… I’m hooked.


hair111As a natural-born skeptic, I didn’t think these vitamins could possibly cure my impossibly-dead hair, make it look healthier, decrease my never-ending shedding, or grow my hair. But the proof is in the pudding, and child, eat up.


hairfinityIn three months, my hair has grown over 2 inches in length! Just an FYI, the average person’s hair grows roughly 6 inches in a year.


I also had my hair redone at the beginning of September, and in one month I’ve had roughly 2 centimeters of new hair growth at my roots. (Thankfully not super noticeable since my darker-on-top hair color!) 🙂


hair22I used to shed like Cousin It and couldn’t wash my hair without extracting clumps from my head. My shedding has significantly decreased – I would venture to say the shedding decrease is probably 60% less than what I was pulling from my head three months ago. My hair texture is softer and shinier, with a silky touch that I love. My ends, while still slightly damaged, just need to be trimmed — the majority of my hair shaft is healthy, feels stronger, and looks more vibrant.


And hello, TWO INCHES?! That’s crazy-talk! I always thought my hair grew fast before, but this was basically lightning speed.

Overall, I’m totally and completely convinced Hairfinity works because it has worked firsthand for me. If you’re a skeptic, I encourage you to try Hairfinity for yourself and see your results grow before your very eyes!

To learn more about Hairfinity, be sure to connect with them on their social channels: FACEBOOKTWITTERINSTAGRAMYOUTUBE and for more information, check them out online! You can also check out other testimonial pictures from real people who have used this product with success, or follow their trials by searching #hairfinity.

Have a fantastical day!!


xo, Hayley


In the interest of full disclosure, I was generously provided with some free samples of Hairfinity to try out in order to complete this review. My review, testimonial and opinions are 100% my own and are completely true. This sponsored post was written on behalf of Tap Influence.



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  1. I’ve tried it It’s really awesome as you’ll heard ifelt my hair became more healthy and thick But about growing it was Not that much noticeble

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