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s6So a couple days ago I had the opportunity to attend a Smart & Final grand opening in a nearby city of Rancho Cordova, CA. Having only ever attended one other store opening in the past (with me being immortalized on TV forever because of it), I was kind of glad there were no TV crews here and that Smart & Final store openings involve food — lots of food 🙂

If you don’t know, Smart & Final is a self-described “smaller, faster warehouse store” which provides high-quality products and restaurant supply for warehouse prices. And in their more than 85 Smart & Final Extra! stores, they also combine those same high-quality products and restaurant supplies with farmer’s-market fresh produce, low prices of discount grocers and club-sized products of club stores… all without a membership. Woohooooo!

I love that Smart & Final Extra! stores also carry a variety of bulk + smaller portioned goods. Sometimes I just don’t need 80 pounds of beef, but other times I’m really dying for a 50 lb bag of sugar, ya know what I mean? The fact that they offer such a supreme variety of products and sizes helps make my shopping trips easier and less expensive than if I were to have exclusively shopped at another retailer.

s14Let’s talk produce! Smart & Final’s produce section is off-the-chain, dudes. They have every kind of fruit or vegetable you could dream of, but I was especially drawn to their large selection of glossy red, green and yellow apples. And let’s take a gander at the price, shall we?

s152 pounds for $1? That’s a steal-deal right there, folks!

They also have bulk bins, which are my weakness. Sometimes you just don’t need an entire bag of whole wheat flour, or stranger ingredients like chia seeds or flax. Buying them in bulk — with bulk-bin discount prices — makes it so much easier to get the exact amount you need without needlessly wasting extra ingredients or money.

s7And do I really need to go into detail about how much I love this huge variety of Pillsbury products?! Jumbo packs of cookie dough, crescent rolls and cinnamon rolls galore! Swoon.

s8Not to mention, I spotted some fun food finds while perusing this new Smart & Final Extra! store. Like a 2.5 lb bag of crushed Oreo Cookie Pieces?! Dyyyyying. Do you realize how AWESOME this is? No more needing to crush your own Oreo pieces for cookies, cakes, candies or ice cream sundae toppings. This is a great (inexpensive!) investment for bakers like myself who frequently use crushed Oreos in their recipes. Sold!!

s5Or this JUMBO container of rainbow sprinkles? If light-colored rainbow sprinkles aren’t your jam, they also had a “dark rainbow” mix (rainbow sprinkles + chocolate sprinkles), chocolate jimmies, rainbow quinns, rainbow hearts, non-pareils, and crystal sugar sprinkles. And at the astronomical rate in which I devour sprinkles, you bet your bottom dollar I stocked up.

s4Their baking aisle also had all the regular suspects: a large variety of cake mix flavors, frostings, pudding and gelatin mixes, and more, plus bulk bags of cake mix which I should seriously consider investing in. And 50 lb bags of flour and sugar which, let’s be honest, would probably last a week in my house but is worth the money!

s3Even their Quality Meats section impressed me, with superior cuts of beef, economical bulk packs of boneless chicken breasts, and a wide variety of fresh, not frozen, seafood. These NY Strip Steaks were $4.99/lb, but I had spotted thick, beautifully marbled steaks in there for less than $4. I could have fed my entire family for under $20 by purchasing each of us a nearly one-pound NY strip. Insanity, people.


Overall, I was so impressed with this Smart & Final Extra! store! Having not been in a Smart & Final store for years, I wasn’t sure what to expect anymore and they’ve really stepped up their game, offering a ton of brand new products in a variety of sizes and brands, for extremely discounted prices. Everything’s fresh and bright and easy to find, thanks to their large, well-organized aisles and friendly staff. If you have a Smart & Final store nearby, I highly encourage you check it out for some steal deals… and if you don’t, be sure to search for a location near you!

s16You can also find recipes and information with Smart & Final, Like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter!

Have a fantastical day!!

xo, Hayley



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  1. Unfortunately the Smart & final near me is old and trying to get assistance from the employees is like pulling teeth. It’s unfortunate and very discouraging. That said, I do have my favorites that I buy at S & F!

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