Dinner at BJ’s Restaurant — Featuring The New BJ’s Dine In Order Ahead App with Mobile Pay!

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1Have you heard of BJ’s Restaurant?  I’m sure you have.  BJ’s Restaurants are popping up everywhere, but even first-timers have to know about their signature infamous Pizookie (a pizza cookie, for you mere mortals).  BJ’s Restaurant is easily one of my top places for lunches or dinners.

So when I was invited to try out BJ’s Restaurant’s new Dine-In, Order Ahead Mobile App, I was stooooooked!  One, because I love their Pizookies (and pizza. and drinks. and everything else) and two because BJ’s Restaurants is kinda sorta revolutionizing the way you eat.  Download it HERE (for iPhone) or HERE (for Android).  Allow me to explain.

BJ’s Restaurants Mobile App has three cool new features that I was so happy to test out.  The first is the Dine-In, Order Ahead part of the app.  This feature allows the BJ’s Mobile App users to place your order in advance with the touch of your phone!  Simply scroll through their extensive, complete menu, make your selections, and schedule when you’re set to come in.

DSC_0572ASee how many options there are already?  And you haven’t even clicked on anything!

I’m a fan of their Enlightened Entrees, which has a great selection of lighter fare that’s still hearty on flavor.  I chose their Honey Lime Scallops which is one of my favorite dishes!  SO much flavor!  After selecting the item you want, you’ll be taken to a page where you can confirm your entire order.  I took my dad out to dinner this night, so both of our orders (including our appetizer and drinks!) were listed… you know, in case you completely abandon the healthy eating altogether and want to switch to a deep dish pizza 🙂

1111The second awesome feature is the Preferred Waitlist.  If you use BJ’s Restaurants new Mobile App, you can select to be put on their Preferred Waitlist which informs the restaurant of your party size, anticipated arrival, and helps keep your party at the front of the waitlist once you’re at the restaurant.  My dad and I selected the Preferred Waitlist for our visit and were seated instantly — on a Thursday evening!

Once we got to the restaurant and were seated right away (woohoo for Preferred Waitlist!) our host placed a receipt on our table.  When I looked closer, it was actually our entire order to hand off to the server.  No need for menus or looking over anything — we were ready to go, and this cut out the whole waiting-for-everyone to decide on a meal fiasco that always happens when dining out.  Having our order totally complete right there was a huge time-saver, and would be even more ideal for larger parties.

2The third feature of the new Mobile App is the Mobile Pay feature.   Once you get seated, your order is immediately put into the computer, so the kitchen immediately starts preparing your meal.  Once this happens, the Mobile App registers that you’re dining within the restaurant and your order pops back up into the App.  When your meal is complete, you simply log into your app and begin the payment process.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Within the Mobile Pay portion of the app, you can select and enter card information securely, adjust the tip accordingly on a sliding scale (makes it so easier!) and lastly, authorize your signature by drawing your signature onto your phone — no stylus, just your finger.  Hit Submit, and you’re done!

BJ’s Restaurant’s new Dine-In, Order Ahead & Mobile Pay Mobile App made my dining experience so much easier.  No waiting, seamless seating, ordering and payment which made it simpler and allowed me time to focus on hanging out with my dad.  The App is incredibly streamlined and foolproof — I highly recommend it to anyone!  But then again, why would you need a recommendation to BJ’s Restaurant when they’re known for amazing goodies like this.  A white chocolate chip macadamia nut Pizookie?  Hubba hubba.



Come. To. Mama.  They top all their Pizookies with a huge, healthy scoop (or two!) of delicious ice cream.  The vanilla bean ice cream + the gooey, buttery white chocolate & macadamia cookie?  Heaven.  Thankfully, my dad was full from his meal or else I would have had to share! 🙂

7Doesn’t this Cobb Salad look phenom?  My dad wanted something lighter, and this salad definitely delivered while still being hearty.  Topped with chunks of turkey and salty bacon, cheese and avocado and lots of dressing.  Yum!

4He also ordered some hot wings which were delicious!  Can’t go wrong with a tasty, crispy Buffalo wing!  BJ’s Restaurant serves theirs up with a hefty dose of the yummiest bleu cheese dressing.

5And my Honey Lime Scallops?  PHENOM.  You guys — these scallops are the bomb.com!  So flavorful, cooked perfectly, and topped with this yummy, simple tomato salad, then served alongside brown rice and roasted asparagus.

66And this salad?  A must try.  It had gorgonzola, toasted walnuts and pears on it — and it was incredible.  Highly recommend this salad for a tasty opener to any of their entrees!

And of course.. that Pizookie.

9I mean, this is one thing you have to order.  SO GOOEY!  And can we talk about those vanilla bean flecks for a sec?  HEAVENNNNN, Y’ALL.

So, what did we learn today from this handy-dandy lesson?  That you mustmustmust download BJ’s Restaurant’s new Mobile App, Dine-In, Order Ahead & Mobile Pay!  It is the bomb diggity!  You can download it HERE for Apple and HERE for Android phones; easy peasy!  And you MUST try out their new awesome Mobile App features.  With my dad and I, the order ahead feature was AWESOME, but it would be such a life & time-saver with larger parties.  Simply pass the phone around, everyone places their order, and there’s no fussing with menus once you arrive.  It cannot be simpler or more convenient!

Be sure to connect with BJ’s Restaurant online or if you want more information about current specials, news, or to find a BJ’s Restaurant near you.  You can also connect to them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.  And for the love of Pizookie, download that App!!

Have a fantastical day!

xo, Hayley




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  1. I’ve never been to a BJs! It looks great though and that app is so cool!

  2. Great! I am crazy about BJ’s pizza! It will be fun to use the app!

  3. For the first 5 minutes I was reading this, I totally thought this was about BJ’s wholesale club and I was thinking, WOAH I didn’t know they offer so much more than Costco! I was already planning on ordering a pizookie on my next grocery shopping spree. FAILLLLL. We don’t even have a BJ’s restaurant in Jersey so now I’m just going to endlessly crave that pizookie!

  4. I want every single one of those chicken wings! YUM YUM!

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