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DSC_0281AMy family is a family full of sweet lovers.  Everyone in this house has at least one sweet tooth lurking in their mouth, but probably more than one since we eat a lot of sweets and also have a lot of teeth for some reason.  But I digress.

One of my favorite things to make for desserts during the warmer months is s’mores.  Nothing screams ‘summer’ quite like a gooey, freshly made s’more, am I right?  The flavor combination is a classic winner, and the easy, no-bake treat is a quintessential summer staple — no backyard BBQ or campsite would be complete without at least one charred marshmallow smooshed between chocolate and buttery graham crackers.

DSC_0282ASo I created this super fun do-it-yourself s’mores bar for my family one night and they loved it!  One thing that rocks about s’mores (besides the fact that they’re SO easy to make!) is there endless versatility.  Switch up your chocolate, change out your crackers for something else, or even use flavored marshmallows instead.  You could also add spreads like Biscoff or peanut butter, or even smoosh in ice cream.  Seriously… it’s only limited to your imagination (which I hope includes lots of additional sprinkles, bells and whistles like mine clearly does).

Since there’s only four of us now, and since I know my family’s preferences pretty well, I made a smaller s’mores bar, but it still packed a powerful punch and everyone was stoked to make their own sammich.  I included the classic marshmallows, honey grahams and chocolate squares, but also switched it up by adding chewy chocolate chip cookies and cookies & cream white chocolate squares, too!  My family loved the surprise.

DSC_0288AHowever, one thing I tend to loathe about s’mores is the mess.  And as you know, my friend OCD does not tolerate messes too well, especially messy hands.  Messy hands ruin everything.  Your clothes, whatever else your hands come into contact with… and even if you give them a quick rinse in water, they still leave a weird residue that’s so not cool.

And yeah, this is coming from someone who routinely scrubs her hands down if she gets a mere pen streak on them.  Imagine tons of sticky marshmallow goo everywhere.  That could be a serious hair disaster waiting to happen, people.

As you can imagine, with four sets of hands roasting marshmallows over an open gas-stove flame, marshmallow goo was a pretty common sight smeared over everyone’s hands, along with gooey globs of chocolate and pesky graham cracker crumbs sticking to everything.  That’s where Wet Nap wipes came in handy — I had set them out next to the s’mores bar so my family could make their s’mores as fun and wild as they wanted, but also clean up easily with the convenience of the Wet Nap canister or the individually sealed Wet Nap packettes.

My mom, notorious for oft swiping those packettes at restaurants (sorry, secret’s out, mom) LOVED the idea of the Wet Nap packettes to stash in her bag or desk at work.  They’re quick, on-the-go pre-moistened wipes that take up barely any purse space (yay!) and clean up in a pinch.  Plus, they smell great and don’t have that overpowering alcohol smell (bigger yay!).

DSC_0291ASo after everyone demolished (and I am using that word very lightly) the s’mores bar, everyone grabbed a Wet Nap and we were good to go!  No additional clean-up needed!  It’s seriously as easy as opening their canister lid or tearing open a packette.  Simple — can’t beat that!

Plus, Wet Nap is having a super fun contest going on right now where you can show them your mess in their Most Original Mess Contest!  Participants can upload a photo of their original mess and share the link across social media channels.  The photo with the most votes wins a $1,000 gift card to Walmart and a year’s supply of Wet Nap products… which is kinda sorta awesome.  You can read more about their contest HERE.

You can also grab a coupon for 55 cents off of any Wet Nap product HERE.  If you use this coupon at Walmart stores, you’ll save even more!  Walmart’s selection was great and it was already a great price before the coupon.  But can you really put a price on not having to peel marshmallow goop off of your upholstery?  Exactly.

DSC_0293ABe sure to connect with Wet Nap by entering their Most Original Mess Contest by using the hashtag #showusyourmess.  And consider hosting your own fun s’mores bar with your family’s favorite fixings.  It’s an easy way to bond together as a family, get a little messy and indulge in some easy, delicious food especially as the temps rise.

Happy Snacking!

xo, Hayley




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  1. I attended a smores bar before and there were not wet naps!! This is freaking genius cuz I always end up with a big ol goopy marshmallow mess allllll over my face!!

  2. LOVE how you used chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers!! I definitely need to try that. Hey — maybe we can get the Sac Food Bloggers to have a s’mores night at our next get-together! What do you think? Would everyone be game? 🙂

  3. Oh s’mores….I love you.

    and oh messes….I hate you. Yay wet naps!

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