Host a Game Night with Tony’s Pizza!

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tonysI love themed parties and have loved themed parties for as long as I can remember.

This probably explains why my birthday was my favorite holiday growing up (no joke).  I loved the fact that I could customize my birthday party theme to whatever I wanted — smiley face theme, pirate theme, cowgirl theme, spa theme… you catch the drift.

To this day, I still have an affinity for themed parties.  Swim parties, Hawaiian BBQ parties, ugly Christmas sweater parties… the list goes on!  However, one of my favorite, easy party ideas is game night.  One, because it’s laid back — no attire requirements, no real need to RSVP; two, because games bring people together (or tear y’all apart, depending on what you’re playing!) and everyone always has a blast; and three, did I mention they’re EASY?!  Seriously.  Break out the board games, card games and charades and you’re good to go.

DSC_0240AAnd one of my favorite party foods (and foods in general)?  PIZZA!  I love the stuff.  But ordering in pizzas for a party can be pricey.  My favorite game-night staple?  Tony’s Pizza!

Tony’s Pizza has been a favorite of my family for as long as I can remember.  I loved snacking on it for lunches and dinners as a kid and teen, and love it just as much nowadays, too.  Tony’s Pizza has one of the best crusts around — thin and crispy with the perfect crunch — which gives it that great, authentic pizzeria taste.  Plus, it’s made with real tomato sauce, real cheese and quality ingredients, making it as close to the pizza parlor as possible.

DSC_0243APlus, Tony’s Pizza as a consolation prize after you get slaughtered at Monopoly?  It’s a win, my friends.

This game night set-up is super easy to create.  Master the perfect game night in these simple steps!

1. Take inventory of your games.  Have any rogue tokens or dice lying around?  Great!  Sprinkle these pieces around your tablescape to help set the tone.  Or do what I did and use an old board game as the centerpiece for your table!  Arrange your food in decorative bowls/plates on top of the board game — I served my Tony’s Pizza up on cake stands and placed the stands on top of a vintage Monopoly board.

DSC_0241A2. Set out plenty of games to play.  Depending on your number of guests depends on who will play what.  Larger groups may want to break off and do their own thing, but having variety is key.

3. Buy some old fashioned sodas in glass bottles and arrange them around the buffet table.  The vintage feel of the sodas looks awesome and playful against the game set-up.

4. Consider playing your dessert — at tic-tac-toe, that is!  Buy chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies and use them to play Tic-Tac-Toe with another friend.  Winner gets both flavors 🙂 you could also substitute pretzels, nuts, M&M’s by color, or even gumballs.

5. Serve a decent variety of finger foods so people can enjoy their games without the fuss of utensils.  Tony’s Pizza is perfect for this!  Just bake, slice, and serve!  You don’t even need to traditionally slice them into wedges — consider slicing them into strips and serving them in cups like sticks.  You could even serve up small cups of dipping sauces, like ranch, buffalo, or more marinara!

However you roll it, Tony’s Pizza is sure to be a win at your next game night!

DSC_0245ABe sure to connect with Tony’s Pizza online for news & info on their website, Facebook, and Twitter!  Tony’s Pizza also has a fantastic coupon on where you can save 75 cents on any TWO Tony’s Pizzas, while supplies last.  Be sure to download your coupon HERE to save!!  [FYI, I bought my Tony’s Pizza at Walmart, along with my bottled sodas — the entire bill was under $15 for a game night of 5!  Talk about a steal deal!]

Have a fantastically fun game night, friends!  And BTW, I challenge all of you to a round of Crazy 8’s 🙂

xo, Hayley


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  1. Yay! I love game nights too! and Tony’s pizza looks so tasty!

  2. I love having game nights but my family…not so much! The hubs is not much of a gamer and the kiddos don’t like that mommy doesn’t let them play by their own rules. Hey if your gonna play you have to play right even if your like 2, right?

  3. I’m about the least competitive person I know, so game nights aren’t exactly my thing… But if it’s a game night where we’re watching sports on TV, I’m the happiest girl there is. Or a pizza-themed party night? Absolutely amazing! (Can we have one of those? Please??) Pizza should be its own food group in the food pyramid (or my plate thing, seeing as I think they’ve gotten rid of the pyramid… goes to show how old we are and how much I know!). I’d eat it almost every day if I could!

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