Deep Dish Monster Cookie + a CW Color by Corningware GIVEAWAY!

deepdishmonsterI am SO excited about today’s post and giveaway!

First of all, today’s post is one of the TASTIEST cookies you’ll EVER eat.  Why?  A) because it’s a monster cookie — in both type and size.  If you’ve never had a monster cookie, y’all need to step up your game.  Monster cookies are chewy, sweet and salty — a peanut butter oatmeal cookie base usually studded with M&M’s, chocolate or butterscotch chips.  Amazing!; and B) because it’s DEEP DISH which automatically kicks up the awesomeness factor by eleventy percent.

DSC_0112aPretty much everything tastes better deep dish.  The sides (crust) get chewy with a nice little crunch, but the inside stays fluffy and gooey and ABSOLUTELYPERFECT and I wish I could take a swan dive right into the underbaked belly of this fantastical dessert.

As for the giveaway?  I am excited to introduce you to Corningware’s new line, CW by Corningware!  This brand new product line features modern, contemporary designs of dishes and bake-ware with a wide variety of assorted styles and pieces for your specific needs.  Not only that, but the CW by Corningware line boasts fun, vibrant colors so you can mix and match, and the pieces easily nest together for compact storage — no overstuffed cupboards here (yay!)  They’re wonderful for entertaining since they already look classy, fun and bright, and they’re heavy-duty as well — durable stoneware that is oven, microwave and dishwasher-safe.  So basically, they’re magic dishes.

Corningware sent me these BEAUTIFUL pieces and I couldn’t wait to bake with them!  I was inspired to bake something fun and colorful after looking at the gorgeous array of colors & sizes they’d sent me: Twilight, a small 20 ounce baker; Pool and Sprout, two 1.5 quart bakers (for which I made this scrumptious cookie!); and Curry, a large 3 quart baker which would be perfect for serving up casseroles or making a family-size version of this cookie.  Aren’t the colors phenomenal?

DSC_0115AIf you’d like to win your very own set of CW by Corningware bakers, just answer this simple question in the comments section: what would YOU make with your new set of CW by Corningware dishes?  Casseroles? Deep dish cookies? Cakes? Roast chicken?  Tell me!  I’ll randomly select a winner on 4/19.

So with these bright, festive colors in mind I whipped up this sinfully delicious, uber-gooey Deep Dish Monster Cookie that I know you and your family will flip for!

DSC_0099A*cookie recipe adapted from Lindsay’s bars

4.8 from 29 reviews
Deep Dish Monster Cookie + a CW Color by Corningware GIVEAWAY!
Recipe type: Cookies
Serves: 4-6
Enjoy this deep dish, highly indulgent monster cookie with family and friends!
  • 2 & ¼ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 &1/2 cups old fashioned oats
  • ¾ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon fine sea salt
  • ¾ cup (1½ sticks) unsalted butter, melted
  • 2 cups light brown sugar
  • ¾ cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup miniature M&M's
  • 13 Reese's Cups Minis (the snack size, not the really itty bitty ones)
  • Hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, ice cream, nuts, cherries, etc., optional
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Liberally grease a quart-size ovenproof baker (like this by Corningware) or an ovenproof cast-iron skillet with cooking spray and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together all of the dry ingredients together and set aside. Meanwhile, in the bowl of a stand mixer, beat together the butter, brown sugar and peanut butter until creamy and combined. Gradually add in the eggs, one at a time, and the vanilla.
  3. Gradually add in the flour/oat mixture, about a cup at a time, until fully incorporated. Lastly, gently stir in the miniature M&M's to combine.
  4. Press HALF of the dough mixture into the prepared dish. Gently press an unwrapped Reese's cup into the dough, arranged in a row pattern -- I did four on top, five in middle, four on bottom. Cover the Reese's cups with the remaining dough.
  5. Bake for approximately 25-30 minutes or until the top is golden brown in color and the center isn't super jiggly. Allow the cookie to cool for about 15 minutes before dressing it up as you'd like. This is best served warm or at room temperature, and leftovers can be stored airtight in the fridge for about 3 days.


DSC_0107aI mean, LOOK at this thing!  They don’t call it a monster cookie for nothing! 😉

This cookie is fantastic — not only will it feed a crowd, it totally hits that sweet spot.  Salty, crunchy, hearty and gooey, you won’t be able to pass up this phenomenal dessert!!

Be sure to stay in the loop with Corningware by following their FACEBOOK, or connecting with them on INSTAGRAM or PINTEREST.  And check out their online shop for more products!  And good luck!!

Have a delicous day!

xo, Hayley


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  1. Kathleen Miller says:

    This cookware is so cute – love the vibrant colors! I would probably cook a casserole.

  2. I would make casseroles, lasagna, bake with it, etc. Definitely oven to table worthy with the awesome colors!

  3. Definitely, bar cookies!!

  4. Christine Cobbs says:

    I would make lasagna and for dessert brookies :9

  5. Pam Crandall says:

    Looking at this, might have to make it!! Your recipes are always such fun!

  6. Love these new dishes and the cookie recipe! YUM-O. I would like to try them out with my daughter’s favorite cheeseburger casserole recipe and make her smile. 🙂

  7. Kayla Barthel says:

    This is adorable! And would be perfect for me since I am moving into a brand new home with my soon to be husband! I would make all kinds of things, but his favorite cookie is Monster Cookies so I would start by making that yumminess above!!!

  8. LOVE the Monster Cookie! YUMMMM!
    The bakeware is very fun!
    I would have to make my hubby some scalloped potatoes in them first, then Your MONSTER COOKIE, yeah…the monster cookie! 🙂

  9. Kayla Barthel says:

    Hmm looks like my comment didn’t show up, so if there are duplicates I’m sorry. Super cute! This would be perfect since me and my soon to be hubby are moving into our first home! I would make that Monster Cookie recipe! They are his absolute favorite cookie! I’d get “cookie” points for sure! lol

  10. Fern Martin says:

    Of gosh, Easter is this weekend and I would use these for so many things. My grandchildren would love this Monster Cookie. I try to make something with each of them; usually cookies or cupcakes. I am going to be looking at this new cookware. Great colors!!

  11. Love the bright colors! So pretty. I’d make a breakfast casserole for starters.

  12. Fern Martin says:

    Any ideas for substituting the peanut butter out for something else? Peanut allergies in the family…..

  13. I would be making spinach artichoke dip in the small one, brownies in the medium one, and this cookie in the BIG one!!!

  14. I’d make mac and cheese! Love these colors!

  15. Cassie Bowen says:

    Ohhh I would totally make some cakes!!!

  16. E. All of the above! I think a lasanga would be beautiful in these pans, but so would a cake or bars!

  17. Ashleigh K. says:

    I would make a breakfast casserole (because Pinterest tells me I need to) or a crumb cake!

  18. I would bake cakes in them!

  19. Probably a casserole, although that cookie looks awful tempting!

  20. Rebecca Greeno says:

    Love the bright colors! I would bake a cake.

  21. I would make cookie bars….seem to be addicted to any type lately. Love having a thick cookie bar.

  22. Rebecca Greeno says:

    I would bake a cake. Love the bright colors!

  23. alexandra says:

    I would make cakes with them. Yummy 🙂

  24. Probably a casserole, but that cookie looks awful tempting!!

  25. I would probably make something sinful like this deep dish cookie! Omg!

  26. OMG YUMM!!!! I would make chicken enchiladas in the new pans! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  27. Sarah M. says:

    I would make some coconut flour brownies! Probably with some sunbutter swirled in. yum…

  28. Cheryl Newton says:

    An ooey, gooey lasagna. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  29. Ashley B says:

    I would make this Deep Dish Monster Cookie! It looks too good to pass on.

  30. keshakeke says:

    I would make a batch of gooey brownies topped with edible cookie dough and covered with chocolate ganache and peanut butt cups! All of my favorite’s in one dish. I love it!

  31. Misty Mixon says:

    Deep dish cookies of course!

  32. This recipe looks sooo delicious, so I’d definitely try this one! I’d also make my chocolate chip cookie bars, corn casserole, jalapeño bacon macaroni & cheese… what wouldn’t I make in these beautiful dishes?! 😉

  33. I love Corningware! I would use Curry to make my late mother’s fruit cocktail cake bars for my daughter ~ trust me, they taste much better than they sound. (smile)

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  34. I would probably make yummy desserts to share with others. That way everyone could see my beautiful baking dishes.

  35. Joanne Bannon says:

    Deep dish pizza followed by deep dish monster cookie followed by a trip to the gym =)

  36. I’d make baked ziti and your deep dish monster cookie too.

  37. Deep dish ooey gooey cookies — in all three sizes. Love the colors. Do they have lids like the old school white Corning Ware?

  38. SHUDDUP WITH THIS DEEP DISH MONSTER COOKIE! Sooooo gooey and I can seriously almost taste it right now. SO GOOD!

    I would make this and casseroles and dips and so many things with the corningware!

  39. Pinning this b%$ch for sure! Holy YUMMMMM!

  40. What would I use these for? Before seeing this recipe I would have said casseroles. Now I’m definitely saying deep dish monster cookies!! This looks AMAZING!

  41. These dishes are beautiful. I would use them to cook Every Thing! The cookie looks yum too. Very super trashy! I think even my food would look prettier in these bakers.

  42. That cookie? Looks ah-mah-zing. I’d have to convert it to GF, but I wouldn’t share with my husband. Noooo way would I share.

    Other than baking (huge) desserts for one, I guess I could make dinner in it too. That I’ll share. Maybe. 😉


  43. What WOULDN’T I use these for?! I would totally make a strawberry-rhubarb cobbler (or crisp), some scalloped potatoes, or sweet potato casserole during Thanksgiving time… and everything else in between!!

  44. I would use it for maple blueberry baked oatmeal 🙂

  45. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never had a monster cookie before… I even saw monster cookie ice cream in Target yesterday (but I could only fit 1 container in my fridge, so I went with the pumpkin pie — in April — love love love!)! But your deep dish version sounds like the perfect place to start, especially with that gooey center… My favorite part! As for the adorable dishes, I’d bake cakes and brownies. Because nothing beats dessert. 😉

  46. Christy Spurlock says:

    I would make a brownie treat with reese peanut butter cups and chocolate drizzle!

  47. Oh man…well I suppose I COULD make a casserole in this…but first things first…I would make THIS recipe!!!

  48. These are gorgeous! Roast chicken in the large one and corn casserole in a smaller one.

  49. Shawna C says:

    LOVE these! I would make this cookie for sure! My family would love it! Then I would make blueberry French toast casserole!

  50. I think peach cobbler would be good baked in the corningware

  51. Hmm…I’m currently on a banoffee pie kick, so perhaps something along those lines. Although, green bean casserole is always a winner in my book.

  52. How have I never heard of a monster cookie before? I guess it’s creation was inevitable. It sure would be a beautiful colorful creation in any one of the lovely Corning ware dishes! I would make the monster cookie in one, good old apple cobbler in another then a cheeseburger pie in the other. Mmmm mmm, good eating! Of course I would have to make photos and post them on Facebook! Muuwahhh!

  53. I would make pasta in one corningware dish, because I am a pasta whore…and in the other corningware dish,desert of course!

  54. I’d make some of your amazing cookie bar recipes… And I’m always up for a super tasty casserole 🙂

  55. Kathy E. says:

    I love Corning Ware dishes (my husband was even born in Corning, Iowa…no relation, but still…) and I have several different shapes and sizes. If I were to win, I’d make up some of my favorite casseroles and put a few in the freezer for quick meals. Thanks for the chance!

  56. Francine Long says:

    Well this Deep Dish Monster Cookie would be an awesome choice to prepare in the new Corningware, in the dessert category! I would probably want to make my personal favorite dish – Scalloped potatoes and ham!

  57. Mishelle says:

    Monster cookie for sure!! Maybe some baked veggie in a smaller one to balance it ll out calorie wise?

  58. Michelle B. says:

    Peach cobbler cake. Peaches, then cake mix, covered in yummy cobbler crunchy goodness. Deep dish perfection!

  59. I want to make this cookie! I Think a breakfast casserole would be awesome too though.

  60. I AM so making this monster cookie if I win!!! Dude it’s super super rad. Ok…so are these colorful dishes 🙂

  61. Kimberli Bean says:

    I’m making that amazing deep dish monster cookie in those beautiful dishes if I win! But I’m going to be forced to make a test one in my boring, clear casserole dish I have now, so I can take it to Easter dinner on Sunday, it’ll be a hit with all the kids!! 🙂

  62. Michelle says:

    Love the colors. I recently broke my favorite French white piece. I may have to replace it with one if these beautiful pieces. Then I could try monster cookies.

  63. Heather B says:

    I would make Banana Split Brownies.

  64. Grace Barbour says:

    I’m liking the colors! I would probably make all sorts of desserts, yummy casseroles, and other delightful foods.

  65. I think I would make baked mac and cheese first

  66. Elizabeth Milam says:

    I would probably make a lasagna or taco bake.

  67. Lisa Allard says:

    Seafood lasagna and deep dish monster cookie!

  68. Linda K. says:

    I think I’d make a big casserole of baked pasta with lotsa cheese.

  69. If I won I’d alternate between casseroles and bars.

  70. I would make a full meal with them! 🙂

  71. Jeannine says:

    gorgeous! My family loves casseroles- that would probably be first:)

  72. CorningWare Rocks! I would make all of the above!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  73. Kathy Simpson says:

    I would bake everything in these ’cause I love the colorful dishes! That’s the only thing I use in my house! Love your recipes by the way! Every Friday my boys get to pick what sweets we make, and for some dang reason they keep picking yours!! (None of us are disappointed!).

  74. Lasagna and brownies.

  75. Oh my heavens that deep dish monster cookie looks divine! That would definitely be the first thing I make when I win the CW dishes

  76. Sonia C. Vargas Salcedo says:

    I would make some brownies and casseroles!!!!! I love them.

  77. I would absolutely use these to make casseroles and more!!! And of course the deep dish monster cookie…my kids will LOVE this!!! 🙂

  78. Meghan Kleinschmidt says:

    That monster cookie looks phenomenal! The Corningware is so versatile that anything could be made in those pieces, but I would probably start with baked mac and cheese or sopapilla cheesecake.

  79. Christine says:

    I’d make spaghetti pie! One of my favorite dinners, but anything would be great in these dishes!

  80. Danielle Bridges says:

    I love the colors, I was excited to see these. I would start by trying your deep dish monter cookie or a nice lasagna.

  81. Those colors are great! I would have to use your recipe and make this deep dish cookie first. Then I would make an enchilada casserole our family loves.

  82. Michelle Robertson says:

    I love New cookware and colourful ones are even better. I would cook everything that can be cooked in them but I’d cook that yummy monster cake first

  83. I make a lot of casseroles for supper, so I would use it for that!

  84. Although a deep dish cookie is tempting, I’d probably use mine for hotdishes and baked spaghetti – especially when company is over!

  85. RANDI COOK says:

    A roast! Or maybe brownies!

  86. I like the blue! I think I’d try enchiladas first.

  87. Ummm no question….THIS MONSTER COOKIE DISH!!!! YUM!

  88. Jessica K. says:

    This recipe!!!

  89. Casseroles or bread puddings! 🙂

  90. Oh, I must have that cookie! I’d probably do some baked mac ‘n cheese too. Love those colors. Everything would taste better in any of those!

  91. Love, Love, Love these colors!!! Love corning wear anyways, but my oh my these colors rock!! I would go on a cooking frenzy… to cook anyways but these dishes would have me cooking overtime! First off, would be a pudding poke cake 🙂

  92. OMG, pass me that spoon! This cookie looks amazing!

  93. I am a newlywed, avid baker & cook and would love these bright colored CorningWare dishes. These will look fabulous in my retro kitchen! I would make some awesome bread pudding and/or delicious lasagna in these!

  94. Love those!!! I would use the smaller one to make some delicious dips, I love dipping!!

  95. Stephanie E says:

    I might just have to make one of those deep dish monster cookies!!!! It looks so good!!

  96. stephanie says:

    Enchiladas and 7-layer dip. Not in the same dish. (Btw, running sneakers and jeans = no, hahhaa)

  97. I’d HAVE to try making the monster cookie! And then maybe a tofu meatloaf!

  98. Lisa johnson says:

    Oh wow I looove them!!! I’d make cake, brownies, artichoke dip, pretty much anything sweet or fattening 🙂

  99. Renee Terrill says:

    I will definitely be making this deep dish monster cookie recipe! Yummy

  100. Gorgeous yummy pictures! I love the colorful Corningware too!

  101. Betty blumer says:

    They are so pretty. I’d make a full meal…casserole for dinner, and something from your blog for dessert!! 🙂

  102. I would make that monster cookie!

  103. Suzy Regan says:

    I love the cookie, looks so yummy. Love the colors of the CW. I would make a cheesy, creamy, Mexican lasagna in one and some brownies in the other. I would be set for the weekend. 🙂

  104. I would definitely make deep dish cookie pies!!! I’ve never made them before but I would love to try them!

  105. A cherry cobbler…. love the bright color.

  106. I need this in my life RIGHT NOW! Deep dish? Monster cookie? Ice cream? Make it stop!!!

  107. mmmm i’d make a cookie! yum

  108. I would so make this Deep Dish Monster Cookie recipe first! Then a casserole for dinner! Must eat the Dessert first!!;)

  109. A lasagna, a cake, a bread pudding. All of the above!

  110. Kaitlyn Fox says:

    Omg! I would love to win and would absolutely make this monster cookie with it!!!

  111. Robbie Caldwell says:

    Casseroles, cakes, vegetables! They are so pretty and so is the Monster cookie!

  112. Kristi Wolfe says:

    I’d have to go for the deep dish monster cookie first! Then maybe a roast 🙂

  113. Julia S. says:

    Totally going to have to try THIS recipe!

  114. I would most certainly be making this deep dish cookie!

  115. Alicia D says:

    I would try my hand at this drool-worthy cookie for starts. The larger dish would be perfect for my ham and cheese stuff and puff that I make.

  116. I would like to make lasagna or a strawberry rhubarb cobbler

  117. Oh geez, I would have to make just about everything you mentioned! I would likely most often do casseroles though 🙂

  118. susie king says:

    I would make egg Casseroles.

  119. Ok, I’d OBVIOUSLY make this amazing, gorgeous, tantalizing deep dish monster cookie because all the good things in the world are in there. This is amazeballs, girl!

  120. I would make southern style macaroni and cheese casserole,baked italian chicken,green bean casserole,this cookie recipe you have,spaghetti casserole,and baked ziti.

  121. The first thing I would make is a Deep Dish Monster Cookie.

  122. SO fun! I would make all sorts of sweet cobblers 🙂

  123. Angie G. says:

    I would make a casserole. But I’m making this monster cookie now. It looks so yummy!

  124. i would love to make a deep dish cookie like you did! it looks so amazing!

  125. Alicia Kreatz says:

    I’d definitely have to make the deep dish monster cookie! YUM! I might have to make a casserole or two also 🙂

  126. Brenda Hyde says:

    I have a pan cookie recipe with oatmeal, chocolate chips and coconut that would be heavenly in this pan. You are right– I love the colors!

  127. I would have to make some insanely sinful dessert, probably involving super gooey cookie bars layered with caramel and peanut butter…MHHMMMMMM

  128. I would make is that deep dish monster cookie. Those cookies are the best!

  129. Blessie Nelson says:

    I would make a hearty alfredo mutton lasagna with these fabulous dishware and serve to my guests!

  130. I’d bake some caramel brownies

  131. Oh my goodness this looks amazing. Ice cream and all!! I would make mac and cheese first and then have one of these for dessert.

  132. I would loooove to make that deep dish cookie recipe! Yum. I’d also love them for all kinds of casseroles!

  133. Stacy D. says:

    Some nice huge THICK fudge brownies! 🙂 Add some nutella or peanut butter to the mix!

  134. Jana Brantley says:

    I would make lasagna, or poppy seed chicken. That dessert looks so good!!! Thanks for the chance to win something awesome! Jana Brantley

  135. Amanda N says:

    Love these colors! I’m getting married soon and moving into a new house at the end of May with my hubby-to-be so I’m in definite need of dishes! I would whip up some yummy casseroles for dinner in these bad boys, probably starting with creamy mac & cheese first 🙂

  136. I would bake a new recipe – and probably start with this Monster Cookie! But I would love to bake pork chops or chicken in this dish – looks easy to clean up fast!!

  137. Portia smith says:

    I would make a skinny taco dip

  138. Those are beautiful bakers. I’d probably go for a small batch of enchiladas.

  139. Wendy Morales says:

    I would make shepherds pie and rice pudding

  140. Wendy Morales says:

    The dishes are so colourful

  141. I would make my unstuffed cabbage which is yummy but not very colorful. This would make it perfect!

  142. I need to make baked macaroni and cheese in these. Like I need to.

  143. OMG this looks so delicious! I love deep dish cookies and am always suckered into buying them at restaurants — i’d love to make one at home!

  144. I could see me making a big ‘ole old fashion pineapple upside down cake with one of these dishes!

  145. I’d make a grilled veggie chicken casserole, and a coconut toasted sheet cake!

  146. Casseroles, chicken, stuffed pork chops, smothered pork chops, lasagna, cake, and on and on and on lol.

  147. I would love to make a scalloped potato recipe!

  148. pizza casserole thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  149. momzncharge says:

    I would make a homemade deep dish pizza in the big one for my family of eight! Then I would use the others for garlic pinwheel rolls and peach cobbler (with peaches from our orchard!)

  150. Candace M says:

    I would make lasagna.

  151. Lisa Sankiw says:

    I would totally make this for my family! It would be a great treat for Family Movie Night!

  152. Definitely deep dish cookies


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