Blue Pixie Dust Cupcakes for Disney’s The Pirate Fairy Movie!

pixiedustcupcakesI am a huge Disney fanatic and grew up watching hours and hours of Disney movies, singing with the sing-along songs, and living vicariously through every character’s adventure. I certainly had my list of favorite characters, and Tinkerbell was one of them.  I mean, who doesn’t want their own fairy to flutter around them sprinkling pixie dust and magic everywhere she goes?

 And where’s the job application for becoming a fairy, because I think I am totally qualified seeing as I am 23 and still wear body glitter like it’s still 1995.

So when Disney asked me to help them celebrate the release of their all-new Tinkerbell movie, The Pirate Fairy, I gladly said yes!  In this brand new adventure, follow Tink and friends as they try to save the magical Blue Pixie Dust after it has been taken by Zarina, a misunderstood dust-keeper fairy who joins forces with the pirates of Skull Rock. DSC_0017A DSC_0015ASince the Blue Pixie Dust is important to the fairies of Pixie Hollow, I thought I’d make a cupcake that shows off all of that beautiful blue glittery goodness on top with tons of fairy magic swirled inside.  Each cupcake is filled with swirls of mystical rainbows in the fluffy, tender cake and the sweet buttercream frosting, then topped with sparkling Blue Pixie Dust, sugary blue sprinkles and the must-have accessory for any fairy, an edible, glittery fairy wand made of pretzel sticks and chocolate stars.  The result is a stunningly magical rainbow cupcake that’s fit for any fairy princess! If you ever wondered what the rainbow tastes like, it tastes a lot like magic! 🙂 DSC_0019A

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Blue Pixie Dust Cupcakes for Disney's The Pirate Fairy movie!
Recipe type: Cupcakes
Serves: 12
Experience the magic of the rainbow in these beautiful rainbow Blue Pixie Dust Cupcakes, made especially for the release of the new Disney movie, The Pirate Fairy, out April 1st, 2014.
  • 1 box white cake mix, plus ingredients on back of box
  • 1 small box sugar free/fat free instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 sticks butter, room temperature
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • Wilton Gel Food Colors in Teal, Lemon Yellow, Pink, Violet, Kelly Green
  • ½ package Wilton Candy Melts in Yellow
  • ¼ package Wilton Candy Melts in White
  • 12 regular-sized pretzel sticks
  • Blue Pearl/Luster Dust
  • White Pearl/Luster Dust
  • Blue Sparkling Sugar Sprinkles
  • Small Star Chocolate Mold (found at most craft stores or online baking supply stores -- individual stars within mold are approximately the size of a nickel)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line one 12-cavity muffin pan with paper liners.; set aside.
  2. Prepare the cake batter according to package directions; stir the dry pudding mix into the batter to combine. Divide the batter evenly among five small bowls; tint each bowl with each food color: violet, pink, lemon yellow, kelly green and teal. I like going easier on the food coloring since the gel tends to be more concentrated and I was looking for more pastel-y colors than bright, intense colors.
  3. Layer the colors a spoonful at a time into each muffin cup. Each muffin cup should be about ¾ full of batter. E.g., a spoonful of purple, then green, then yellow, then teal, then pink. Do not swirl the colors as it will muddle them. Layering them is perfect.
  4. Bake the cupcakes for approx. 15-18 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean or with moist crumbs. Cool the cupcakes completely.
  5. While cupcakes cool, prepare your magic wands. Melt the Yellow Candy Melts in a microwaveable bowl until smooth. Pour the melted candy into a piping bag or zip-top baggy, seal out the air and snip off a corner of the baggy. Pipe the candy melts into each star mold until you have 12 stars filled. Gently tap the mold so the candy filled within the mold evenly, and briefly freeze for about 10 minutes so candy hardens. Pop candy out from mold; set aside.
  6. Now, melt the White Candy Melts until smooth; dip each pretzel stick into the white candy coating, shaking any excess off. It is perfectly okay not to coat the entire pretzel stick (where your fingertips hold the pretzel is fine to leave bare since it will adhere to the back of the stars anyway). Set the dipped pretzels onto a foil-lined plate and briefly freeze the pretzels to harden. Remove from freezer.
  7. With the leftover candy melts (of either color) dip the uncoated end of the pretzel stick into the melted candy and gently press to the flat back of a star. Allow the wands to set. Once set and attached together, dust liberally with the Pearl Luster Dust/Disco Dust; set aside.
  8. For the frosting: in the bowl of a stand mixer, beat together the butter and vanilla until smooth and creamy. Gradually add the powdered sugar, about one cup at a time, until light and fluffy. Divide the frosting evenly among three small bowls; tint one bowl with the yellow food dye, another bowl with the pink food dye, and the third bowl with the teal food dye. Spoon each dyed frosting alongside each other in a piping bag attached with a large circular tip (I like Atecco 801). Just layer the frosting evenly into the bag as much as you can so it looks kaleidoscopic and so that no one color takes over.
  9. Pipe the frosting high onto the cooled cupcakes; garnish with the blue pearl dust and blue sparkling sugar. Top with a magic wand and serve!

DSC_0026a   DSC_0030AIt may seem like a lot of steps, but don’t be discouraged!  In a matter of an hour you will have gorgeously frosted, positively stunning rainbow cupcakes covered in beautiful, edible fairy wants and the ever-so-coveted Blue Pixie Dust!  The perfect dessert for your little fairies 🙂 Be sure to check out Tinkerbell’s new adventure, The Pirate Fairy, out on Blu-ray™ and Digital HD April 1st!  You can purchase Disney’s The Pirate Fairy HERE or see what the Disney Fairies are up to by Liking their Facebook page HERE.  Just be sure to celebrate the momentous adventure with some delicious cupcakes! Have a fantastical day, my fairy friends! xo, Hayley

I was asked by BlogHer to participate in this campaign for Disney to promote the new movie, The Pirate Fairy, out April 1st 2014.  All opinions are 100% my own and I was compensated for creating this unique recipe. 

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  1. So fun! Love the rainbow frosting! Pinning to my Princess Treats board!!

  2. These are soooooo cute! You did a great job with all the colors and marbling the frosting, WOW!

  3. I wanna be a fairy tooo!!!

    These cupcakes are like the prettiest darned things!

  4. Hey soul sister! We both made cupcakes 🙂 I made the wings and you made the wands, we could set up a seriously awesome dessert table some day 🙂

  5. So pretty! I still feel sad that we had to stop wearing body glitter. I used to LOVE that stuff. I had all these little pots of them and they all smelled nice.
    Ok, but back to these cupcakes, I am loving all the gorgeous colors and the cute little wand on top!

  6. Pretty cupcakes!

  7. I’m literally obsessed with these. And a little frightened – here’s why -…..I almost posted my Disney-themed cookies today because I’m also a huge disney fanatic haha. Between that and having the same idea for the lemon macadamia nut cookies – freaked out!!!

  8. Jordan is super excited for this movie, and I need these cupcakes for her!

  9. You are SO cute with your glitter. Why didn’t you take how that glitter gun from Dorothy’s???

    And I am a HUGE Disney fan too. One summer during high school, my brother and I had a Disney movie marathon and watched all of our VHS tapes (yes, VHS tapes) of the movies. And sang along to all of the songs. So fun. The only thing that would have made it better? These adorable cute & colorful cupcakes!! SO pretty Hayley!

  10. INCREDIBLE!! Seriously so fun! 🙂

  11. These look great. Love the wand!

  12. These cupcakes are so incredibly beautiful and adorable and perfect for Disney’s Pirate Fairy movie. You’ve totally outdone yourself, Hayley! Never in a million years could I decorate a cupcake/cake this gorgeously *bows down*

  13. Ok need help. Like many ia am a perfectionist and i am trying to get the frosting to look as dtunning as it does in the picture but its goiming out arealky ugly brown and orange. Any helpfuk tips or ideas would be great.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Janice! I’m not sure why you’re frosting is coming out brown, but if it’s light enough I’d recommend adding more food coloring to create a deeper blue shade.


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