Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cups

redvelvetcupsIt isn’t easy for me to say this but… I admit defeat.

Sadly, it is with great displeasure and disgust that I admit I like a Maroon 5 song.

It happened completely randomly and if I could go back and change it I would.  But sadly, time machines haven’t been invented yet (seriously, what ARE you scientists working on that could be more important than a time machine?!) so I am stuck in a world where I find a Maroon 5 song catchy.

So okay, Maroon 5 is not my favorite band simply because Adam Levine is not my favorite person.  Actually, ever.  Looking at his face makes me want to kick a teddy bear in the face.  I simply cannot stand him.  His voice.  His dorky tattoos.  His singing.  His lame pictures of him half-naked looking all moody.  It all sickens me to the core to the point where when The Voice commercials come on I scream, “OH THE HUMANITY!!” and change the channel for anything else other than his face.  I even sat through a brutal 3-minute Sarah McLaughlin commercial just to avoid seeing Adam promoting acne lotion.  OH THE HUMANITYYYYY.

And whenever you hear that awful song, you want SO BADLY to hate it SO BADLY but inside your body is doing some Miley-esque twerk that goes against your better judgment and you just can’t help that it’s SO DAMN CATCHY.  And when you hear it on the radio in the car with another person, your mind is like “OMG CHANGE IT, I totally hate this song” but inside you die a little, sad that you have to lie to yourself about hating this song.  Later, you’ll go home, put your earbuds in and dance like a seizing maniac to it in the privacy of your own room.  No one must know!

And I get it, y’all — I am in the minority here.  All my friends find him droolworthy.  And most of the population seems like they aren’t as allergic to him as I am.  But like, can we never ever bring up the fact that I downloaded “One More Night” onto my iPod?  We’ll pretend it never happened, like when Britney Spears shaved her head, or when parachute pants were in fashion.  It’ll just go down in history as some minute unfortunate non-event.  And I’m sure after listening to the song no less than 3487613846837462734 times I’ll eventually delete it from my playlist and never hear it again.

DSC_0228AIn the meantime, it’s time to console my fragile soul with something sweet & delicious.  If you’re a fan of red velvet cupcakes, this treat was exclusively created for YOU!  Long ago are the days when candy cups were only filled with peanut butter or fudge.  Behold are the days when aforementioned candy cups are stuffed with luscious cream cheese frosting and coated in a red velvet flavored chocolate.  It may not ever beat Reese’s for Best Candy Cup, but you bet your damn butt it’ll come in for a close second.

Whip these up in under 30 minutes and have yourself some candy cups to celebrate our little secret.  And remember, it is a secret.  No one must know… not even Adam.


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Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cups
Recipe type: Candy
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
Red Velvet Cake lovers will FLIP for these bite-sized candies that taste just like the real deal!
  • 2 pkgs Wilton Red Velvet flavored candy melts
  • 1 container prepared cream cheese icing (you could also use your own favorite recipe if desired)
  • 1 tsp cream cheese extract (optional)
  • Assorted sprinkles (optional)
  1. Line a miniature muffin tin with approx. 24 paper liners; set aside. In a large microwaveable bowl, melt ONE package of the candy melts in 30 second increments, stirring after each round, until smooth & melted.
  2. Spoon one teaspoon of the melted red velvet chocolate into each muffin cup. Using the back of the spoon, push the chocolate up against the sides of the liner as well to create the bottom of the "cup." Repeat with remaining cups and pop the cups in the freezer to briefly set, about 5 minutes.
  3. If using the cream cheese extract, stir the extract into the can of frosting before filling your piping bag. You do not need the cream cheese extract, I just like that it enhances the tangy flavor of cream cheese frosting for these cups and helps balance the sweetness a little. Spoon your icing into a piping bag attached with a small round tip. Likewise, you could spoon the icing into a Ziploc baggy, seal out the air, and snip off a corner of the baggy for a makeshift piping bag. Pipe a generous teaspoon or so of frosting into the bottom of each cup. Pop the candies back into the freezer to allow the frosting to set, about 10 minutes.
  4. While the frosting middle sets, microwave the remaining bag of red velvet candy melts until smooth. Using your spoon, spoon the mixture on top and over the mounds of frosting in each candy cup to enclose the cream cheese icing inside of the candy cup. Repeat with remaining candy cups, and sprinkle with icing if desired. Pop them in the freezer for about 5 minutes to set.
  5. Once firm, peel back the liners and serve!

DSC_0238AThese candy cups would be perfect to tie up for quick & easy Valentines for the classroom or office!  You could also swap out the Valentine sprinkles for regular jimmies or non-pareils to make these transition into any holiday or occasion — just think how cute they’d be with Christmas sprinkles, too!  The decorating options are endless, and no matter how you dress ’em up, they’ll still be deliciously gooey and creamy inside — the perfect surprise inside of these adorable candy cups!

Have a fantastical day!!

xo, Hayley



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  1. Oh yUm!
    And besides the yummy photos, thank you for another laugh-provoking post!

  2. Two words: Oh YUM!!

  3. *pat pat* you poor dear. I don’t love Adam Levine. I like Maroon 5’s old stuff (mainly from their first album, Songs About Jane) and mostly mildly tolerate the new things.

    mmmm yeah that song’s ok. But if She Will Be Loved ever comes on…oh man…I’m gonna sing alonggg

  4. Laurie Miller says:

    So true, I can’t stand him either, but yet some songs have slithered onto my ipod as well!

  5. Cream cheese extract? What is this you speak of? Have I been hiding under a rock?

  6. Where did you find these candy melts?!

    I feel like you crawled into some hidden cave in the mountains and there laid a treasure chest filled with them.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Ashleigh — I did. Well, I put on a mask and braved my nearest Walmart and found them! But I’ve also spotted them at Target and Michael’s!

  7. These are so pretty!

  8. Um… I think I’m in LOVE! These little bites are amazing, Hayley!

  9. They make red velvet flavored now? Mind blown. I also have an obsession with cream cheese so these babies stuffed with it? Amazingness

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