Gooey Chocolate Caramel Tart



Normally, the idea of making a tart kind of makes me shiver.

If it possibly requires a candy thermometer, babysitting chocolate, or executing any smidgen of finesse, I am so screwed.

But this tart is INCREEEEDDDIBLY easy.  Like, I could do it in my sleep fourteen times in a row and nail it every time.  Easy.Peasy, peeps.

Just a forewarning, though: since I don’t have an official double-boiler, I made the silly mistake of using a plastic Tupperware bowl on top of a pot of simmering water.  Note to you: don’t do this.  If you’d like a funny visual, imagine me smashing the pot against the ground outside, shouting “DIE DIE DIE” as I desperately tried to chisel away the plastic now molded to the opening of my favorite pot ever.

I was prying knives in the small crack, I was beating the hell out of the bowl, I was running it under hot water, cold water, freezing it, voodooing it, putting a stick of dynamite in it.. anything to remove that blasted bowl before my mom could notice my mistake and yell at me for ruining her Tupperware.  But, as moms usually know since they have superpowers, she sensed something was amiss with her precious Tupperware and noticed my new kitchen gadget of plastic-bowl-stuck-in-metal-pot.

SOOOOO, unless you want your mom like, STEAMING mad at you for wrecking two dishes in one stupid boil, maybe *don’t* use plastic on metal.  I mean, I bet you’re thinking well DUH but honestly, my mind was so consumed by the idea of making this sinful tart that logical things floated away like dust motes in the wind.


Anywhoooo, I originally shared this pie over at my friend Lisa’s blog, Sweet 2 Eat Baking, about a month ago.  And I couldn’t neglect you guys from this lusciousness, so here it is!

Click over to Lisa’s blog to get the recipe HERE!!


Have a fantastic day!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Oh my goooosh! This tart looks absolutely divine Hayley! Chocolate and caramel is a killer combination… I have my own default salted caramel and chocolate tart but I love the fact that this one is so simple. Perfect to whip up for guests! Thanks hon xx

  2. Hayley, you could make any delicious dessert in your sleep. And this one is no exception. Thanks for the guest post and for sharing it. 🙂

    I’m giggling at you at your new kitchen device. Did you manage to get it off?

  3. Oh YUM. I have a teeny tiny double boiler- I think I got it at Walmart for a couple bucks MANY years ago. But, honestly, I’m too lazy to use it! I usually finagle some way to just use the microwave for most chocolaty tasks. I would definitely pull it out for this tart though! 🙂

  4. Awww I’m sorry you ruined your favorite pot!! But. Important question: WAS THE CHOCOLATE SALVAGED?!
    This is super preeeeety Hayley. I just worked out and now I want to eat all the chocolate things. Balance.

  5. I think most of us have had certain mishaps in the kitchen that we would love to forget!

  6. We all have our kitchen mistakes! I use a round casserole dish as a double broiler though, and it works very well.
    Chocolate and caramel tart sounds DIVINE. And it sounds like it might be worth the mom anger and ruining of tupperware!

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  8. Ah…what?!?! Yes, please!! Chocolate and caramel rule!

  9. Oh no your Mom’s poor tupperware! I love my double boiler…gotta get one girly! Although the picture in my head of you banging it is quite halarious… 🙂 Tarts also scare me so much I’ve never made one *GASP*

  10. This tart definitely looks worth ruining tupperware for LOL Maybe your mom disagrees 🙂

  11. Gooey goodness gracious!

  12. Ooo gooey gooey goodness! Amazing tart. Looks fabulous!

  13. Hayley, have you gone and cloned yourself? How on Earth do you keep the pace of your blog, posting daily, with a full time job–even if this was a guest post a month ago? Girl, you are amazing me with this ooey-gooey dessert! I adore chocolate and caramel everything. Thanks so much for sharing! (P.S. Your Mom’s poor Tupperware bowl, LOL!)

  14. Did you try yelling at it? I often yell at my computer when it freezes and stamp my foot…although my success rate at getting the damn thing to work using that method is pretty spotty. All in the name of a good dessert, right? I’m going to go check out the post – I need to make this!

  15. We didn’t have double boilers in culinary school and there isn’t a clear winner when it comes to bowls. I have a couple burn marks from metal bowls while doing the same process. I say you make it up to your Mom with a new Tupperware set for Christmas 🙂

    LOVE the tart! Nothing makes me happier than chocolate and caramel. Carmelos is my favorite candy bar!

  16. Chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate!

  17. LOVE this chocolate and caramel are SO good together:) and I bet you mom would forgive you for a piece of this

  18. Holy schmoly….this is singing to me! I’m a chocolate freak. I can seriously see myself eating this every day. Yummmm

  19. BTW, you had me LMAO reading your post about melting the Tupperware on the pot! I needed a good chuckle. You be funny. 🙂

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