Creme Brulee Cookies (Guest Post for Cooking Actress!)

cremebruleecookieHappy Monday, guys!!

Today, I am living my dream of becoming an actress..because I am guest posting for Kayle, aka THE Cooking Actress!!

Kayle is totally sweet and makes amazing food like this, so after stalking her blog for awhile I realized we were meant to be best bloggy friends.  And we are!  I actually got to meet her this past March!


Anywaaaays, Kayle rolled out the red carpet for me to post on her blog, so I’m over there sharing these insanely yummy Creme Brulee Cookies!  You NEED this recipe!!

Be sure to visit Kayle’s blog for amazing recipes, cute stories, and general awesomeness.

xo, Hayley


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  1. That photo is adorbz. Can’t wait to check out the post!

  2. Must go check these out! They look amazing!

  3. Woah Creme Brulee COOKIES! You evil cookie genius!!

  4. I loved the cookies!! Already commented over on Kayle’s page 🙂

  5. Saw the recipe on her page!!! Great job with those beautiful cookies!

  6. Heading over this sounds freaking amazing!

  7. Um, WHAT?! One of my favorite desserts turned into a cookie!!

  8. I asked over on Kayle’s blog but since they are your cookies I figured it would probably be better to ask here….where do you get creme brulee truffles?? Is it a recipe or do you purchase them? I googled and didn’t find anything. =/

  9. Yay – I love you both! Clicking over to see the recipe 🙂

  10. <3 youuu!!! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me out!

  11. Creme brulee in cookie form? Oh yea.


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