Carney Donut Parfaits


So y’all read about my near-death experience with an acetone cocktail in the bad part of Austin, right?

Well what you DIDN’T know is that I had my life saved in the future, too.

You see, a few bloggers and I were all riding in the elevator together one day and for some reason we were talking about snakes, since that’s usually a hot topic among recipe developers.

Most of the girls were talking about their fears of snakes and how much they love snakes in their garden (cough cough Nikki) and Nikki told me about a snake breed called a Blow Snake.  What in the..?

Anyway, during our conversation about snake species and finding them in our gardens, Aimee realized some of us were a little petrified of these creepy squigglers and decided to offer us some life-saving advice for the future.  Did you know that threatened snakes smell like cucumber?!  It’s true!*
*according to Aimee. If it isn’t true, blame Aimee. But then again, I would never blame someone for saving MY LIFE. So suit yourself.

I made this handy diagram for those who are more visually inclined.


So basically, according to Aimee, if you’re walking around outside minding your own dandy business and suddenly catch an intoxicating whiff of cucumber melon lotion, try your hardest not to enjoy its refreshing aroma because you’re probably going to be bitten and die.  Okay, maybe not die, but probably be bitten.

If nothing else, at least death will smell invigorating and uplifting.  I mean, that’s all I can ask for when dying from snakebite.

Also, as a last dying meal, I would like it to be this Carney Donut Parfait. 


While at Gourdough’s (which I will be talking about all week long — yay!), Aimee ordered us a donut to split and it so happened to be The Carney.  Qu’est que c’est?  Fancy you should ask, compadre.  It’s their fried donut topped with luscious apple pie filling, salty peanuts, and fluffy whipped cream frosting  Basically, it was a heavenly fried cake that tasted like a gooey caramel apple and I died from joy.

So I took those carnilicious elements and made these parfaits.  No-bake, made in minutes, and taste like those perfectly scrumptious caramel apples, sans carney folk.  Bonus!


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Carney Donut Parfaits
Recipe type: Desserts
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
These donut parfaits are no-bake and taste exactly like caramel apples!
  • Approx. 28 glazed donut holes
  • 1 can apple pie filling
  • ⅔ cup dry roasted peanuts (honey roasted would be good, too!)
  • ½ cup cream cheese icing (canned works perfect!)
  1. Place three donut holes among 4 small plastic cups (I used Chinet Cut Crystal cups). Spoon a heaping spoonful (about 2 Tbsp) of pie filling evenly on top of the donut holes. Sprinkle with peanuts. Layer with four (4) more donut holes, more pie filling, and more peanuts.
  2. Place the frosting in a plastic bag and pipe icing onto the tops of the parfaits, if desired. I used a star tip, but any tip works!
  3. Serve and eat!! These can be kept in the fridge for about a day.


Warning: this is NOT a diet-friendly food.  But then again, what is a diet-friendly food?  Because I’m pretty sure kale smoothies (ahem) are definitely not as friendly on my tastebuds as donuts are.  I’d say, donuts are probably the friendliest of foods.  And these parfaits are no exception!  They are the perfect hybrid of a rich caramel apple and a gooey apple pie, but in a cute cup full of yumminess.

Stay tuned for more Gourdoughrific recipes this week! 🙂

xo, Hayley


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  1. Another crazy one!! These sound so cool and they look awesome!

  2. These look soooo gooood. Everytime you talk about anything you’ve eaten in Austin, I get incredibly jealous. Except an acetone cocktail — I think I missed that one! Yiiiikes.

  3. Love it!! You are hilar…:)

  4. Weird about the snakes. And, when I was in high school, EVERYONE used the cucumber melon stuff from Bath and Body Works! That stuff takes me back. I would probably be too busy reminiscing about high school that I would get bitten and die 😉

    And this donut parfait looks totally incredible! I have a thing for peanuts at the moment, especially when paired with something sweet, so this needs to happen! 🙂

  5. That looks so good!

    Everybody loves a parfait! (tell me you watch Shrek as much as I do?)

  6. Donuts and apple pies together sounds like heaven!

  7. I am terrified of snakes! But good to know that little tip – so thank you Aimee! lol

    I love all of these ingredients so so so (so!!) much and I know I’d fall in love at the first bite 🙂

  8. Yeah kale smoothies are not my cup of tea either!
    And I like your diagram!

    I am terrified of snakes.

  9. I am constantly amazed by your delicious treats! But I must protest in one matter- reduced fat and sugar treats can be just as delish! As someone that has lost over 68 pounds I have made it my mission to prove it and that is why I started my blog. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep being obsessed with your food! LOL! Love your style and your delicious treats!

  10. Ahahah! Thanks for the hot tip about snakes… and glad your life was saved for future reference. Too funny! These donut parfaits would definitely be part of my last meal, too!

  11. This post had me terrified.. until I got to the parfaits. Now everything is ok! 🙂

  12. Snakes! No, not for me. They are part of my daily life in the vineyard and at home in the country. PASS!!

    But these little desserts could visit me anytime!!!

  13. If these little known fact about snakes is true then I am going to die by a snake bite because I love the smell of cucumber melon. Hopefully I’ll get a bite of this parfait before my ultimate demise. It looks incredible!

  14. Got it. Steer clear of cucumber smells.
    I died over that whole bit, omg and the visual aid, aaaaahahahaaa

    Also, *phew* all the yumminess sans carnies. It’s a christmas miracle.

  15. I can’t stand snakes so thanks for the tip (whether it’s true or not!). These little parfaits look too good to be true, though! Wow!

  16. So I’m just hoping that the next time I smell cucumber, there will be a cucumber to be found… I’m absolutely terrified of snakes and had to quickly scroll through your reference guide.

    But donuts…. I love donuts. And I can get behind a parfait. Can’t wait to see what else Gordoughrific you come up with this week!!

  17. I think you just took donuts to a level I didn’t know existed. And I hate Snakes. With a passion. I’m crawling just thinking about them!

  18. I have gained 10 pounds just looking at your posts the past two days. What I am saying it…..keep it coming ; )


  19. I just hope I’m not wearing cucumber lotion….
    These look crazy! I think I need a nap 🙂

  20. glad we don’t get snakes here really! This looks delicious!

  21. I heart you!!! Big puffy heart. And I love your diagram 🙂 You crack me up!!! I am making these Carney Donuts next week, and CAN. Not. WAIT!! Your parfaits are awesome 🙂

  22. LOL. Snakes = cucumber melon lotion had me snorting coffee out of my nose this morning. 🙂 You crack me up! I am pretty much dying over these parfaits because they include basically everything that’s near and dear to my heart. LOVE!

  23. this is going to get dangerous…you know how I feel about donuts

  24. I love that you’re recreating everything you ate in Austin!

  25. Thank God you created that diagram – I really needed the visual 😉 Snakes freak me out. They used to slither into my basement when I was a kid and I remember my parents taking them out in a shovel. A big glass of these Carney donut parfaits would’ve gotten my mind off of snakes real fast – that’s a whole lotta deliciousness there!

  26. I just had to tell you how much I love the fact that you used French and Spanish in the same sentence. You might be my favorite ever.

  27. You are seriously too funny! Seriously you crack me up every.single.time!!! And these donut parfaits look incredible. I was just looking at donut holes last night and thinking what a fun parfait they would make. Great minds think alike 🙂

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