2-Ingredient Candy Bar Pies



How to Appear Completely Incompetent and Insane, According to Hayley

First, get it in your head that you’re going to go to Zumba class. I knoooow, right?! Already off to a hilarious start. Lace up and drive to the gym. Step foot inside and immediately feel ostracized for your lack of exercisyness.

Stand in line for the Zumba class and remark to your little sister that it’s like getting into a concert, what with the fact that there’s a bunch of women in [sports] bras standing outside of a room, highly anxious to get in. While waiting in line, spot your Gym Hottie and stare at him on the row machine from afar. Think of weird excuses to talk to him, like by asking if he went to your high school because he looks so familiar… Wonder if that’s stalkerish. Wonder if grown-ups still ask about high school in the grown-up dating world. Feel stupid, like you’ve been in a weird dating time capsule and have no idea how grown-up dating works. Wow.. his triceps are almost, like, mesmerizing..

Hear the upbeat Latin remix music blasting and immediately seeing every woman in the class save for yourself seamlessly break into a routine you’ve obviously never seen, nor learned, before. Struggle to play catch-up as you half-heartedly do some goofy thing with your arms about 6 paces behind everyone else. Feel like you have just landed on this new planet, in this dance class, where everyone is prepping for a rehearsal you had no idea about. Scold yourself briefly for thinking that having prior dance class experience would give you a leg-up for Zumba, as you look like a drunkard wailing her arms around, completely and utterly uncoordinated.

Watch yourself attempt to dance in the mirrors and realize that the mirrors MUST be a joke because you look like you’re 5 feet tall and weigh like, 30 pounds heavier. Wonder to yourself, as you gyrate your hips and shimmy toward your squat, fatter self if this is a ploy by the gym to make you come to more classes by installing weird, self-image-destroying fun-house mirrors.

Leave the class an hour later, dripping with sweat, and decide from some deep, ignored (for good reason) recess in your head that NO, jumping and shimmying for an hour wasn’t adequate enough, so get your ass on the treadmill and let’s run!

Run a mile. Barely leave the gym, feeling like your legs are toothpicks. Clutch your stomach in hunger. A pita pocket sounds AMAZZZZZING right now.

Drive to the local grocery store, hell-bent on getting some pita bread. Head confidently to the bread section and search high and low for the magical bread they call ‘Pita.’ Find thin bagels. Find English muffins. Find wraps. Find.. YES! Pita bread! Dive toward the pita bread stand on the bottom shelf and find.. it’s empty. And also $5, anyway. Who the eff pays $5 for a pocket of bread?

Since you’re now squatting on the ground, grasping at the empty pita bread display, your legs have decided “that’s it, screw this” and have now stopped working. You attempt to lift yourself up but decide it isn’t worth the hassle and life would probably be better lived on the floor of a bread aisle, anyways. Crawl over to another spot where there may be pita bread. Find there’s none.

Wonder out loud, “where is the pita bread?!” Make a couple grunting noises for good measure. Have a woman wearing a baseball cap walk by you and look at you funny. Return her funny look because she’s wearing a baseball cap and you HAAAATE when women wear baseball caps. Grunt some more. Say, again, out loud, “WHEREEEE is the PITA BREAD?!”, this time louder for emphasis.

Finally head to the bakery, staggering from PTZD and whimpering from lack of pita bread. Find rolls. Find baguettes. Find everything BUT pita. Curse your life for ending this way. Walk over to the cake display case and get the urge to stick your face in one. Right as you’re inches from the vanilla, you spot a small display on the other end of the case. Pita bread. In a basket. By the cakes, and def. not in the bread aisle. Hallelujah! You can have pita pocket sandwiches!

Come home with pitas successfully in hand. See the meatloaf you’d cooked earlier.. hm, it looks kinda good. Pick at a piece while you mustard up your pita pocket. That meatloaf isn’t bad.

Eat meatloaf for dinner instead.

Basically, I’m blaming Zumba for all of this mental anguish. Thankfully, I recovered quickly enough to make you pies. Candy bar pies!

PicMonkey CollageaYou’ll never guess how EASY these pies are. You’re just two ingredients and ten minutes away from the most rich, decadent, chocolate-y treat ever!

DSC_07892-Ingredient Candy Bar Pies *from Hungry Girl’s Hungry Girl 1-2-3 cookbook

2-Ingredient Candy Bar Pies
Recipe type: Pie, Candy
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 15
These bite-sized candy bar pies are ultra-delish and customizable to your favorite candy tastes!
  • 1 pkg mini phyllo shells
  • 6 fun-sized candy bars/15 mini Reese's Cups of your choice (I chose the mini Reese's, Snickers, and Milky Way Caramel)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil and place each frozen phyllo cup onto the baking sheet, evenly spaced.
  2. Unwrap each candy bar package and cut the bar evenly, crosswise, in three pieces. If using the mini Cups, leave them be.
  3. Place one little candy square in each phyllo cup, or 2-3 mini Reese's Cups in each cup. You may have a bite or two leftover .. and I'm definitely not going to tell you what to do with an itty bitty piece of Snickers, sooo...
  4. Bake the pies for 10 minutes or until gooey and golden. Cool slightly before digging in! And don't be above adding a squirt of whipped cream and some chocolate sprinkles on top ...


DSC_0791AOkay, so you may not have thought of this, but these pies are actually quite low-cal/low-fat on their own! Since you’re using only a THIRD of a fun-sized candy bar, you pretty much cut those calories into thirds .. or could eat three pies for roughly the same calorie-count as the fun-sized bar alone! And you could always experiment with different candy bars to suit your taste. Three Muskateers would be SUPER yummy (and lighter!), or you could try Twix, Almond Joy, Kit Kat — totally up to YOU!

Have a happy Friday!

xo, Hayley


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  1. There is nothing better than candy bar pie except for two ingredient candy bar pie! I can be indulged any time, yippee!

  2. Mmmm these sound so tasty! Perfect way to recover from a zumba glass I never dare set foot in 🙂

  3. So simple, so clever, and it looks so delicious.

  4. LOL, you’ve totally explained why I’m afraid of Zumba (but will try with you, because we’re stronger in numbers). These pies are genius Hayley!!! Pure Genius!

  5. Zumba is the devil 😉 Love these creative little pies!!

  6. Sheryl Kaye's says:

    Oh my god! Imagine adding a small bitty scoop of “FROYO” to the mini phyllo cup with your chocolate now melted? Oh, I am so going to chocolate heaven! You rock! Cracked me up with your Zumba blog! I’m an instructor, I will be more aware of how new people feel, for sure! Thanks so much for the laughs! You rock Hayley!!

  7. Haha I don’t think I’ll ever try Zumba! But these pies – yeah, I’ll have 50 of these no problem!

  8. oh Haley! you kill me with your stories. and of course your recipes 🙂

  9. I need these in my life, pronto!

  10. Perfect recovery from Zumba!ha This is a great idea…love it!

  11. Yum! What a fab idea, cute little pies So making this for my 3yo birthday party 😀

  12. Oh you poor dear! That is totally something that would happen to me! And I think you should totally ask the guy if you know him from high school, I think that sounds legit.


  13. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I mentioned you in one of my recent posts. Nothing but love! I would post the link but I’m out of practice!

  14. These are crazy cute! And it would be kind of crazy how quickly they’d disappear from my kitchen…

  15. This is why I don’t do Zumba. Or go to a gym. Or work out where anyone can see me 🙂
    These pies are awesome! Practically health food, right? Yuuuuummm!

  16. Love that I can almost instantly satisfy my sweet tooth with these!

  17. Zumba is always so entertaining. I find myself starring at other people and then in turn I look like an idiot not paying attention and end up shimming to the opposite side of the rest of the class!! LOVES IT lol! These mini pies look to die!! Get in my belly!!

  18. I have PTZD just from reading about your class…this is why I run at home,where no one can see how silly I look {also I like to sing really off key at the top of my lungs to convince myself that I like exercise} those pies are CRAZY, and will soon have to make an appearance in my mouth!!

  19. Ugh, I’ll only do Zumba on the Wii in the privacy of my basement. I’d completely humiliate myself if I had to do it in a group setting. Seriously. Want to know how out of shape I am? I actually threw out my back this morning at work leaning over to put my bowl of oatmeal in the microwave. On the upside, these 2-Ingredient candy bar pies look soooo good!

  20. Screw zumba! I’d gladly stay home and made candy bar pies any day. Pastry and candy? Hells yeah!

  21. What a cute idea! I love it!

  22. These are simple and perfect. That whipped cream topping just takes it over the edge.

  23. Chandra@The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen says:

    I have been to that class. I am the weirdo in the back that gives up half way through in frustration! I totally understand your frustration! These candy bar pies seem amazing!

  24. Hahahaha… You had me cracking up! Your description and story had me right there with you and I was laughing the whole way (with you not at you). Freaking classic.

    These sound like a fun little pie to put together with the kid. Totally worth keeping in mind when we have candy bars in the house.

  25. Simply amazing!

  26. I was literally laughing out loud at this post! I, too, have been a victim of the “zumba class”. Yeah, not happening again. These pies are the perfect easy treat! I need to read your blog more often!

  27. Fi @ My Mummy Daze says:

    OMG you had me LOL-ing reading this!! I’ve never attempted Zumba for this exact reason. I can’t even feign coordination in a basic Aeobics class! I want to hear more about your Gym Hottie though!! 😉 Fi x

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