Surprisingly Sweet Meatball Subs


I’ve never been a “prankster.”

I’ve been a jokester my whole life, always making wisecracks and telling inappropriate jokes. (Sidebar: do young people say ‘wisecracks’? Or use the terms ‘jokester’ and ‘prankster’? I’m guessing probably not and that I just lost eleven cool points).

Anyway, I tried to be a prankster and come up with funny, embarrassing things to do to my friends and family, but I was never that creative and honestly, back in the day it was like INCREDIBLY hard to find whoopie cushions or fake vomit at the store, so I couldn’t have easily accessible Prankster 101 accessories in my arsenal. I just had to rely on telling funny or embarrassing things about my friends and family. I obviously never grew out of that habit. (Sorry I’m an embarrassment and laugh at fart jokes still, Mom).

One time, I was spending the night at my friend Katrina’s house. It was summer and it was super nice during the evening, so we were going to sleep outside on their outdoor couch. While we were supposed to be dozing off, our teenage brains got into a mischievous place and we decided that since we’d never T.P’d anyone’s house before, tonight would be the night. So we ran into her bathroom, snatched a couple of toilet paper rolls, and snuck out front.

The world was our soon-to-be-draped-in-toilet-paper-oyster. Except, instead of choosing any ol’ dark, random house on the street, we chose to T.P. Katrina’s own house. Because we are obviously not genetically predisposed to being pranksters and clearly don’t know how it’s done.

So Katrina and I laughed as we flung toilet paper up into her tree and wove it through the bushes until… until a car drove by and abruptly stopped in front of Katrina’s house. We both dove behind a chair on her porch, praying this person wouldn’t confront us about being pesky teenage vandals at 2am while we were holding half-used toilet paper rolls and wearing boxer shorts.

The car lingered for awhile and I could almost picture myself in a jail cell, wearing an atrocious jumpsuit and cursing myself for trying so hard to fit in and be a prankster when I so clearly was not. But eventually, the car sped off and we raced into her backyard in a nervous cacophony of giggles and squeals. Oh, and we totally took down every square of that T.P. before the sun rose because we are the worst pranksters IN the world. The end.

Anyway, when April Fool’s comes around, I am stumped for ideas. But after perusing through Google for a bit, I found those cutie cupcakes that only look like savory food. You know, the ones that look like spaghetti and meatballs? Or Chinese takeout? Too. Cute. But also, too predictable. I wanted something a tad more believable, and I think I hit the nail on the head with these sammies. They look JUST like a meatball sub, but with a surprisingly sweet flavor.

Take a bite and see for yourself!

DSC_0477Surprisingly Sweet Meatball Subs *adapted from THIS idea

Surprisingly Sweet Meatball Subs
Recipe type: Treats
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Fool your family and friends with these surprisingly sweet "Meatball Subs." They'll never guess from first-glance that these subs are actually dessert.
  • 2 hot dog buns (or you could use maple bar donuts)
  • 1 pkg Lindt Chocolate Hazelnut truffles (or Ferrero Rocher brand)
  • ½ cup low-sugar strawberry preserves
  • ½ brick white chocolate bar
  1. Gently open the hot dog buns, careful not to completely split them. If you're using the maple bar, cut ¾ in half lengthwise like a bun, careful not to completely split the donut.
  2. Spoon the strawberry preserves into a small bowl and microwave for about 15-20 seconds, stirring until slightly softened and melted; set aside.
  3. Place five-six truffles evenly along the inside of the bun. Spoon the sauce evenly over the truffles to coat them.
  4. Using a microplane zester, gently grate the white chocolate bar over the meatball subs to create the look of the "parmesan." Serve immediately. Makes 2.


DSC_0481If only all meatball subs were this sweet to eat… 🙂 Happy April Fool’s Day!!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Haha I seriously thought this was a meatball sub! Please make this for someone in your family on April Fools Day and share the story with us. Have a feeling it’d be hilarious. 🙂

  2. Haha! How cute! What a yummy sub 🙂

  3. I can’t believe you guys cleaned up all the toilet paper, lol! And at first when I saw this recipe, I totally thought they were meatballs just with a sweet sauce, but oh no – this is overboard – love it!!

  4. ha, too funny! I never was very good at pranks and was always afraid of getting in trouble, so I probably would’ve taken the TP down too

  5. I’m so not a prankster either lol but I love your funny stories 😉

    AND OMG this is soooo clever! It really does look like a sub. Too amazing. Now I sorta wanna do this to Michael.

  6. This definitely would have fooled me!! I’d love to hear about it if you try it out on people 🙂

  7. I’ve seen this idea and have always wanted to try it…but does it actually taste good? It looks adorable, but I have a hard time thinking of the taste of strawberry jam and hazelnut and maple…. What did you think of the taste?

  8. So amazing Hayley! LOVE this. I only TP’d once…and I sprained my ankle bad running from the cops. Pranks are not for me…

  9. Wow, a prank my kids would forgive me for. My last one was meatloaf baked in cake pans, then frosted with mashed potatoes. I even used food coloring to give it a pretty trim. The kids were completely fooled, and utterly furious at me. It was great.

  10. Bahahhaa you had me quite confused when I read the post title. April fools to me apparently! I thought it was going to be a sweet tomato sauce or something. I guess I need a tad more sleep. But this is such a cute twist on the spaghetti cupcakes!! My (mad hatter’s) hat is off to you miss Hayley. 😉

  11. Haha…I love this idea. Awesome April 1st supper 😀

  12. Haha…I went t’ping once during a slumber party. My friend’s mom made us CALL the parent’s of the kid’s house (a boy, go figure) we wanted to t’p ahead of time to see if it was “okay.” I love this “meatball” sub, Hayley. This is a prank I can definitely get behind!

  13. I love it! I love that you used Lindor truffles! YUM!


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