Valentine Heart Chow


So… I’m single.

And please don’t get all Sad Sampson on me. I am doing okay, with a few exceptions of which I will gloss over on this sophisticated list.

Also, you should know that ‘sophisticated’ is not a word I’d use for a freshly single person. Unless sophisticated means eating your feelings constantly, letting your new pixie cut reach Thing 1 and/or Thing 2 heights and craziness, and wanting nothing more than to watch Too Cute on Animal Planet because it appears animals are the only things on this earth who are incapable of breaking up with you. (How many times has a dog said to their owner “I don’t think this is working out, so I’m gonna go ahead and be the bigger person here and leave. It’s not you, it’s me.”) Right.

So, A List of Things (Practical and Not) I Hate About Breakups

Realizing that your town isn’t that big and the possibility that you two cross paths, while very slim, is still possible.

Knowing that any rapport and bonding you’ve created with his family is now gone, and you’ll have to establish a new rapport/bonding with another family with your future boyfriend. And you kind of hate telling the same stories over and over and over.

Also, using the bathroom at the new boyfriend’s house. TERRIBLE. (It took me almost a year to feel comfortable to go #2 in Jessie’s bathroom. WHAT IF THEY SENSE I’M POOPING?!)

That feeling like he’s out on some fun adventure, perhaps with the girl you suspect has a huge crush on him because she’s somewhat of a harlot and makes it painfully obvious she likes him when she calls him at 11pm on Friday nights “for no reason”.

Then proceeding to overthink about what they’re doing (or not, because it’s also likely it isn’t even happening but you’re fragile at the moment and thus, more dramatic than usual), and about how he’s showing her all the cool places you two used to go to. Like your favorite pizza joint downtown, or the abandoned cemetery where you took so many cool pictures.

Hating both he and the potential harlot and eat your feelings in chips and spicy black bean dip.

Hating yourself for checking your phone every so often, and oh so casually, as if you’re checking the time but really, you’re checking to see if he has sent you some long, lovesick text message explaining he messed up and is so sorry and he wants you back with the power of a thousand suns being moved by Alaskan Malamutes, because you heard on an episode of Too Cute that one alone could tow up to 3,000 pounds and that’s like, A LOT of weight. And also reaffirms that dogs > humans.

Staring longingly at your dog and creepily wish he was human because he’d be perfect for you.

Also, stopping to allow your dog to sniff the friendly neighbor Border Collie named Zoe, because if he falls in love with Zoe, he will leave and you will inevitably be broke because you’ll then buy out Ben & Jerry’s and weigh 2376283584734 pounds.

Also, you’ll probably convince Ben and Jerry to create a new flavor, “My Pain Tastes Like Ice Cream” which will be sold in 19-gallon-sized containers.

Aaaaand you’ll hound Starz to play cheesy love movies on repeat. And somewhat be thankful that they’re on some kind of Nicolas Sparks kick and play The Vow every 2 hours. And you’ll suddenly become irrationally jealous of Paige and the car accident and kind of wish you could lose your memory, too, and kind of hope that when you come to, Channing Tatum would claim he was your husband. But you’ll also settle for Jennifer Lawrence at your bedside nursing you back to health.

Cleaning your room/Facebook/photo album on your phone of any remnants that may or may not provoke unnecessary tears and/or nostalgia while in the middle of eating your 19-gallon ice cream (which, by the way, has layers of different flavors that somehow magically work together because a girl needs some variety since ONE THING IN HER LIFE CAN’T WORK RIGHT, GAWDDDD).

But really, I’m okay 🙂

DSC_0396And I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day with my family and my special Valentine, my Manniepoo. And of course, that neverending pit of ice cream and cheesy rom-coms because I’m horrible and cliche. And in between breaths of ice cream shoveling, I’ll stuff my face with this highly addictive and seriously simple Valentine Heart Chow. 

I got the idea from Ali at Gimme Some Oven when she posted some seriously ADORABLE conversation heart popcorn. I knew I wanted to use my favorite Valentine’s candy in a unique way, too, but also in a simple way since I can’t do much except listen to the same song over and over and continue to stretch out the elastic in my yoga pants. Thus, this easy chow was created!

valentinechow1Hurry up and make it already. The Vow starts in five.

DSC_0391Valentine Heart Chow *inspired by Ali’s popcorn recipe 

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Valentine Heart Chow
Recipe type: Treats
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6-8
Give a little lovin' to your sweetheart with this delectable chow!
  • 4-5 cups Chex cereal
  • ½ pkg white chocolate almond bark (I heart Candiquik)
  • 1 cup (or so) Valentine Corn
  • 1 & ¼ cups Conversation Hearts (about 10-12 small boxes)
  1. First, line a flat work space with wax paper, such as your counter. Meanwhile, add the cereal and Valentine Corn into a large bowl.
  2. Melt the white chocolate according to package directions until smooth. Pour the chocolate on top of the cereal and gently toss the cereal into the chocolate to coat.
  3. Spread the coated cereal onto the wax paper in an even layer. Immediately sprinkle with the heart candies. Allow the mixture to set before breaking into pieces and store in an airtight container.


DSC_0399I am a white chocolate lover, and a lover of all things snack-y, so this chow was perfect for me to nosh on while watching TV or reading. You could jazz it up with a chocolate drizzle or throw in some M&M’s, but I liked it simple and sugary with the candy corn and the conversation hearts. Totally yummy!!

Have a great Monday!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Sorry to hear that, Hayley. But you seem to be a wonderful person so I’m sure everything will work out for the best. Also, I’m spending Valentine’s day alone 🙁 (not even with my family, because they live far away) so if you get your hands on that 19-gallon-sized container of ice cream, send one this way, haha!


  2. Ugh, I’m sorry Hayley! And that list seems pretty similar to me right before Valentine’s Day last year. Hang in there and at least you have your family! I’m in Madrid where EVERYONE has a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s sickening =P At least me and a girlfriend are going to watch Silver Linings Playlist. Like you said…Jennifer Lawrence can fix anything!

  3. Girl…I hear you. I gained like…20 pounds when I went though my big break up and I completely agree with all your things to hate about breakups, But guess what? You’re gorgeous, you’re fun, you’re unique (which is super important and special), and I love you and you will find the most amazing boyfriend ever. <3

  4. Hey girl! I just wanted to say that I’m very sorry to hear about your breakup. I’ve been creepin’ your blog for quite a while now, and this is the first time I’ve left a comment because I wanted to make sure you know that all of us out here think you are adorable and awesome! You’re so amazingly talented, funny, and beautiful! Some lucky guy will sweep you up one day, I promise. Take care, and keep posting these addicting recipes! 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear about your breakup! Not that any time is a good time, but I feel like around Valentines day is the worst! Eat lots of pink snacks and desserty foods and hang in there 🙂 Wish I could find gelatin free candy hearts– this looks so good and I haven’t had a candy heart in literally over a decade!

    • Kelly, I didn’t realize the conversation hearts had gelatin in them! Weird to know, but good to know–if I see some without it, I’ll let ya know! And OMG I KNOW. The pink and the roses and the romantic everything.. a liiiiittle nauseating. I have a feeling I’ll be buying myself a lot of roses this year 🙂

  6. bakeaholicmama says:

    Let me tell you…. it gets easier. It may not feel like it now, but you will find someone who is the perfect fit for you and your life. I am a firm firm believer in fate, as corny as that sounds. If it was meant to be it will be. I do think everyone has their other half out there… you just need to find him 😉

    PS totally not a funny blog post but WHAT IF THEY SENSE I’M POOPING?… you had me giggling.

  7. I agree with Carrie – everyone has their other half out there. You just need time to find each other. This heart chow looks so adorable! I need a bowl-full! 🙂

  8. this looks dangerous and delicious!

  9. I’m sorry Hayley! Break ups suck. But I too do believe that there really is someone for everyone! In the meantime, you can enjoy always watching what YOU want on tv, not having to share your food, buying Valentine’s gifts for yourself (you will always get the perfect gift!), not worrying about stubbly legs. The list goes on!

  10. Well that freakin stinks! I’m really sorry. I think you are an amazing woman and I send you lots of hugs and junk food.

  11. So sorry, Hayley. Stay optimistic and keep being your lovely, amazing, talented self. You’ll come through it an even better woman! Great recipe, too!

  12. Ugh…you rock so hard! I have to admit that my heart broke a good bit when i read your opener (which was also sort of a bait-and-awtich given the ridiculous beauty of this mix, but I digress) and I simply wish that I could make this awful yucky thing better for you. But, alas, I have faith that sweet Mannie and sugary desserts can cure all things.

  13. Never give up on love 🙂 I know that is terribly lame and not as cool as some deep provoking quote about it, but it’s true. That guy will come around and it’ll be so perfect that you won’t even CARE if other ppl in his house sense that you’re pooping heehee.

    In the meantime though – I shall tell you how much I love this chow!! So pretty and I bet delicious.

  14. Where did you get the Valentine corn? I looked for it today and couldn’t find it anywhere! 🙁 This looks amazing!

  15. So sorry about all this Hayley. 2013 has not been very good for my friends so far this year. I can’t imagine your pain you poor thing. Just keep your chin up. You are amazing, stunning, full of energy, and life. You have the best heart. Someone is waiting for you out there. I know it. PS: love this chow girl!

  16. Hayley – the new cut is ADORABLE, you are AMAZING, and your sweets TO DIE FOR

  17. Well, yeah. You pretty much summed it up. I’m so sorry sweetie! Will you be my Valentine? 🙂

  18. It sucks, there’s no getting around it. Just hang in there and keep trying remember that it’s temporary pain and you will feel better soon. In the meantime, will you be my Virtual Valentine?

    PS- I’m with you on the #2 thing. I like to call it “maintaining the mystery.”

  19. No doubt about it, breakups suck. You’re probably sick of hearing it already, but it’s the truth: you’ll be stronger for it. You’re an amazing, beautiful, talented, smart woman–sending you lots of hugs and chocolate.

  20. Wait…how did this happen? You guys seemed so solid and stable, I mean, what I ‘knew’ of what you wrote here. I am so sorry, Hayley. Ugh. And right before VDay. Lovely timing. You are a strong woman and you will get thru this even though right now, so hard. (HUGS)

  21. Ugh, breakups. Like you said, it’s just so much work to start from ground zero w/ a new bf and his fam (this sounds selfish, haha). And dating in the beginning stages completely sucks. But hey, it gets better as I’m sure you know. At least good ‘ole Mannie is there to give you a little unconditional puppy love. Hope you’re doing okay. Ice cream totally helps. Hugs.

  22. sorry about your break up, this Valentine Chow is bound to help 🙂 they really should make break up conversation hearts…they are really missing out on a whole market there. You’re not alone, break ups suck! Just remember what is meant to be will be 😉 sorry had to give the words of wisdom…I’m old 😉

  23. Love this!!!

  24. Deborah & the furry gang in OK says:

    Just found your recipe via Pinterest. I’m making this for work…with the addition of Valentine M & M’s!!! a little chocolate couldn’t hurt…right??
    Love, blessings and health to you!!!
    Deb…=^..^= ^..^ =^..^= ^..^

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