Zagnut Chow


Hoooooly Zagnuts, you guys. This chow is off. the. chaaaaaaaaaiiiiiin.

So I’ve been sick for the past week and I had made this Zagnut Chow right before I went down. And I have been snacking on it like it will go out of style tomorrow. I meaaan, my hand is pretty much nestled in the bag of chow 96% of the time.

When I told my family I was making this chow with Zagnuts, they gave me a weird look as they often do when I speak to them. “Zagnuts?” they asked. “What’s a Zagnut?”

I sighed and briefed them on the gloriousness that is a Zagnut candy bar. If you don’t know yourself, here’s a little lesson in yumminess: Zagnuts are peanut butter crisp bars topped with toasted coconut. They’re really similar to a Butterfinger texture-wise, with those crispy, multiple layers of peanut butter. And the outside is rolled in small pieces of toasted coconut, giving these crunchy bars a seriously sweet aftertaste. Also, fun fact: toasted coconut is the best thing in the world. Duh.

And if we’re being honest, I’m new to this whole Zagnut appreciation thing, too. Prior to a couple weeks ago, I had briefly heard of them but could never track them down. Then, one day when I was standing in the mile-long line at Michael’s (because my store enjoys torturing their customers with an hour-wait period), I spotted them sitting lonely on a shelf.

I lunged for the box, fearful that someone else would have the same Zagnut lightbulb moment I did and grab them first, snatching up six bars. The people around me looked at me strangely, possibly because they had never heard of Zagnuts either and were intrigued by my sudden interest in the retro candy bar. Or that a girl with glasses and leopard print platforms suddenly sprung herself at these candy bars. Whatever.

Anywho, upon first bite I fell in looooooove. And I knew I wanted to make something ultra decadent and equally addictive with these bars. The idea of puppy chow came to mind, but mixing that classic Chex cereal with something extra special … Captain Crunch cereal! The combination of the sweetened Cap’n Crunch and the Chex is pure perfection, people. Deeeeelish.

zagnut2Then, I got super wild and drizzled the combo cereals with peanut butter. And theeeeen I upped the ante once more by drizzling that mixture with melted white coconut flavored chocolate (!!) and sprinkled on chopped Zagnut bars, toasted coconut, and peanut butter chips. Hello, my name is Hayley and I am addicted to this chow. No joke.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. Now get your booty out there and find yourself some Zagnuts.


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Zagnut Chow
Recipe type: Treats
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Serves: 8-10
Holy Zagnuts. Y'all need to hunt down these retro rad candy bars and CHOW DOOOOWN.
  • 6 cups Chex cereal
  • 3 cups Cap'n Crunch cereal
  • 1 pkg white chocolate almond bark (or Candiquik)
  • 1 Tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 cup peanut butter chips
  • 2 cups toasted coconut
  • 2 bars Lindt Excellence White Coconut Chocolate
  • About 5 Zagnut bars, roughly chopped
  1. Line a clean work-space with wax paper. In a large bowl, gently combine the cereals.
  2. In a medium bowl, microwave the white chocolate almond bark until smooth and melted. Stir in the Tablespoon of peanut butter to combine. Pour the melted pb mixture on top of the cereal mixture; very gently toss to coat all of the cereal in the pb mixture.
  3. Spread the coated cereal onto the wax paper in an even layer. Immediately sprinkle with peanut butter chips and chopped Zagnut bars. While that sets, microwave your two coconut bars until smooth and melted. Drizzle the coconut chocolate evenly over the Zagnut chow; sprinkle immediately with toasted coconut.
  4. Allow the chow to set, about 20 minutes, before breaking into pieces and eating. Store leftover chow airtight.


zagnut3You guys reeaaaally need to find a way into a bag full of this chow. Seriously, it’s some of the best! The combination of the sweet, nutty toasted coconut and the buttery, salty peanut butter is out. of. this. world. And I love the different textures from the chewy coconut, the crispy cereals, the crunchy candy pieces, and the soft peanut butter chips… this chow is pure heaven!

Enjoy your weekend!

xo, Hayley

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  1. I have never in my life heard of zagnut but I surely love everything coconut, especially toasted.

  2. I’ve never had a Zagnut. You have convinced me that my life is incomplete until I try one!

  3. Oh my gosh, Hayley, this is incredible! I LOVE Zagnuts, and it’s so sad that no one has ever heard of them. Way to give it the attention it deserves. I totally would have lunged at the box too…it’s hard to find them! Apparently, when there used to be commercials for Zagnuts, the end line was “A Zagnut by any other name…would have been better.” Ha! Some wikipedia trivia for you. 😉

    • Hahahah I love that tagline! It’s such a catchy name and I’m so sad it’s so unheard of, too. When I brought them home my parents looked at them like I’d brought in jars of pigs feet or something: “what’s a Zag-Nut?” Lol, once they tried this, they KNEW. I wish they were easier to find, though!

  4. Back for Seconds says:

    I’m so glad you gave Zagnuts the time of day….I never heard of them but now I know I need them to make this killer chow!! Holy smokes it looks fantastic!
    Also, I love your new look here, sorry it took me like 2 weeks to say anything. I’m a loser.
    You better hurry up and get healthy, girl! Enough of being sick already, mkay?

  5. HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF/EATEN ZAGNUTS???! They sound omigosh so good! This “chow” looks absolutely munch-worthy too!

  6. Okay, I’ve never had a zagnut, but I’ve heard of them. I neeeeeeed one. I hope you’re feeling better!

  7. Wow! Talk about amazing snack! Feel better, Hayley!

  8. Chandra@The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen says:

    Oh I know all about those candy bars from living in NY. This Chow looks D-lish! I hope that you are feeling better! Love the new look!

  9. I hope you are feeling better! At least you had this delicious zagnut chow to see you through. Also, zagnut is pretty much the coolest word for a candy bar. ever. I must try and find them! My Michaels is also one of those stores where only one register is EVER open (sigh) so maybe I will spot them next time I head over 😀

  10. Oh My God!!! No you didn’t!!!!!!! So listen— for almost 4 years I ran this little local store and at Christmas we got in CASES of fresh homemade local candy– 30 pound boxes of orange slices, peanut clusters, and ZAGNUTS. I weighed it out into 3/4 pound bags to sell- they were like Zagnut minis- like the size of a fun size Snickers bar– and I would seriously eat my weight during December in Zagnut candy. I was so busy eating it that it never occurred to me that I could make things with it! How could I be so blind??!! I am going to contact my old candy vendor and make this recipe stat!!! Also- I’ve been kind of extra with the exclamation points here. Sorry. I’m just reeeeally excited.

  11. I have too, have never heard of zagnuts before. However, I am pretty sure once I started munching on them I would not be able to stop. This looks so delicious!

  12. This chow truly looks “off the chain”
    give me a bowl of this chow and i am sure i would be back asking for more 😉

  13. blah, being sick totally sucks! but if i had a bag of these ZAGNUT (hahaha these are so fun to say), it’d probably put me on the mend…just sayin’ 🙂

  14. OH. My goodness. This looks crazy good, Hayley! Feel better soon, darlin.

  15. I loved Zagnuts as a kid (ummm a few years ago) and am thrilled they’re still around!
    Can’t wait to try this!!!

  16. Never heard of Zagnut before but you’ve got me convinced to track them down! 🙂

  17. Sooooooo hope you’re feeling better now (LOVE your new ‘do, by the way). And ohmygosh, I’ve never seen or heard of Zagnuts before, but I need one ASAP. Peanut butter with roasted coconut? Sign me up!!

  18. corrections “a zagnut by any other name…. would be a good thing.”

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