Hayley Favorites: 2012

I’m baaaaaaaack.

And um, the new year starts on Tuesday. What. Gives, people? Wasn’t my birthday like, a month ago? And now it’s less than a month away? Duuuuude.

Yesterday I talked about some Domestic Rebel Reader Favorites from this fabulous year of two-thousand-and-twelve, and today, I’m going to reveal some of my personal favorites from this year!

I have to say–this year I definitely upped my game. I was all hell-bent on stuffing treats into other treats and doing the most outrageous desserts my little head could conjure up. But within that caloric, sugar-filled insanity came some AWESOME recipes–ones I’m SO glad I made up, and ones I sincerely hope you guys like just as much as I do. So, here are my Hayley-approved favorites 🙂


Bubblegum Ice Cream: anyone who knows me knows I am OB.SESS.ED. with bubblegum-flavored anything. This ice cream is less than 3 ingredients and tastes AMAZEBALLS.
Pecan Snowballs: one of my favorite holiday cookies for good reason: these tender cookies of sweet, pecan goodness are just perfection any time of year. 
Triple Coconut Cupcakes: some of THE best cupcakes I’ve ever made or had–no joke. Moist, sweet and the frosting itself is to.die.for. Even if you aren’t a huge coconut fan, you won’t be able to pass these rich cupcakes up. 
Donut Hole Blondies: blondies combining one of my favorite foods ever? Sign me up. 


Monster Cookie Cupsnow, confession time: I’m not typically a huge peanut butter fan. But these sweet and salty deep-dish style cookie cups were too irresistible and are only three simple ingredients!
Peppermint Seven-Layer Bars: the ultimate vessel for a peppermint-lover like myself–a chewy bar topped with seven layers of minty goodness.
Churro Bugle Mix: sweet, spicy, and insanely addictive, this mix comes together in minutes but will disappear just as quickly. You’ve been warned.
Deep Dish Biscoff Peanut Butter Chip Cookies: a mouthful, yes, but a tasty one. This combines the sweet, spicy flavor of Biscoff with the salty bite of the peanut butter chips. Perfection. 

It was SO hard to come up with favorites this year! I hate to sound like an arrogant little butthead, but I really outdid myself 🙂 what are some things you’d like me to make in the new year?! Of course, I’m not going to kiss my crazy recipes goodbye, but I’d also like to focus more on some basic, stick-to-your-ribs, classic-style desserts. If there’s anything you’d like me to make, leave me a comment telling me so!

Have a great weekend!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Great choices! I love all your recipes, but I have to say anything with cheesecake/white chocolate/butterscotch/lemon (not together…gross! 😉 ) sounds especially wonderful. Thanks for your awesome blog!

  2. Yes. I’ll take one of each, please and thank you.

  3. I love all your desserts, and you know what I love most about your year? That I met you!!!!

  4. Gotta say Hayley, I’ve recieved a lot of compliments on my baking these past months and it’s all because of you! And I still have tons of your recipes to try 🙂

    For the new year I would love to see you do variations on you Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fro Yo. The original is to die for and SO EASY, I am curious to see what other combos you can create. I also intend to try my hand at cheesecake soon so any easy, foolproof, scrumptious recipes for that would be great!

    • Megan–yes, I need to conquer cheesecake myself! I’m thinking of a foolproof recipe, so hopefully I can make it happen! Good idea about the froyo–I LOVE that stuff. Thanks so much for your sweet compliment and suggestions–happy new year!

  5. What about recipe comparisons…and then your own take spin on the recipe? I’d love to have your input on some of blogdom’s famous recipes plus CANNOT even imagine how creative you will get! Thank you for 2012!

  6. It all looks wonderful!! Happy New Year!!

  7. Ugh, I cannot believe 2013 starts tomorrow…Where did 2012 go?!??

    Fabulous list – I see those amazing peppermint bars made the list (I believe we are connected with our love of peppermint ;)) And the sugar-filled, calorie-packed recipes tend to be some of my favorites too!

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