Gingerbread Oreo Pops


Howdy, friends!!

I’m super excited to announce that I’m posting over at Love From The Oven today!

Christi is one of the sweetest bloggers you’ll ever meet–one with a heart of gold and true talent in the kitchen. She’s a superstar, and she’s one that inspired me to start my blog (and still inspires me to this day!)

Since Christmas is quickly approaching, I made some super easy Gingerbread Oreo Pops and have the recipe over on her blog. I made them because A) they’re easy; B) they’re adorable; and C) I know Christi has a thing for Oreos 🙂 so much, she’s having a fun little giveaway over there, too.

Pop on by and say hello!!

xo, Hayley


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  1. Holy cuteness! What a fun and creative idea!

  2. You always have such creative ideas, I really like your recipes

  3. seriously Hayley – these are the CUTEST cookies I have ever seen!!
    I would pay Major $$ for these at Starbucks – just sayin:)

  4. Haley! I saw these on Christi’s site and didn’t even realize they were yours! I am the worst, I am so sorry! I love these so much. I haven’t seen gingerbread oreos on the shelves yet!!! I can assure you… though… I would fall in love with them 🙂

  5. These are so cute!!

  6. Eek, so exciting that you’re posting on Christie’s site! And these gingerbread pops are soooo cute. Off to check out your post (ugh, I’m behind this week, I know!).

  7. Stop Making So Many Yummy things!! I love it All!!! You are a The Sugar Queen! on my way to your post Chickie!

  8. How cute are these! Love the little gingerbread men!

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