Eggnog Toffee Twix Popcorn


Eggnog is kind of a love it or leave it food.

Personally, I don’t know how to feel about it.

First, I get reallyomgexcited about it, and then I get home and have a sip and I’m like whyyyyyy does this creation exisssssst? So nogggyyyyy.

I mean, I like the flavor. But thinking about gulping it kind of gives me the heebie geebies.

So I figured I needed to implement the classic flavor of eggnog in a less-noggy, more-likey kind of way. Popcorn seemed like the perfect vessel for said idea.

Of course, you guys know me far too well and know I can’t leave popcorn as popcorn or eggnog as eggnog. Or even eggnog popcorn as eggnog popcorn.


I added Twix and toffee in the mix because that’s what logical anti-eggnog drinkers do when they desperately want that spicy, sweet, nog flavor without feeling like they’re chugging wet concrete. Amiriiiiite?

Enter Eggnog Toffee Twix Popcorn. It’s a doozy, people.

Even you ‘nog naysayers will like it. Pretty promise.

Eggnog Toffee Twix Popcorn

About 8 cups popped kettle corn, kernels removed
1 pkg Wilton Eggnog candy melts
About 8 miniature Twix bars, roughly chopped
About 1 cup toffee baking bits

1. Line a flat, clean work space with wax paper. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, melt the candy melts according to package directions until smooth.
2. Pour the popcorn and chopped Twix into the candy melts and gently stir to coat thoroughly. Spread the coated popcorn in an even layer onto the wax paper and sprinkle liberally with toffee bits.
3. Allow the popcorn to set, about 30 minutes, before breaking into pieces and storing airtight. Bag these up in cellophane bags and they’d make excellent gifts!

Eggnog is such a classic Christmas flavor, whether or not you like it traditionally as a drink. This popcorn will please both nog lovers and haters. The spicy, sweet, rum+nutmeg flavor of the eggnog candy melts coats the sweet + salty kettle corn perfectly, giving the noggy flavor a new texture. The addition of the chocolatey, crunchy Twix and buttery toffee bits are unexpected wildcard flavor pairings that aid the eggnog in another layer of sweetness but also another texture with the smooth crunch. This popcorn is, in a word, awesome!

Happy Wednesday!

xo, Hayley

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  1. I love cinnamon and I love nutmeg so I should like eggnogg, but like you, I really can’t stomach it. But that is in liquid form. I can totally stomach this!! I could stomache it too well, I think I’d eat it all. Especially with Twix in the mix!

  2. haha! I just bought some bags of those melts to make popcorn too:-) Love the candy that you chose to add to it. YUM!!!!

  3. So are the eggnog melts good? I was scared of them. 🙂 LOVE the popcorn, I’m an eggnog guzzler. 🙂

  4. OMG! Wilton came out with an egg nog candy melt? Now I have to schedule a trip to Hobby Lobby. I adore egg nog and wish they had it year round instead for for the few weeks I can find it in the dairy section. I over consume just to make of for the rest of the year. I’ll be trying this out as soon as I get my hands on those candy melts!

  5. Eggnog sort of freaks me out. I think it tastes like bubblegum milk. But your pictures look so good that I’m kind of forgetting….

  6. I was a weird child…I LOVED eggnog as a kid. Now, I can’t even handle the SMELL of eggnog. That being said, I approach this with caution…but you know, Twix makes everything better, so it has to be awesome.

  7. That sounds A.MAZ.ING!!! I had no idea there was such a thing as eggnog melts! And I loooove popcorn too!

    PS: you might try Milk Nog. All the flavor of eggnog with a consistency of milk. Its not nearly as rich. I’m sure you could also just go half and half in your glass

  8. Oh my goodness – I think I’ve died and gone to popcorn heaven! I could seriously snack on this all freaking day.

  9. Holy geez!! This is outrageous!!

  10. I have never tried egg nog. I don’t know why but I just can’t make myself buy it but I think I can get into these egg nog candy melts. Everything is better if it’s candy, right? Plus, I love popcorn and Twix so I’m goin for it!

  11. Well, I am an eggnog fanatic. I could drink it every which way during the holiday season, if my jeans would allow it. I’ve been super intrigued by the eggnog flavored melts–looks like I’m going to have to give ’em a try. This popcorn looks awesome–and I LOVE that you added Twix to it. Another one of my favorite things, by the way.

  12. This popcorn is just CALLING my name! Twix and eggnog are like my two greatest loves in life!!!

  13. bakerbynature says:

    Must make this!

  14. Girlfriend, you are one mad genius.

  15. Would you like to know how I feel about eggnog? I feel like BARF. That’s how I feel. My kids, however, love the stuff. I’ve never even tasted it. I mean IT’S MADE FROM RAW EGGS. No. Just no.

    Very creative popcorn you’ve got here, though. (Barf.) LOVE YOU.

  16. YUM! I’m the same way about eggnog – i love a sip or two, but that’s about it. The flavor i like much more than that rich, heavy creamtastic texture. You know what that means? I’d loooove this popcorn. =)

  17. How did I miss this?! I’ve been curious about the eggnog melts. This sounds like a wonderful first way to use them!


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