I don’t really need to tell you about how SOFREAKINGEXCITED I am that summer is over. Seriously, let me count the ways:

No more exposed feet.
No more sweating profusely.
Now socially acceptable to wear sweaters, boots and scarves.
Better food.
The holidays!!
And did I mention better food?

Summer makes me self-conscious. I can’t stuff my face with ooey, gooey comfort food when it’s sweltering outside. It’d be like eating naked. Just… not okay, folks.

But when it’s blustery out and you’re bundled up inside, your natural instinct it to warm up and eat. Summer denies my love of eating and therefore, I hate that blasted season. Any reason I can have to eat, I will. And if that food is rich and comforting, even better.

Therefore, holiday food is one of my favorites. Comforting, rich, soul-warming, and totally filling–it’s perfect. Turkey, cranberries, stuffing, PIE… it’s all good in the hood, babycakes. Pass me fourths.

And somehow, some brilliant soul in the world looked at their smorgasbord dinner table and thought this food table would be better if that turkey were stuffed with chicken that had been stuffed with duck. Because I’m a genius. And thus, turducken was born.

While I’ve never had it, the idea intrigues me. All the different savory flavors and textures sounds like a completely indulgent experience. So I thought that turducken needed to be sweetified. All that salt needed an over-the-top, ridiculously decadent sweet version. Introducing: Capookie. 

Capookie is a delightful combination of pie, cookie, and cake. With frosting and sprinkles, because hello, we’re indulging here. Don’t mind if I do.

Capookie. I love you.

Capookie *inspired by CakeSpy’s Cookie Cake Pie, in her book Sweet Treats in a Sugar-Filled Life

1 pkg refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough, room temperature
1/2 batch chocolate fudge cake batter (homemade, or from a mix)
1 pkg refrigerated pie crusts
1 can chocolate frosting

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Liberally grease a 9″ pie plate with cooking spray and set aside.
2. Gently roll out one sheet of pie dough and line the greased pie plate with it. Meanwhile, flatten the cookie dough into a single layer to fit the bottom of the pie crust. It should be about 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick; if you have to, rip off extra dough to make cupcakes (see Note below). You will probably have extra dough, fyi.
3. Next, take your cake batter and pour it on top of the cookie dough layer, filling about 2/3 full. You want to keep in mind the cake will rise–so don’t fill it to the top completely. You’ll likely have leftover batter, so use it to make cupcakes (again, see Note).
4. Place the pie monster on top of a rimmed baking sheet. Using a pie shield or foil, gently cover the edges of the pie to prevent them from baking too quickly.
5. Bake the capookie for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven, discard the foil, and return to the oven for another 15-25 minutes or until the  top is set and a toothpick inserted near the center comes out mostly clean. Start checking your capookie at the 30-minute mark for doneness, as different types of cake mix may alter the baking time.
6. Allow the capookie to cool completely before frosting generously with chocolate icing. Sprinkle with your rainbow jimmies. Serve in wedges and store leftovers airtight at room temperature, up to a day.
**Note: since you’re going to have extra batter, dough, and pie crusts, make some cupcakes! Liberally grease a couple muffin cavities, line ’em with circles of pie crust (cut it out with a cup), then gently press in cookie dough and a scoop of batter. Bake for about 15 minutes or until cake is set.**

Capookie is an outrageous extravagance, yes, but definitely something your tastebuds should experience in this lifetime. The combination of the buttery, flaky pie crust paired with the chocolate-studded, brown-sugary cookie dough mixed with the fluffy, moist layers of fudgy cake and icing make for a total taste overload. May I suggest serving this calorie bomb at Thanksgiving or a future holiday party? Everyone will love you and during this time, that equals more presents. You’re welcome.


xo, Hayley


  1. That’s just insane! But I want a slice 🙂

  2. Why would I need any other dessert???? This is truly the end all. Frosting: check, pie crust: check, cake: check, AND sprinkles!!!! I can’t get over that turducken name, that’s hilarious!!!!

  3. Wow!! I am speechless…

  4. OMG!! I need this in my life! like today! Lol! Best.invention.EVER!

  5. this is like something an evil genius would create in their lab… holy smokes… i like it! 🙂

  6. Wow, sounds great. How about topping it off with ice cream?

  7. Oh, holy deliciousness. This looks amazing! and I agree – topping it with a little ice cream + a drizzle of caramel would make it even more perfect. =)

  8. Love this combo, Hayley! The layers…cookie + pie + cake. And sprinkles – awesome!

    (sorry if you get duplicate comments – not sure if my other one went thru)

  9. Love how you call this dessert turducken! This is over the top amazing, Hayley!

  10. I agree that summer denies our rights to stuff our faces and not care – but I still miss it! haha. This looks so good…, beyond good!

  11. Holy wow, I always knew Jessie was a genius!!

  12. bakerbynature says:

    This looks sinfully good, lady!

  13. Yep, this would be what to serve after turducken! Crazy,over-the-top, but I can see it work!
    (I would make the pie crust and the frosting, though.)

  14. You are my hero.

  15. a dessert turducken hahahaahhaah. best line of the day!

  16. I need to make this ASAP O_O =D thanks for sharing!! ^^

  17. only 3 letters needed. O.M.G.!!!!

  18. Oh my!! Looks amazing!!!

  19. I love this Hayley! I got a sneak peak on FB earlier this week. I was anxiously awaiting it! Love the anatomy! Probably the prettiest anatomy I’ve ever seen. The sprinkles… out of all of that… has GOT to be my favorite!!!


  21. This has to be the coolest idea EVER. And I’ll take two slices, please.

  22. You combined three of my favorite desserts, you’re a girl after my own heart! And turducken is really not that great, sorry to say. Something about a duck shoved in a turkey makes me lose my appetite.

  23. Back for Seconds says:

    I want this calorie bomb NOW! It looks socrazygood!!

  24. This was SO unbelievably good. SOOOOOO good. I love you for giving me some. :):)

  25. bakeaholicmama says:

    There is just so much greatness going on I don’t know where to start! Love love it!

  26. Wow! YOu are so creative and talented! I can’t wait to make a CAPOOKIE!

  27. I just have to say this is Amazing! I saw it back in october but remembered the capookie when my son came home with this cool school project. each student has to bring in a round dessert of some sort for “Pi” day, its for math class, theyll be judging the creativity as well as taking the circumfrence of the dessert. The most creative dessert wins a prize and I was thinking most people will just do a regualr pie, so we are going to do the capookie! Its a shoo in for a win! Ill have to come back & let you know how it goes!!

  28. My goodness this looks good!!


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