Mummy Truffles

Dear Facebook People Trying To Add Me,

You claim we were in high school together? Well, I remember when I was there but I definitely don’t remember you. Which is kind of saying a lot since I remember faces really well and I definitely don’t remember yours. I wonder if people think my face isn’t memorable. BRB while I ponder that while crying into a cocktail.

Okay, I’m back, and I still don’t remember you. I mean, did we even have a class together? Did you even say a word to me–even “excuse me” maybe passing by in the hallway? Or “can I borrow a pencil?”? Because I sure as hell don’t remember you ever talking to me, either. Not that I remember every conversation I had in high school, though I’m going to sum them up right now:

Oh my god, I totally wish ___ would come talk to me. I’ve been stalking his MySpace page like crazy. Did you read Dracula yet? It totally resonated with me. Hold on, I need to write in my LiveJournal about my crappy day at school while listening to screamo music and browsing Hot Topic’s new arrivals. 

See? You and I never had this conversation. And I’m guessing I didn’t have a crush on you in high school because A) you didn’t exist to me; and B) I either avoid my past crushes like the plague or I’ve come to terms with the fact that, like screamo music and turquoise eyeshadow up to my eyebrows, some things come and go in phases including taste in gawky high school boys.

So why you’re trying to add me now is beyond me. Especially since you’re definitely not going to start talking to me now, 5 years after we’ve graduated, but rather, just sit on my friends list like a weird fly on the wall, looking at my pictures and never saying a word.

So, I’m sorry, but I can’t add you. As far as I’m concerned, you’re about as nonexistent as flying pigs and unicorns. But sadly, not as cool, because flying pigs sound pretty dang cool.

Yours truly,


Now, onto these Mummy Truffles. They have nothing to do with Facebook, but they’re awfully cute and that’s reason to bring them up enough. These are easy little truffles to whip up for the kids for Halloween and are super adorable, too!

Mummy Truffles

1 pkg Oreo cookies, finely crushed
4 oz (or 1/2 can) cream cheese frosting
1 pkg white chocolate almond bark
Candy eyeballs

1. In a large bowl, combine the finely crushed Oreo crumbs and the cream cheese icing until thoroughly combined.
2. Roll the mixture into 1″ balls and place on a foil-lined baking sheet. Freeze the truffle balls for approx. 30 minutes or until solid.
3. Prepare the almond bark according to package directions. Dip the truffles into the coating, covering it completely and allowing excess to drip off. Repeat with remaining truffles. Let the truffles set about 10 minutes.
4. Take the remaining white chocolate bark and place into a ziploc baggy. Seal the air out and snip off a corner. Drizzle the remaining chocolate onto the truffles. Quickly adorn the truffles with the candy eyeballs and let set.

These would be so fun to serve up at a Halloween party or send to school with your kidlets. They’re so stinkin’ easy!


xo, Hayley




  1. Reblogged this on FarmlifeHousewife and commented:
    These are so adorable I had to share them!!

  2. farmwife1 says:

    I had to reblog these!! They are adorable!

  3. Those are so so adorable.

    Also…I hate the random HS people stalking your FB. It’s ridiculous.

  4. June Ferguson says:

    Hi Hayley!
    I promise I’m not trying to “friend” you on FB! I can barely figure out how to navigate the site since I visit it so seldom and it seems to change every other day or so. Plus, I’m way old enough to be your mother, so you probably wouldn’t want me as a FB friend anyway, as cool as I think it would be! 😉
    My main concern today? Where the heck can I buy some of those candy eyeballs??
    Thanks for any help….
    June in KS

    • The Domestic Rebel says:

      Oh June, you hush. I like you and don’t think you’re creepy, so you’re all good 🙂 as far as the eyeballs go, you can find them in the cake decorating section at Walmart, the baking aisle at Target, or at Michael’s/Hobby Lobby.

  5. Oh my gosh, these are ADORABLE! These would be perfect for a Halloween party I’m going to later this month! You always have the most creative desserts 🙂

  6. Hahaha!
    These are awesome! I never can get enough of Oreo truffles. They are the bees knees! Love the eyes 🙂

  7. HA to unknown facebook adders – it happens to me all the time, too! And I loooove your mummy truffles (i almost wrote that as ‘muffy trummles, which doesn’t make sense). they are flippin adorable!

  8. Sounds like you needed to vent! Looks the truffles – great idea to decorate them for Halloween. Pinning! 🙂

  9. So cute!! I love making truffles, but never thought to make them into mummies before. Great idea 🙂

  10. Your creativity is amazing! These are so cute!

  11. Haha, if only that were my problem with HS. Unfortunately as small as my high school was/is you know EVERYBODY, whether you wanted to or not.

    Ooo – too cute on these truffles. Will have to definitely try this out – granted I also need to get a silly food processor to make life a little easier when crushing things and not having the neighbors stomp and bang back because I’m killing cookies with my rolling pin.

  12. What size package of Oreos did you use Hayley? 🙂

    • Hey Geri, just a regular-sized package! I crushed ’em all up and added the frosting–you can add more if the consistency isn’t right. You want it to come together but not be too mushy.

  13. Facebook is annoying. I hate when I get introduced to somebody and as soon as I get home, there is a Facebook friend invite from them. Its like I MET YOU ONCE, I could be an awful person for all you know. Anywho, these Mummy truffles are super cute! and their eyes totally make me laugh.

    • OMG I KNOW! That usually happens to me when I meet one of Jessie’s friends. What usually happens is I didn’t like them, either, so now I have this awkward friend request sitting there foreverrrrr.

  14. These are so cute. I think it’s those eyeballs that make them cute. I mean, c’mon how can you resist those big puppy eyes? The truffles sound so darn tasty too with the oreos (mmm), frosting and covered in white chocolate. I totally want those eyes and found somewhere online that stocks, yey!

    Oh and I’m right there with you on random high school requests. I’m sure you’d remember your HS friends not the random people a few years up/down that looked at you like once the entire time at school. It’s only been 5 yrs, you’d know. But for me, it’s been 16 yrs since I left. It’s like a brain fart trying to even remember the ones I did know!

  15. These are so stinkin’ cute! You are like a machine over there, cranking out all of this awesomeness! Yeah, I don’t get the FB thing–if I didn’t talk to you when we were in high school 20 years ago (OMG, how is that possible), why do you think we should be “friends” now? Tho ugh I have to admit, it’s funny to find out that the guys I had crushes on back then and wouldn’t give me the time of day are now fat and bald. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  16. Hahahaha! I know! I get asked and I’m like WTF are you???? Too funny. And these mummies are way too cute. Cuter than that weird FB dude. 🙂

  17. Adorable… I mean SO SCARY….. and excuse me, Oreos and cream cheese? Yes please!


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