Ding Dong Bat Pops


I’m not typically an out-and-about-type of girl.

I don’t go on crazy explorations or stay out late or visit the country often. I mean, only fairly recently did I see a real-life raccoon.

So when people find out I’ve never seen a coyote, owl, snake, or bat before, they get all gasp-y and say “where have you been!?” like those creatures regularly hang out together at night in the country.

First of all, I’m a suburbia girl. While we have tons of wildlife preserves nearby and coyotes do roam our streets at night sometimes, we by no means live in the “country.” Frankly, the country scares me.

As far as I’m concerned, murderers live in the country. They live in creaky log cabins with scary dungeons below their floorboards. They seek out lone homes at nighttime to stalk and lurk. That’s why I’d never live in the country. If something bad happened to me, I would have no neighbors to run screaming to.

Also, I don’t hang out at night. I barely can stay up until 10 to watch new episodes of TV shows, much less hang out later than that to catch a possible glimpse at wildlife or nightlife. I pretty much go into a zombie mode, complete with droopy eyes, slurring words, and possible drool.

…which makes me a really fun partier, Jessie would say.

So have I seen a real-life bat? No. But I know what they look like, and I know I wanted to make some out of Ding Dongs. Because that’s what lame, unexplore-y people like me do when they’re sitting inside, imagining what they think bats look like (they look like Ding Dongs, right??)

Okay, so let me preface this by saying I made these bats during a… hellish kinda weekend. My chocolate had congealed 3987238 times and the wings on these little guys don’t look as polished as I’d liked. However, I think they are still super cute regardless!

Ding Dong Bat Pops *inspired by THIS version at Hungry Happenings 

1 pkg Ding Dong snack cakes
1 pkg chocolate candy bark (like Candiquik)
Candy eyeballs
Yogurt chips (for fangs)
Popsicle sticks

1. Unwrap your snack cakes and separate. Gently press a popsicle stick into the bottom of the snack cake and freeze to harden.
2. Melt half of the chocolate bark. Pour into a piping bag attached with a small round tip (I used Wilton #7). Pipe bat wings onto a foil or parchment-lined baking sheet (if you’d like–and I recommend–draw a stencil to help you trace out the wing shape). Fill in lightly with the chocolate, and freeze to harden.
3. Now, melt the remaining chocolate and dip the pops into the chocolate to coat thoroughly. Gently set the coated pop in the center of the bat wingspan. Top with candy eyeballs and yogurt chip teeth. Allow the pops to set.
4. If desired, sprinkle remaining pops with festive Halloween sprinkles. Store these airtight, at room temperature. They’d be great goodie bag gifts!!

As I mentioned before, some of my wings were wonky-looking, but I think that’s what makes these little bats cute. And since some of my wingspans didn’t turn out, I did some plain sprinkled pops which are pretty cute, too.

I hope you enjoy!

xo, Hayley


  1. I don’t live in the country for those same reasons!!!! I like having nosy neighbors, at least they’ll know if my house is under attack! I’ve only seen bats at the zoo and the really do look like ding dongs!!! Except I wouldn’t eat a bat, but I’d eat these, well maybe not, these faces are so cute!!!

  2. You’re so funny….and watch and/or believe too many movies. I live in the country where wildlife roams on a regular basis and I have neighbors. I would LOVE to move to a log cabin (without the dungeon) in the middle of the woods because neighbors are nosy and super annoying. And bats totally look like ding dongs ;).

  3. I love the sprinkled ones just as much as the bats! They came out so cute!
    You’re lucky to have never seen a snake….they terrify me!!

  4. Hayley…these are adorable!!! You are hilarious and I’m glad that you live in safely in the city with your family 🙂

  5. the cutest ding dongs i’ve ever seen!!!!!!! I’ve never seen a real life bat and I’d like to keep it that way.

  6. Vampire bats! I love it.

  7. ohsweetbasil says:

    shhhhh, I secretly like ding dongs. I can tell no lies. They are yummy

  8. I think the country is filled with crazed serial killer also!!! Especially in the area of Cali that you live in! I mean come On!!! Folsum prision if nothing else? Have you seen Oakdale?!!! Some scary stuff sister and I was living there!!!! Yikes!!!! Time to head to San Fran and Santa Cruz for some fun!

  9. Oh P.S. these bats are super cute!!!!! And yippee I can leave comments on your blog now!! Whoo Hoo!

  10. These are so darn cute, Hayley. I love the yogurt chip fangs. I don’t think the wings look wonky at all, they’re individually unique. I’ve never heard of a Ding Dong but whatever they are, they look good. Even better laced in chocolate and sprinkles or cute bats.

    I’ve seen bats in real life. On vaca in Greece they would fly around the street lights devouring moths and other insects. And once at the vets, the vet rescued a baby bat. It was incredibly cute (real bats can be cute, heh!)

  11. you are too funny – you should come to my house – bats every night …and I don’t have any murderers living nearby – at least I don’t think so:)

  12. First of all, these are so freakin’ cute. Second? I also HATE the country. Except my in-laws live there, so I’m forced to visit it more than I’d like. I get the quiet and the solitude. But the dirt and bugs and mice and snakes and miles and miles away from the closest ULTA? Yeah…I’ll stay in the city, thankyouverymuch.

  13. Those are awesome Hayley! I love them. Wanna see a snake? Hang out in my backyard next summer…

  14. These are cute. But where I live the snack cakes you refer to are actually called ho ho’s. Ding dongs are a circle shape.

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