Eyeball Truffles–Halloween Week!

I’ve always been a big fan of eye makeup.

I’ve (unapologetically) spent lots of money on fancy designer eyeshadows in bright colors because I’m Urban Decay’s biggest freakin’ fan and can’t resist their shadow boxes. It’s this weird phenomenon where $50 just happens to fly out of my wallet and into ULTA’s cash register whenever they release a new palette.

And I used to have this psychotic infatuation with turquoise eye shadow in the 9th grade. Yeeeeeah. I’m sure there are some skin-crawling, humiliating pictures lurking in some dark, shameful corner of my computer hard drive with that turquoise shadow painted way up to my eyebrows.

Thank goodness no one takes 9th grade seriously.

Up until recently, the only “eyebrow work” I would participate in were rogue waxes and just regular maintenance. I didn’t blink a heavily mascara’d eye to even use eyebrow makeup because I already have generously thick brows as it is.

But then one day I was feeling particularly adventurous and decided I’d fix up my eyebrows with some pencil. I used my regular brown eyeliner because why the hell not and got all feather-stroke-y all up in my brows. They looked darker and more severe, but I kind of liked it, so I played along.

However, the problem with randomly trying out new beauty tricks is that I’m unsure of how they’ll react later in the day… or how, you know, I would completely forget I was wearing eyeliner on my eyebrows and how I just decided to swipe my eyebrow in a violent fashion, resulting in this weird, slightly askew fake-eyebrow/brown smudge arcing across my forehead, leaping skyward as if to say to the beauty gods, I have no idea what I’m doing, hence this poo-colored smear above my left eyebrow. Help me.

Especially when said incident occurred in public. After a session with my counselor, for which my face was already kinda splotchy because I got a little emotional, so now I looked like a crying buffoon with a weird poo-smear on my face, like some creature of the night lurking rabidly in daylight, desperate for perfectly penciled in brows.

It was great.

Anyway. Eyeballs. They’re kinda gross, aren’t they? So when Dorothy and I teamed up for an eyeball day, I knew I had to keep with the gross theme. You know, for people who are into that kinda thing. Just call me flexible. 

These truffles are totes grody. They’re white-chocolate-covered cherry cordial candies with Airhead irises and mini brown M&M pupils. And when you bite into them, you get a nice creepy surprise. A la scary eyebrow style, but grosser

Eyeball Truffles *inspired by Kristan’s recipe

1 pkg chocolate covered cherry cordials
1/2 pkg white chocolate almond bark (such as Candiquik)
2 pkg Airheads in blue raspberry or Tutti Fruitti (blue and teal)
Mini brown M&M’s
Red food coloring

1. Line a cookie sheet with foil; set aside. In a large bowl, prepare the candy bark according to package directions until smooth and melted.
2. Dip each cordial one at a time until completely submerged. Remove carefully with a fork, allowing excess to drip off. Return to the foil lined baking sheet and repeat. Freeze the truffles to set the chocolate, about 10 minutes.
3. While the truffles are setting, get your irises ready. Using a small, sharp paring knife, carefully(!!) cut small circles out of the Airheads and round the edges with your fingertips, if needed. Set aside.
4. Gently press an Airhead “iris” on the dome of the eyeball truffle. Using a dab of candy melt, attach the brown mini M&M “pupil” on top of the iris, letting it set.
5. Soak the tip of a toothpick in some red liquid food coloring and draw veins on the sides of the eyeballs. Let set, about 15 minutes, then serve! These would be so creepy to give out as goody bag treats for parties or Halloween!!

Not only are these easy to make, they make for a super spooky presentation! If your kiddos are into gross Halloween stuff, this is definitely for you!


  1. Wow….really cool! I’m not sure I could bite into one of those! My boys would love them!! I have a heebie jeebie eye thing….I guess that makes them perfect for Halloween!

  2. Yeah, not a big fan of eyeballs. I do think they are gross. Scenes in movies where eyeballs pop out stay with me forever. I like the these little spooky treats, I can remind myself they are edible! Creepy, but edible!

  3. June Ferguson says:

    Ewwwwww gross!! Absolutely PERFECT for Halloween! I would love to make a big batch of these and eat them all.by.myself. I always associated chocolate covered cherries with Christmas….silly me. No Mo’! I will never eat another one without visions of a bloodshot eyeball floating into my head!! I LOVE it! Thanks for being so creative in the kitchen and sharing all your creations with the rest of us!
    June in KS

  4. Oh I have to make these for my son & his tween friends! It’s just gross enough to really impress them! Thanks for another awesome & easy non-recipe recipe!! I’m off to the store 🙂

  5. Is it wrong I think they are kinda cute?

  6. I love that you used the cherry cordials! SO gross and good at the same time. You need to teach me about eyeshadow. I know nothing. 🙂

  7. I have really enjoyed your Halloween week and have pinned most of your posts so Top Girl and I can make them all this weekend. While Rocket is not yet old enough to enjoy this eyeball candy, my girlfriend’s son is 8 years old and this will be perfect for him. Thanks!

  8. Bahahaha, these are totes grody, but in the best possible way. And I love your story about the eyebrown penciling gone awry. HA!

  9. bakerbynature says:

    My younger brothers would go nuts for something as gross and edible and delicious as these! You’re so creative!!

  10. HA! I totally love these. Doodle and his little friends would probably think they are especially cool (why do boys like “gross” stuff???).

  11. Ewww gross! Gooey eyeballs!
    Ok, i love them 🙂
    I also have an eye make up obsession. Guess we can add Ulta to our shopping list!

  12. What a fun and creepy treat! My boys would love this…ok, I love this!!! Cherry and white chocolate happens to be a favorite of mine! I love playing with colors on my eyes too. I’m usually too chicken to do anything super crazy and fun though…you will need to teach me some tricks!!!

  13. I think every women has had a makeup mishap once or twice. Hell, it happens to me all the time. These truffles are so disgusting, I have to make them!

  14. okay – these are G R O S S! but I mean that in the nicest way possible:) totally Halloween

  15. I think you should make this into a TWO week halloween “week” 🙂 Love it

  16. I can’t walk into ULTA or Sephora very often because I go nuts. NARS and Urban Decay always call out to be and suddenly I’m out $100. These truffles are freaky but I bet they taste fab!


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