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It’s funny how tastes change and people grow up loving or hating something, only to get older and feel differently.

Take, for instance, my apparent affinity for canned green beans my parents claimed I had as a child. According to them, I would eat the beans straight from the can, room temperature.

What. The. Hell. I think that’s child abuse, because canned green beans give me the heeby jeebies now.

Or. OMG–my love for fish and chips. I had it allll the time. But the time I spotted a spine in my fish? That ended my fish & chip love reeeeal fast.

And, get this: my whole life, I’ve never really had a sweet tooth. If anything, a sprinkle tooth, since I was known to beg my mom to puhlease buy me a bottle of nonpareils that I would literally suck down plain. Anyway, I liked my peanut butter paired with my apple mint green jelly and that was pretty much it.

A child who couldn’t care less about peanut butter? (A child who ate canned green beans room temperature?) Why was CPS not called? Or the FBI with an alien spotting?

Halloween meant aiming straight for the gummies, red licorice and DOTS. If anything, some peanut M&M’s. Anything else I shrugged off, including Butterfingers. I was obviously deranged and that explains my fragile psychosis, methinks.

However, now, Butterfingers are my choc+pb candy of choice. The crispy wafer-y crunch, the smooth but not too overpowering layer of chocolate.. it’s totally perfect. I can’t resist ’em. So when the interwebs started popping up with billions of posts on how to make my own Homemade Butterfingers, I did a happy dance.

This recipe is literally everywhere, so the idea isn’t new no mo’. But I was still totally shocked that candy corn + peanut butter tastes exactly like a Butterfinger flavor-wise.

Try it! It’ll change yo life.

Homemade Butterfingers

About 3 cups candy corn
1 cup smooth peanut butter
1 pkg Candiquik or milk chocolate bark

1. First, line an 8×8 pan with foil, extending the edges over the sides of the pan. Spray lightly with cooking spray.
2. In a microwave safe bowl*, melt the candy corn for one minute. Stir, then continue melting for an additional 15-30 seconds. Add the peanut butter and stir until completely smooth and melted.
3. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan in an even layer. Chill for an hour until hardened.
4. Once set, bring the mixture to room temperature so it slightly softens (so it’s easier to cut). Cut into bars–I made mini squares for easier dunking.
5. Prep the chocolate according to package directions until smooth. Dip the pb layer in chocolate to coat, allowing excess to drip off. Allow the bars to harden and set. Eat + enjoy!
**Note: So, microwaving candy corn = redonkulous sticky mess. PUHLEASE do me a favor and use a bowl that you don’t mind scrubbing the heck out of. Just saying!!**

When it comes to flavor, these taste almost identical to Butterfingers. However, texture-wise they’re a bit softer–not as crunchy, but still passable–then a Butterfinger. It’s definitely cool to be able to whip up your own candy bars!!

Happy Saturday!!

xo, Hayley


  1. I can’t believe this! I never would have even thought of candy corn…which is weird because I LOVE both candy corn & butterfingers…Totally trying this out! Thanks 🙂

  2. No.freaking.way. I have to try this out asap; Butterfingers (along with Baby Ruth) are my favorite candy bars ever. This is insanely dangerous information for me to have. They look perfect, Hayley! Although I can only imagine the mess left in that bowl when you were done…totally worth it, though.

  3. How does the texture compare to a regular butterfinger? That’s my favorite candy bar and I’m very tempted to try these, but I will be very judgmental about how they compare 🙂

  4. Here’s a good tip, use one of those big disposable butter dishes or similar to it and just throw away, after of course, licking it out first! Your butterfingers look sooo delish! Thanks for the post.

  5. Try storing them in the fridge. That makes ’em a bit closer on the texture!

  6. The softness-firmness issue comes down to how hot the candy corn gets in the micro. The hotter it gets, the harder the resulting bars will be. In candy making this is the difference between soft ball stage, hard ball, soft crack, hard crack, etc that’s on a candy thermometer but you’re doing it by ‘feel’ in the microwave. And the hotter it gets, the harder the resulting candy becomes. I’ve made this recipe and have tested out timing it and even 10 secs can change the resulting bars.

    I also use a small container and line with foil

  7. I made this last year and was completely blown away by how similar it is to Butterfingers. I would have to agree with Averie. I microwaved mine and they were crunchy not soft. I made some fun candies with it and then threw the rest into cupcakes…best idea ever!!!

  8. Ummm….candy corn? Are you sure? (Not that I would doubt your sweet baking genius) I hate candy corn and just can’t imagine that nasty candy turning into my delicious most favoritest candy in the world.

  9. I *gasp* still would eat canned green beans. Happily. 🙂 And I need to try these STAT!

  10. I like this candy corn butter fingers. It will give me something to make with the kids. I have one grandson who loves butter fingers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. OMG, I LOVE this! It’ll change my life? Word.

  12. My boyfriend still loves canned green beans and he’s 26..haha. I find them disgusting, won’t even have them in the house. Homemade butterfingers though sound dangerously delicious!

  13. I love Butterfinger. I’ll be trying them myself for sure! And, unfortunately, I too loved green beans out of the can, room temp and all. I did not outgrow this, however. I just try to hide my love for things from a can (like spinach – eww. I know).

  14. Nancy Brewer says:

    Has anyone tried this with crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth?

  15. Nancy Brewer says:

    Crunchy is fine. However, it did make it a little crumbly because I used super chunky and the peanut bits are huge! If you used a regular crunchy peanut butter with more uniform crunchy bits it would be really good. As for what it tastes/feels like, I would say a chewier version of Butterfingers, but the same taste. Next time I might try a little less of the candy corn so it wouldn’t be quite as sweet. All in all, we liked it.

  16. I made these the other night the hard way and ended up with crumbles. Tasted good, but no candy bar :(. Anywho, dug out the food processor and now I have something tasty to put on ice cream, in fudge, brownies, cookies…ect.

    Trying the candy corn method today. Sounds like the end result will be the bars I love so much, and certainly considerably easier. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love butterfingers. But, is there any other candy or any other way to make them. Cuz candy corn is unheard of where I live….well, really neither are butterfingers. Any suggestions?

  18. Charles Laanan says:

    I was wondering if crushed up toffee would add to the crunch and how it would affect the taste.

    • Hi Charles! Crushed up toffee would lend a buttery, more nutty flavor to the butterfinger bars, as toffee normally tastes. However, I was told by several other bloggers that if you store the bars in the fridge, it retains a crispiness similar to the actual butterfinger bar.

  19. I made these a couple times now the first time they were great and the taste was very spot on. But I missed the crunch of a real butter finger so the second time I added some crushed peanut logs and there it was it added the crunch I was looking for.. Girl you rock!!!

  20. Do these need to be refrigerated or can I ship a batch to my Mom who LOVES butterfingers!

  21. hi i was wondering if it is ok to add this recipe to my site along with your link of course..i would also like to share it to my facebook page if it ok..love butterfingers..cant wait to try this

  22. Made these for the second time yesterday and I still can’t get over how they taste just like butterfingers! I like keeping mine in the freezer. That way they break easily which makes it less work to eat. It’s a satisfying crunch!

    Thank you so much for this recipe!

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Katie, I’m so glad you loved them! They’re a great Halloween copycat!

      • If you add crushed up graham crackers it gives it the crunch and they taste just like the real butterfinger. My Mom makes them every Christmas and everyone loves them.


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