Toffee Apple Cake & The (Ultra Busy) Friday Roundup!

Howdy doody, friends!

Before I begin my usual shenanigans, I’d like to direct your attention to that redonkulously sexy looking cake up there ^. You can find the recipe over at Back For Seconds, where I’m guest posting for today.

If you’ve never been to Back For Seconds blog, you need to check her out. She’s got insaaaanely yummy stuff like Single Serving Skinny Apple Pie and Samoas Bars. I meeeean, she should be your new best friend, if we’re being honest.

Whatcha waiting for? Pop on over for the recipe for this Toffee Apple Cake and say hello to her for me while she’s hanging out with Mickey and Minnie 🙂

This week, I baked my brains out.

I actually ate brains. Of zombies. Zombie Truffles.

I made some creepy cool donuts and hosted another fun donut giveaway. Enter by 5pm tonight!

I stuffed some fall goodness into some unsuspecting cookies.

I made slime cute.

I showed everyone the softer side of peanut butter cookies.

And I topped cookies with cookie dough. Need I say more?

BlogLand was baking, but maybe not with brains. Still, check out this yumminess: 

Sweet & Salty Potato Chip Toffee Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction
Funfetti Cake Batter Pies from Crazy For Crust
Fluffernutter Oatmeal Cookies from Something Swanky
Salted Caramel Chocolates from Heather’s French Press
Biscoff Buckeyes from Bake Your Day
Toffee Apple Pie Cookies from Inside BruCrew Life

1. Last weekend was busy, busy. Not at all the “relaxing” weekend I had planned. I spent 6 hours straight (!!) baking my little heart out. And then I promptly collapsed, excited to relax.. until I realized I needed to photograph and blog everything.
2. No, I’ve not gotten around to reading my novel, why do you ask??
3. However, I did manage to squeeze some time in to make this creepytastic Halloween wreath!

If you guys didn’t know, I’m kinda sorta obsessed with making wreaths. This was my first Halloween one and it was SO fun to make! I got all my picks and embellishments at Michael’s and was able to use a 50% off a single item coupon and 20% off my entire purchase coupon, too. Score! So this puppy was made roughly under $25 thanks to those coupons.

2. My sister, Chloe, makes bows (if you didn’t already know) and has been sewing up some seriously adorable Halloween bows. They’re all available for sale at her store, Bows To Go, and all under $5. Here’s a sneak peek at one of my faves.

3. Do you know Dorothy? She’s one of my real-life and bloggy best friends and today is her birthday! Eeeeek!! Be sure to pop on over and wish her a happy birthday!!

4. It’s finally starting to cool down here and I’m SO EXCITED. While blogland has been filled with Instagrammed pictures of boots and scarves, I am trying to contain my outrageous jealousy. And now I can almost feel the boots on my feet. Just a couple more weeks and I’ll be sitting pretty in chunky sweaters, fashionable scarves and motorcycle boots. Yay me.

5. I need to take a poll (hey, Jenney, if you’re reading this, scroll on down!). I’ve been invited to a one year old boy named Cooper’s birthday party next weekend. Haaaaaalllp. What do you get a one year old?! When I asked my parents, they told me “a box” and that “kids love boxes.” I shot them a dirty look and imagined myself giving him a box. Then I imagined myself being unfriended by Jenney. So, help me??

6. A few days ago I stopped by Bath & Body Works (irresistible during this time of year) and picked up some sampler fall candles. OH. MY. GAWD, I am stupidly OB.SESSEDDDD with their new flavor, Mahogany Teakwood. It smells woodsy and sexy, like the sexiest lumberjack you’ve ever seen. Or something. Anyway, I need a lifetime supply puhlease and thank you.

Well, I think that does it for this week. Besides baking (per usual), I have no other plans this weekend, so what are your weekend plans?

Catch ya later!

xo, Hayley


  1. I am obsessed with wreaths as well! Actually I’m obsessed with pinning them, I don’t actually make anything!!! Love your halloween wreath, I’ll order one! Love the toffee apple cake too! I’ll order one of those too! Bet it’s sweet, and sticky and soft and delicious!!

  2. I love that bow! The parker sisters are so crafty and creative! Adorable. Thank you for linking up to my cookies hayley!! 🙂

  3. OMG Jordan needs that bow. 🙂 And thank you for the birthday wishes. AND the link love. And the sexy cake recipe. And for being my BFF… 🙂 As for the 1st birthday… really whatever works. Ask his mom if she needs clothes, sometimes the “baby shower” stash runs out around the first birthday. Or, he probably has NO toys yet, or very few. Board books, blocks, a popper vacuum if you want to really annoy his parents, a ride on toy, or one of those rainbow ring stacking things are all great!

  4. Fantastic round up. That apple cake looks the shizz! Your sis makes some awesome bows. That wreath is amazing, is there anything you can’t do? Even when you’re busy.

    I second board books. Perhaps you could find a musical board book? My daughters received those for their 1st bdays and loved them more than the other toys. If he’s not walking yet, then one of those walking toys would be cool too.

  5. ohsweetbasil says:

    Great Post and lovely ideas!

  6. You amaze me at all the things you accomplish in a week. I love your round ups on Fridays…helps me see what I might have missed. (like how did I not see those awesome slime cupcakes???) Clothes and chubby cars are perfect for one year old boys. Thank you for sharing my cookies in your link love:-)

  7. Oooh, that cake looks goooooood. Off to check out the recipe! And you just reminded me that i need to invest in some nommy-smelling candles – putting that on my to-do list for the weekend!

  8. Those slime cupcakes are AWESOME!! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  9. Made the Caramel Apple Milky Way cookies this week with the VERY LAST BAG my local store had, and now I cant find them anywhere!! Didn’t send these to school this time tho, they were gone before they were cooled. Loved them! I usually need to triple recipes with 4 of my 6 children being teens. Oh and as far as boxes…did you know they have awesome brick blocks that are made out of cardboard…..they are large so perfect for a one year old… fact my children always had them and they stack high and make forts and car garages and all kinds of fun stuff….so you could call your parents and tell them they are BRILLIAnt!! 😀 Thanks for a great week of super food!!

    • Hey Lara, that’s exactly what my parents said! As kids, I guess we preferred the boxes over the presents, especially the big boxes 🙂 and I’m so glad you loved the cookies! As far as the candies go, I’ve seem ’em at Target and Walmart… maybe try there for batch #2? Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!

  10. Your family is so crafty! I LOVE that wreath! And your sister’s bows….omg, if I had a little girl, I’d totally have to have those. EEK, so cute! As for the b-day gift, we really like to give books. Kiddos can’t have too many, and speaking as a parent, it’s nice to get some nice QUIET toys. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  11. Those chocolate chip cookie bars have been haunting me all week. I’m. In. Love. I’m in love and I want the whole world to know it…..,

  12. Aah – thanks for the shout out:) That cake looks unreal – I am SO into apple right now, and I totally wish my daughter would wear a bow {she’s too cool all of a sudden} happy baking

  13. Scrumptious looking cake! Not to mention the rest of the recipes on the Back For Seconds blog. Adding one more to my list of blogs to drool over.

    Awesome Halloween wreath! That glitter skull is the best! Man, isn’t it great when Michaels has good coupons? That place is like crack for me. I signed up for their rewards card and made it to gold status pretty much immediately. Oops.

  14. Toffee and apple is one of the best combinations! I love your wreath too! So creative!

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