The Friday Roundup

Hey guys!!

I can’t even believe it’s Friday already. It is just me, or does time seem to fly by when you’re older and crawl desperately slow when you’re young? At this rate I’ll be 90 before I finish this post and it’ll STILL be Friday morning for your youngest child.

This week, I was a busy girl! My usual Sunday baking excursion went from a handful of recipes to over ten being cranked out in one afternoon. Needless to say, I had a lot going on. And I still managed to save the day and look pretty. Here’s what happened:

I funfettified sugar cookies.

I shoved Oreos into muffins (and am giving Oreos away!! Enter now; the giveaway ends tonight!!)

I paired together Biscoff  + marshmallow + pumpkin and it was AWESOME.

I faced my fears for love and made you carrot cake.

Aaaand I tipped the chips to cookie dough scale ratio a bit.

Overall, I’d say I had a pretty successful week.

These peeps were also cooking hard this week:

Homemade Whatchamacallits from Cups by Kim
Turtle Shortbread Bars from Pint Sized Baker
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache from Averie Cooks
Cake Ball Chocolate Chip Cookies from Crazy For Crust
Bubblegum Floats from That’s What We Said

Some Things.

1. Jessica got me HOOKED on Thought Catalog. I mean, I’m becoming OCD over it. Are these people in my head? Or are we like, long-lost, outrageously anal best friends? Either way, I love it.
2. BTW, have you seen those new Bic For Her pens? I. DIE over these reviews. Laughing for daaaayyyys.
3. Lately I’ve been plagued with migraines. Migraines are awesome in that they allow me to be utterly lazy since even standing up causes me to crash into a wave of nausea. However, they happen to suck for the same reason.
4. Speaking of which, a couple days ago I stayed home from work because of aforementioned migraines. I parked my booty on the couch thrilled for the ABC Family Pretty Little Liars marathon when I realized ABC Family NEVER AIRED EPISODES ONE AND TWO. I meeeeean, WHAT THE FRICK, ABC FAMILY? Here I am, obviously on my death couch and all I want to do is watch my fave suspenseful TV show before my ten pound head rolls off my toothpick neck and I CAN’T. DO. THAT because you didn’t air the first couple episodes. Now in addition to dying I have to actually piece together the mystery?! Ugh, making me work for my suspense. How dare you.
5. So basically, I haven’t watched a single episode of season 3 and it’s killing me. What the frickity frick, people. This is so unfair.
5a. Update: So I totally watched the first two episodes online and then started my marathon. Ohmaigawd. Who the hell is A? And wtf, Mona is SO weird.
6. Oh! So tomorrow, I have a super fun guest-post for you guys. I know you’ll love it and I’m so excited for you to meet my guest blogger!!
7. I bought this dress last week because apparently, in my mind, I’m being invited to some ritzy art-deco party sometime soon. And also don’t have a weird muffin top. 😐
8. Based on #7, if you could see my closet, it would be 90% costumes, 10% actual clothes. Sigh.

This weekend I fully intend on relaxing! Baking, of course, but mostly relaxing. I’m sick of migraines and want to hang out and not worry about dog hair, dirty dishes or running errands. Sound good? Yes. What are your weekend plans??

Whatever you do, hope you have a good one! Can you believe we’re already in September? I’m going to start singing Jingle Bells now. Yippee!

xo, Hayley


  1. thanks for the linky love and the thought catalog – I see so many ppl linking to it but I purposely havent started reading it b/c I bet I’d be hooked, asap!

    Enjoy your CHILL weekend – you deserve it!

  2. You are seriously going to DIE when you watch this seasons final episode and they reveal who “A” is….I cried, I jumped, I screamed and threw the remote at my TV (that last one was in my head though since I can’t afford a new TV).

    • OH NO!! Now I’m scared. I know you won’t tell me BUT at this moment (I finished ‘Kahn Game’ last night so now you know whereabouts I am), I feel like A could be Ezra, Paige OR that weird new boutique owner girl. I don’t know though; there’s so many suspects!

      • Well, there is definitely an Ezra surprise and a Paige surprise….but no, they were not revealed as A (yet, since this epi completely threw me for a loop I now trust nobody)….although, I have a feeling that A could be more people than we know about right now, and the newest addition is the biggest shocker.

      • Ok…I just realized that I may have revealed more than you wanted and am trying to figure out how to delete it but can’t….if I did then I’m SO SORRY!!! I’m still not writing off Ezra or Paige as A in upcoming seasons though….

  3. The Bic pen reviews are epic! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend. oh, + it looks like the dress link no longer works. SOB!

  4. Enjoy your weekend and you better not get another migraine! I am so behind with blog stuff, so I should probably try to catch up….we’ll see.

  5. I literally had tears running down my face when reading the BIC pen reviews! Too funny! We’re headed to my old college town for a football game this weekend–hoping for nice weather and a win. After that, I’m doing some fall baking!

  6. OMG that Bic pen thing. I’m going to keep that site up on my screen and just read it to laugh occasionally. Sorry about the migraines, I hope they are better today. 🙁 And thanks for the shout out too!!! (Also, 10 recipes? You. Are. My. Hero.)

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