Doughnut-Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls

So lately, there’s been all this hype over this “RFR5K” thing.

If you don’t know what that is (like me, who Googled it specifically for this post), it stands for ‘Red Face Runners’ and it’s, obviously, a 5K run.

Aka, the antithesis of my being.

I am not a runner. Never have been*, never will be.
*Okay, so this ONE time, I decided I was going to be a runner. Everything was going swimmingly with the whole planning production of becoming said runner. I thought about running all the time, I became inspired by runners, I briefly looked into treadmill purchases, and I spent $15 hard-earned dollars on a pair of Payless running shoes. And then I actually ran–or more like hobbled down the street clutching my chest in pain (“is it supposed to BURN LIKE THIS?!”) before realizing that I am not actually a runner, never will be a runner, and much prefer to never pretend to be a runner than pretend to be a runner again. Get it? Good.

Also lately: I’m having trouble with my pants wanting to, ya know, be worn.

I want to blame Mother Nature for causing me to wake up sweating from the FREAKINGAWFUL 100+ degree days we’ve been having, and curse sweat for making my legs too sticky to pull my pants off, but if we’re being honest, there are some cookie lovinz hanging out on my thighs that *could* stand to be put to work instead of being freeloaders.

So I’ve decided to work out. It’s not my choice; but rather, it’s a measure I’m taking to give those frosting-huggin’, freeloader thighs of mine a run for their money. Or, er, a jog.

I’m certainly not built to train like my pals who are actually running this RFR5K race, but rather, I’m doing it to lose the muffin top. You can only blame Mother Nature for so much, ya know? Hurricanes, droughts, tsunamis… but definitely not muffin tops (damn).

At this rate, I’ll have a slammin’ bikini body to cover with thick-knit sweaters and boots by October.

Also, I’m doing it so I can eat even more of yummy things like these Doughnut-Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls. They pretty much top the cinnamon roll hierarchy because they’re unrelentingly sweet, dangerously delicious and freakin’ stunning. They’re like Duchess Kate, if she were a marvelous little cinnamon roll. It’s normal to want to be BFF’s with this cinnamon roll, it’s that good, people.

Here’s the chow down: a perfectly good cinnamon roll gets upgraded with a crumb donut hole rolled into the middle, then is topped with a really good brown sugar streusel, is baked until golden, and is drizzled with icing. The result is kryptonite to your workout, but the BFF to your life. And honestly, you wouldn’t turn your back on your BFF, now would you?

Doughnut-Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls

1 tube refrigerated cinnamon rolls, icing reserved
1 pkg crumb donut holes*
4 Tbsp butter, room temperature
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 Tbsp flour
About 1/3 cup oats

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Liberally grease a 9″ round cake pan with cooking spray.
2. In a medium bowl, mash together the butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, flour and oats with a fork until a soft streusel-y paste forms. Mixture will be more wet than crumbly; that’s normal. Set aside.
3. On a clean, flat work space, gently unravel each cinnamon roll. Place a donut hole in the center and reroll the cinnamon roll. Place each cinnamon roll in the prepared pan, spacing them evenly. Top with a heaping Tablespoon or two of streusel topping.
4. Bake for approx. 10-12 minutes or until lightly golden. Drizzle hot rolls with reserved icing and serve warm or at room temperature. Store leftover rolls covered, at room temperature, up to 1 day.

One word sums these up: Amazeballs. Seriously, y’all, you need to make yourself a batch of these and then give yourself a giant bear hug for being an awesome BFF to yourself and your tummy.

Thanks, and have a wonderful Monday!!

xo, Hayley


  1. It’s impossible not to drool all over when looking at your food!! My thighs add circumference just looking at the picture! I hear you about running, blah. I WANT to run, I just can’t. I’ve tried it in the past. Now I’m too timid to try again. I fear someone will laugh at me huffing and puffing for sure. Good thing about having a small dog is they prefer walks!!! Which I will need after checking out your cinnamon roll!

  2. I am also not a runner. My rule of thumb is that I will only run if something large, terrifying and hungry is chasing me. That said, I too tried running (for a microsecond) to lose my muffin top (or as I like to call it, my ‘Grinch Belly’) which my kids so very lovingly gave me as thanks for housing their persons for 9 months each.

    Unfortunately, ‘running + me = jiggly bits in motion’ so my foray into running was short lived. I will say that i do walk quite a bit and that pace suits me and all my bits better.

    Good on ya for getting out there so you can have a rocking’ muffin top-free body in time for …. Thanksgiving. ;). You are doing better than I. :).

    A wonderfully sinful recipe. Thanks!

    • Laurie, I agree! I much prefer walking. My dog and I love walking every day, and usually try to do it 2-3 times a day, depending on weather and such. It’s much nicer and still awesome exercise!

  3. I wish I wanted to be a runner. I know it’s great for the figure. But first of all, I hate running. Second, I’ve heard it destroys your knees. I just can’t get into it. But I can get into these cinnamon rolls. Deliciousness!

  4. Wow. These are pretty much genius!

  5. can’t go wrong with cinn rolls and donuts – all in ONE! Fun idea 🙂

  6. If it ever cools off we can do a slight jog on our walk. 🙂 Seriously, 108 again today? I might die. So you better bring me a cinnamon roll.

  7. congrats on beginning to run/work out Hayley! Umm that’s the main reason I do it.. so I can enjoy donuts and oatmeal raisin cookies and peanut butter pies. DUH!!!!!!!!! What a fun idea – two of my favorite little breakfast treats in ONE! Kinda like your donut hole blondies (even though blondies are exactly breakfast. But umm.. I def had a funfetti blondie for breakfast on Saturday… 😉

  8. foodiestuntman says:

    Isn’t it ironic that your perfect bikini bod will be ready in October…when it starts getting cooler outside and you’ll want to cover up in jeans and a sweater?

    Think of it this way, you’re slimming down so you won’t feel guilty about all those Holiday calories. Meanwhile, these cinnamon rolls look delicious!

  9. Holy moly…this is genius!

  10. My goodness….two yummy things into one….with that said I am pretty sure you know I am not a runner,lol. I used to run many moons ago & tried to get back into it, but no success.I rather walk for miles then run for few minutes 🙂

  11. I don’t run. EVER. It hurts my knees and makes me sweaty and my chest burn. Why would I put myself through that torture? Gah. Walking, fine. Pilates or Zumba, fine. Running? Big.fat.NO. But I would eat one of these donut stuffed cinnamon rolls. Okay, two. And think about my swimsuit next summer.

  12. Breakfast inside of breakfast, love it

  13. Holy crap, these look and sound amazing. Now, why couldn’t I think up something like this? Gah! *hits head on desk*

    As for running, I don’t blame you. Can you imagine me running? Arthritis n’ all. That’d be a picture! I much prefer to sit down and stuff my face with desserts. I’m hoping my good metabolism lasts forever! LOL

  14. holy crap! my two favorite breakfast food rolled into one gorgeous package! It better cool off soon so I can run again, or I’m in BIG trouble – as in too big for my clothes and no extra $$ for new wardrobe trouble

  15. This is so delicious! Donuts and cinnamon rolls! You could market this to quite a few well known companies. A great combination of sweets!

  16. My pants feel for you, haha. Luckily, I just had my wisdom teeth out and after 6 days of a mostly liquid diet, they’re back to fitting around my hips. 🙂 Although, thanks to you, that won’t last long!

  17. I keep trying to be a runner but I pretty much hate it. Also, it’s way hard to find the time to run. So there’s my excuse to be fat. I love this cinnamon roll kick you’re on, this one is super fun too! I enjoy the way you hide yummy food inside other yummy food 🙂

  18. Your cinnamon roll is amazing! Donut inside, genius!!!

    I’m with you on the running. I always hated it too! Like with a passion. I tried a few times and it was death on a stick! But last year, New Years came around and I thought I’d give it one last try, do our city’s iconic race, and mark it off my bucket list, permanently retiring my sneakers. But I found a plan that worked for me and now I love it – I know I can hardly recognise myself =p If you’re up for trying again (and no pressure at all), I can totally recommend the couch to 5k program (they’ve got a bunch of great phone apps to make it even easier). And btw turns out recent research has refuted the whole “bad for your knees” thing. It actually has a protective effect if you build up slowly.

    • Hey Jessi, that’s good to know! And congrats for completing a race–that’s awesome! I really want to do a mud run one of these days (they sound so fun!) and I’ve heard awesome things about that couch to 5k app, so perhaps I’ll look into it. Thank you!

      • Ohhh a mud run. I’ve always wanted to do one of those. My sister did one and she had such a blast! I’m sure you could do it!!! I can’t say enough good things about couch to 5k. Seriously I NEVER thought I would run, and I certainly NEVER EVER thought I’d run and like it.

        • That’s SO inspiring to hear! I really want to get into some kind of sport–maybe not running necessarily, but zumba or something. It sounds so fun!

          • A friend of mine dragged me to her zumba gym. It was a little confusing at first, but so much fun once I got the hang of it! I’d go all the time if I had somewhere closer to me. Sadly I think I’m stuck with the DVDs. Let me know what you decide. Other people pushing me on really helped me keep going =)

  19. bwahahahaha. your story reminds me of the two seasons i was going to make it as a field hockey player. the two seasons that i spent doubled over on the side of the field trying to to hurl in front of my teammates, who were far better at physical endurance than i.
    on that note– i think it would be AWESOME if you shared this recipe on my new link party! and i’m totally adding your blog to my google reader because you’re a hoot.

    • Hey Emily! Ugh, sports! That reminds me of the one time I decided to participate in one of my dad’s wrestling practices. It made P90X look like a walk in the park… with an ice cream cone… and puppies. Ewwww. Anyway, let’s not talk about exercise but rather, partying and cinnamon rolls. Thank you! I’ll check it out!!

  20. Trying these as a request from my daughter for her birthday breakfast! What kind of cinnamon rolls did you use that unroll? Thanks in advance!

  21. Last summer we signed up for a Tough Mudder…it made me start running. I hated it at first but no way was I going to be the one wife from our team who was going to quit!!! I kept at it and we finished the 10 miles and the mud obstacles. Funnest race ever! I would totally do another one, but not in November! That’s just crazy!! Now I actually enjoy running. And I have to keep running because all the sugar that comes out of my kitchen is usually attached to my hips and thighs!!! Keep at it girl…you might end up liking it:-)


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