The Friday Roundup

Happy Friday!!

Before I begin with the usual Friday antics, I wanted to address something that happened over at The Domestic Rebel Facebook page this week.

I was informed from a blog friend that there was a Facebook page that had my pictures and recipes on it. I checked, and sure enough, there were pictures of my Pina Colada Cupcakes and my Mini Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops, along with their recipes. Angry, hurt and confused, I immediately outed the page on my Facebook page for using my pictures and recipes without my permission.

Little did I realize that there was credit given for my recipes and pictures, including a working link to the exact recipe on my site. This person wasn’t claiming to have made my items; rather, their site was more of a collection of recipes, categorized by type of desserts, crafts, and other ideas. They have over 32,000 followers–all of whom staunchly defended the page and its purpose.

After realizing my mistake, I swiftly apologized to the page owner and their fans for my mistake. However, this does bring up questions: how and when is it okay to use someone else’s recipe and photo? To what extent do YOU, as a food blogger, finally say “that’s enough” or consider it having crossed the line? Everyone will have varying opinions. Some will prefer you never repost original pictures and material and will even want you to rephrase the recipe. Others are lax about it–they don’t watermark or label their photos and don’t mind where or how it ends up on different places on the web.

I, however, feel in the middle. People will eventually realize where my photos and recipes came from, even if someone’s trying to hawk it as their own. However, as a food blogger, I put so much heart, thought and time into making each recipe accurate and uniquely delicious, each photograph clear and beautiful, and each post heartfelt and genuine. To know that there are people out there who have stolen and will steal is heartbreaking and maddening… but I can’t control what others will do, and can only hope people will be responsible and respectful of me and my recipes and photographs.

So in the end, everything is understood. I apologized to the page owner and the fans, corrected the mistake publicly on my site, removed the post in question, and have now had a greater fan-base from the page. My photos and recipes are still up, along with the credit, and that’s fine with me for now. I appreciate my blog friend for bringing it to my attention nonetheless, and hope that we can all look out for each other to make sure nothing bad happens to us or our hard work. We’re in this together, ladies!

Okay, enough of this talk. Time for food.

 I talked about my near-death experience.

Have you been to DSW? Whether or not you have, I bet you haven’t had a trip like this one.

Okay, so I may have had two near-death experiences this week. At least this one came with cookies.

And I thanked the men in my life for not being gross or weird.

I’m also hosting a giveaway for a Half-Pint SilPat baking mat! There are a whopping NINE chances to win, so take advantage of those chances and ENTER NOW! Contest ends Monday!

I had company in baking up treats this week! Here’s what caught my eye in BlogLand…

Cookie Confetti Bars from Miss Candiquik
Cinnabon Fudge from Shugary Sweets
Biscoff Minute Mug Cake from Something Swanky
Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites from My Happy Place

And in other news…

1. Can you believe Rupert Sanders cheated on his wife with Kristen Stewart? I don’t condone cheating in any situation, but if he cheated on her with say, a gloriously sexy supermodel or something, it may be a little better. Cheating on her with some grody chick with an insipid personality and perpetually dumb facial expression? Can you say “downgrade”? Rob, here’s hoping your heart heals swiftly… and remember: rats may make good pets but they don’t make good girlfriends!
2. Can you tell I dislike Kristen? I didn’t make it too apparent, did I?
3. This week, my BFF Dorothy cooked me dinner when I was having a bad day and she invited me to a fun little get-together they’re having on Saturday. I’m excited to have the day off and hang out by the pool with my bestest real-life and bloggy-life girlfriend and be thankful I’m not at work!
4. If you didn’t know, I work at a specialty cheese shop and deli. I’m assuming most of you understand that a cheese shop sells–you guessed it, smartypants!–cheese. Yet the past two days I’ve had over a handful of people ask “what kind of cheese do you have?” at which point I wish I could crawl in a hole and wait until humanity dies off and a new breed of humans who are intelligent will reemerge.
5. Oh, and they never ask for a type of cheese that may be somewhat exclusive. It’s only stupid things like Swiss (which tastes like butt) or Cheddar. What deli doesn’t have those? Come on now.
6. If you didn’t know, I finally caved and got Instagram. And I’m happy to report I’m disgustingly obsessed with it, just like y’all said I would be. What can I say? I’m a voyeur and proud of it.
7. I’m also (regularly updating) on Twitter. So you can hear all my annoying ramblings throughout the day. Yay!
8. So next week, I’m taking a mini blog vacation. I’ll miss you all dearly, but honestly, I need it. Majorly. Or else I’ll rip all my pretty hairs out and start bawling. I’m finding it harder to get inspiration and think a week off should suffice in some mental and creative R&R. Have no fear, though. I have a badass lineup of some seriously talented ladies who will take care of your sweet tooth for the next seven days.

What are your weekend plans? Anything fun? Aside from the get-together tomorrow, I’m meeting my brother’s girlfriend’s family on Sunday for a BBQ, relaxing with a book (I’m reading Stolen and so far, so good), and getting my windows tinted on my car on Monday. Fun, fun!

Have a great weekend!!

xo, Hayley


  1. Yikes, sounds like a crazy week. I missed all the hoopla. But I’ve been in Chicago hanging with my parents, trying to stay as disconnected as possible 🙂 As for what I’m “okay” with…I’m not sure either. While most people who use one of my photos do so because I linked up to a party (which is okay, because I PUT my photo on their site to begin with). I prefer if someone uses my photo they DO NOT also put the recipe on their blog. Otherwise why would someone click over to me? If you use my recipe, take your own photo. Otherwise, share my photo with a phrase, “to get the recipe click over to Shugary Sweets….” Just my two cents on this one!!!

    Oh and thanks for the shout out on the fudge. That’s so awesome that you and Dorothy get to hang out in real life. One of these days we all just need to meet up. At the same time!

  2. I personally do not mind when people use my photo WITH A LINKBACK to my site. However, I’ve stumbled across a few places that feature my photos (ie STEAL my photos) without my permission or linkback. It’s kind of like a stab in the heart because we work very hard on our photos and recipes. I even feel upset when other bloggers adapt my recipes, with a linkback, but use EXACT same set up and food styling that I have used for my own photos. Photos are where our creative juices can flow!! I am always happy to see my recipes being remade and featured on sites but the linkbacks are a must!

    I hope you are feeling better form the whole ordeal Hayley! xoxo

  3. Personally I think it’s wrong to use some one else s photos. I always ask permission for the photo but I do print recipes that I usually adapt and reword with full credit back to the original.. It’s such a hard call! That Nutella chow sure caught my eye this week! Have a fun vacation.

    • It definitely is a hard call! I guess, as a GENERAL rule of thumb, if you would feel disgusted finding out if someone did that to you, don’t do it to them. But then again, now we have to get into everyone’s definition of “disgusted.” Haha it’s a cyclical process!

  4. I sometimes reblog recipes and posts here at wordpress to a site called Once Upon a Paradigm. It is a group site of bloggers that have been together for years blogging on other sites outside of wordpress. It is a sharing site and a place to be friends. It is amazing that all this gets linked together even on face book. Your recipes are wonderful and I am sure you will find them featured in other sharing sites that give you full credit.

  5. foodiestuntman says:

    Busy week indeed. Within the last week or two, I’ve had to teach my 4 year old daughter the concept of stealing and why it’s wrong. It amazes me how grown adults still don’t understand when she gets it.

    Don’t feel guilty about taking the week off. You deserve it! As far as what am I doing this weekend? I entered a rib competition, but it’s just organized by a couple of buddies…

  6. Oh man. Sorry about all the drama! I don’t mind people sharing my pictures as long as credit and a link back are given. I actually don’t like for people to share my recipes though. I would much prefer to have them link to my page to read my recipe. But I guess putting ourselves on the internet, we are bound to have things like this happen. I think you handled it well my friend.

  7. I don’t necessarily mind, as long as I’m given credit. But I had someone outright steal one of my photos this week, with no link back, which really irked me. So now I guess I’m going to watermark everything, which irks me, too. I suppose it all just comes along with blogging; it’s just unfortunate that not everyone out there has the same morals and ethics. GRRR.

  8. Have a great blogging vaca, Hayley! Works wonders my dear!! 🙂

  9. I saw the recipes on said page and I agree with you still. Most of them I saw I didn’t notice any links or anything which is oh so wrong. You can tell they’re not her content since all the photo stylings, lighting, colours, and use of text on some and not on others is all different. I suppose it really depends on whether you have a creative commons copyright in place allowing others to use your photos/text without given permission but must have a link back to page it came from. If not, then full copyright is yours which means they shouldn’t use without permission from you prior. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself like that.

    Fantastic recap of another week that has flown by. Everything is oh so delicious but I’ve said that already. Have a wonderful weekend meeting your brothers girlfriends’ family. And yes, Kristen Stewart (ugh) she’s always got that lost look on her face.

  10. Not even sure where to start! I left BlogLand for a few weeks and feel like I missed all your goodies. Those cinnamon mocha cookies are gonna rock my world later though, lol. BTW, I knew I always hated K. Stew, ya know what I’m sayin’?! WOW.

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