White Chocolate & Raspberry Popcorn


I don’t want to brag or anything, but I pretty much just revolutionized the whole tedious concept of losing weight.

Why spend hours at the gym doing leg lifts on some sweaty machine or falling prey to some muscular dude in shorty-shorts as he intently watches your bicep curls? Why sacrifice things you love–bread, alcohol, sugar, butter–for things you don’t–juice diets, bird seed, RAISINS.

Ugh, don’t even get me started on raisins. They’re basically devil food. You take grapes, which are perfectly fine & good on their own, and then dry them out to make these miniature shriveled creatures that taste and look as hideously unappealing. Every time I see raisins, I feel like I’m eating incredibly tiny old people… all wrinkly and innocent until they were sun-dried to death and exploited into some fake-grape product. You don’t fool me, raisins. I’m onto you.

BTW, I do enjoy craisins because they’re fake raisins. Also because fresh cranberries don’t rub me the right way. Also, I’ve never seen golden grapes, but golden raisins are particularly nice in salads. Also, I’m done with my raisin rant.

Anyway, back to my revolutionary weight loss idea. There’s no point in working your butt off or starving yourself. Eat all the carbs you want, like I do. Slack off at the gym or skip it completely and watch Pretty Little Liars instead like I do.

All you have to do is stand outside. Or sit outside. For hours.

I don’t know about you, but it’s 108 degrees here. We are sweating our booties off just by staring into the sun, much less being outside for longer than 30 seconds. After a minute, your body has a full-on gloss of sweat, and anything pushing after a minute and a half and you’ve already lost like, 10 pounds.

So basically, all you have to do is sit outside with a glass of sangria, read some trashy magazine, and sweat those pounds off. Easy. Peasy. No shorty-short creeps. No one else’s sweat on your chair. No silent treatment against carbs because what the hell did they ever do to you. Just you, drinking yourself silly and learning about TomKat’s divorce.

You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, you can certainly snack on this easy popcorn while you shed those pounds. It’s a cinch to make & tastes great… what more could you ask for?!

Consider it revolutionary. I’m like George Washington over here.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Popcorn

About 8 cups air-popped popcorn
1/2 pkg white chocolate almond bark
1 pkt Duncan Hines Flavor Creations in White Chocolate Raspberry
1 bag raspberry M&M’s
1 bag chocolate covered almonds

1. Start by lining a clean, flat work-space with wax paper. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate bark according to package instructions until smooth & melted. Stir the packet of flavoring mix into the white chocolate and stir to blend.
2. In a large bowl, stir together the popcorn and the raspberry chocolate mixture, gently tossing to thoroughly combine. Immediately spread the popcorn in an even layer onto the wax paper and sprinkle the wet popcorn liberally with the M&M’s and the chocolate almonds.
3. Allow the mixture to set for about 30 minutes before eating. Package leftovers in an airtight baggy for up to 2 days.

Yummy! The star of this popcorn is definitely those chocolate covered almonds… they’re crunchy and chocolatey and pair awesomely with the sweet & fruity popcorn.

Now I can definitely get behind this exercise and eating regimen 🙂

Have a good Thursday!

xo, Hayley


  1. I think I must have had a child while in California – when I was 25 and then totally forgotten about it because our taste in food is remarkably the same! Hate dark raisins, like golden ones but really only if they are soaked in rum and in bread puddings, I do love dried cranberries but not really fresh ones!

    We only have one store within a 30 mile radius that has those duncan hines creations and I don’t know if they have white chocolate raspberry but this sounds so good………I will look tomorrow and if I can find everything I’m going to make it!

    BTW, my mother has had me make that Bugle Mix 4 times! It has become very popular among her old person posse’ on the ever-popular domino night (Mondays and Fridays). This will be a nice change up for them – as long as the popcorn doesn’t get caught in their dentures! hahaha!!

    • “Old person posse.” Best. Line. Ever!! That Bugle mix is scary good, Kelli. I’d be worried your mom is going to join some kind of gang or something because it’s basically like crack and causes you to make it like, seven times in a week (I would know). But I AM glad she enjoys it!! 🙂

      • Oh, it’s like crack for sure! they are the old person posse living in the Land of Old. It’s a senior apartment complex and since I’ve gotten better at it, they are very happy I am learning how to cook because they get to eat most of it since Mr. Picky-eater won’t!

  2. “Every time I see raisins, I feel like I’m eating incredibly tiny old people” —LOL!!!! Seriously best line ever. I actually really like raisins (especially baking with them)..and they’ll never be the same now!

    • Hahahahaha I do! Maybe it’s because as a kid, my grandma had these old California prune magnets on her fridge and they were dressed as old people. Some dried up, years-old prune wearing miniature wire-framed glasses and a bonnet, and the other one had a bowtie and a monocle. I guess that’s where I think of it from!

  3. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahaah i agree with Averie’s comment. Incredibly tiny old people… that is SO funny!1 I love raisins though. But yes, now they may never be the same!!! I love snazzy popcorns like this. Rasp and white chocolate are such a yummy combo! I have white choc raspberry muffins coming up soon!!

  4. You my friend are hilarious!!!! I happen to like raisins, but I’m pretty sure I will never look at them the same too:-) And your exercise plan sounds much better than my running does. We had the same horrible heat last week, and I thought for sure the weight was rolling off me…only to be disappointed by my scale. Now that is an evil creature! I love this fun fruity and nutty popcorn…so pretty too!!!

  5. incredibly tiny old people!!!!! AAAHAHAHAHA! I have to agree…standard, brown, shrivelly raisins just aren’t appealing – but this popcorn?? THIS looks VERY appealing. And I’m totally on board with your sauna weather weight loss theory 🙂 That’s how bikram yoga works, right??

  6. Well, Mr Washington, you’ve done it again! I’m dying laughing over here about you raisin rant! And I LOVE that you used chocolate covered almonds in this mix! Those m&m’s are sooo good too. Let’s head outside with our sangria and this popcorn and get skinny, k?

  7. Doodle (after seeing these pictures): “Mom, did you make that popcorn?”
    Me: “No, my friend Hayley did.”
    Doodle: (sigh) “I wish you made it.”
    Needless to say, this looks like a winner! And HA! I’m with the rest of the gals. I do like raisins in my baked goods, though I might have a harder time eating them now. =)

  8. Your raisin rant had me crying! I feel the exact same way, see this is why we were meant to be BFFs. NO RAISINS allowed. And man, it’s so hot out there, I could totally go for a midori sour…

  9. First of all– I bow down to the popcorn queen. Nicely done 😉

    Second of all– I always go through my reader late at night, and I always think “oh, I don’t have time to read this whole post, I’ll just go leave a nice comment so she knows I visited.” And then I get to the comments and someone has left a comment about your post that leaves me so intrigued I’m forced to scroll up and read the entire thing. Which is pretty impressive on your part. Kudos on the content, lady!

    Third of all– raisins and snakes. The two things in this world I LOATHE. So I’m on board with your plan 🙂

  10. Duudee, I’m so with you on the raisin hate. They make me shudder. Now grapes = yum. Why would anyone want to make them look like an old mans, er, yeh you know! Well done on revolutionissing weight loss. However, your plan might not work here in England but I’m willing to swap your hot weather for our rain, agreed?

    The popcorn looks amazing and raspberry M&M’s? I’m in the wrong country! We only have plain and boring M&M’s here, I’m jealous! We also don’t get the Duncan Hines flavour creations too. Also, What’s almond bark? I’m going to go sulk in the corner for our crappy confectionary, or lack of it.

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