The Friday Roundup

Welcome to my Friday Roundup, where I round up a bunch of yummy treats and complain about stuff.

Which makes it no different than the other six days of the week, but who’s counting?

This week, I made a bunch of stuff. And unfortunately, I jipped you guys out of a post because I was SUUUUUPER busy studying for a mega-math final on Wednesday and stayed up hella late writing notes instead of complaining about things 🙁 it was tragic and I’m sorry, but thankfully, I made a bunch of other yummy goodies to tide you over for my 24-hour absence.

I’m inventing a new game, you guys! It’s called “Go To Walmart and Judge People, I-Spy Edition.” It’s cool. You can bring this popcorn with you and consider it an interactive movie date. Me and Jessie do it all the time.

Next up, I made these goooorgeous cupcakes and explained the benefits of being vanilla.

I talked about my new love for the most magical creature in all the land, a raccoon. And I found similarities between my new fuzzy friend and these yummy parfaits, believe it or not.

And I guest posted over at Ashley’s blog with these easy cake mix dreamsicle bars!

And I pretty pretty promise I have some good stuff for you next week… so stay tuned!

Some Business first.

1. So FYI, the only shows I ever watch are Real Housewives of Orange County and The Soup and Criminal Minds. Really. So basically, this week’s season finale of Criminal Minds had me biting my nails to the cuticle in anticipation and excitement; and this week’s episode of RHOC was ridiculous. Alexis is just too much to handle and her gross, graphic story of childbirth was almost as awkward as knowing her kids are merely accessories and nothing of actual value to her. Also, Terry and Heather are easily my new faves. I kinda want to be Terry’s best friend. Just saying.

2. I’m done with school! Yay! Pending my final grades (in which I hope and pray to the mathematical gods out there that I actually passed [sadly, it’s questionable]), I can possibly graduate in the fall. I’m STOKED, mainly because I’ll be done with school FOREVAH but also because my mom bought me this gorgeous Betsey Johnson sugar skull necklace and is withholding it until I brandish a degree.

2a. The really crappy thing is one of my professors neglected to post our final prompt until yesterday, which means regardless that school is out for the summer, I’m not done. I still have a 200-point final to write on British Literature this weekend.

2b. Ugh, mom, can I have my necklace already, please? I feel like it will help me analyze these dumbass works of literature better.

2c. Also, as of yet, I have zero (fun) summer plans except working enough to save money to (maybe) buy a new car soon, but more than likely just buy a bunch of crap I don’t need, like new clothes. Or more Betsey Johnson stuff since she’s going out of business.

3. Except with news like that, maybe this summer I’ll petition outside of her New York offices until she gets back in business. Or cry myself to sleep every night. Whatevz.

4. I’m getting my hair dyed professionally today! My stylist, Courtney, does amazing work with hair. She’s like a freaking magician and has turned my hair into every color of the rainbow in days past. I am so utterly sick of my dark brown hair and long, sideswept bangs, and I have an aversion to hair longer than my shoulders. However, I’m also ridiculously indecisive (surprise, surprise) and have NO IDEA what I want to do. So basically, I’m showing up for her to have almost-free reign over my hair. As long as I get a cute, choppy cut, baby bangs and a pretty new color, I’m good. Is that so much to ask?!

5. Last but certainly not least, today is the 22nd birthday of my best friend, Katrina! Katrina and I have been BFFs since the fifth grade when I demanded she sit next to me to avoid sitting next to the creepy boy who wore Green Bay Packers jerseys and ate his boogers (to this day, I hate the Packers because of him). We’ve been through so much together, including filming our own movies, making inside jokes that still make me laugh to this day, and discovering things about each other that make our friendship so unique and special.

So Happy Birthday, Katrina! May you have the sweetest, sparkliest day ever! I love you!

Everyone else, have a wonderful weekend! See you tomorrow!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Everything looks so delicious and I love your sense of humor in this post, Hayley! I can totally get behind spying on people at Walmart. Great boring day activity, hah! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Congrats on school being out! And I hope your essay is going well. And I agree. Alexis: boo. Terry and Heather: yay!

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