Mama’s Day Friday Roundup

Let me preface this by saying I’ve got the best mom ever.

And since there can only be one best mom ever award, I’m sorry, but your #1 Mom mugs and Coolest Mom Ever license plate covers are invalid.

My mom rules.

First, she gave birth to me. An obvious instant bonus point.

Second, she helps me pick out my outfits every day even though it exhausts her deeply and she couldn’t care less if I wore the Betsey dress or hot pants. As long as I don’t leave my house wearing TOMS (she hates them) I’m good.

Third, she takes me shopping when I say “Mom, I’m going to the mall and you’re coming with me.” Plus, I know that she automatically will drive across the street apres-mall shopping to the other cool stores like Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s because, well, she’s cool.

And if I just utter the letters “HG”, she’s all over it.

HG=HomeGoods. Our stomping ground, naturally.

Not to mention, she’s supportive, sweet, smart, and has common sense, which I thankfully inherited. She’s a great woman, and of course, since Mother’s Day is coming up, she needs some recognition, yo.

All mamas do, big and small, old and young, one kid to fifteen, dog mom or hamster mom. Moms rule!

So here’s a little roundup of ideas to cook up for the most badass moms evah.

Moms usually are the ones tied to the smell and taste of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. But since moms are hereby banned from the kitchen on their special day (unless everyone else in the house like, totally blows at cooking in which case, you have your right to be there so you can eat edible things), why not make her some classic chocolate chip cookies with a fancy little twist? Vanilla beans make these richer and deeper in flavor, and she’ll love them!

My mom loves banana cream pie, so these miniature pies are perfect treats after brunch! Plus they look super cute all lined up on a pretty tray on the buffet table… like a miniature army ready to blow your mouth up with flavor. And you’ll metaphorically die because of your exposure to deliciousness. Hence the saying “this is heaven!” … cause your mouth died. Whatever, moving on…

Telll meeeee these adorable and cute petit fours aren’t perfect for Mother’s Day?! Plus, they’re totally versatile–switch up the jam/curd flavor according to your mama’s liking and change up the flavor of the chocolate coating.

This Rainbow Pinwheel Party Cake is so much fun! You could stick with the bright, rainbow colors, or switch it up by alternating different shades of pink or her favorite color for a unique, ombre look.  Plus it’s SOGOODOMGWHYAREN’TYOUMAKINGITYET?!

My mom also has a love for sugar cookies, and since I really hate making them (mostly because they NEVER look like Bake at 350‘s… sigh) I made this easy alternative that uses sugar cookie flavored dough instead.

So, I seriously think about these at LEAST twice a week… and I know your mom will love them because moms inherently love sweet, sticky things like cinnamon rolls covered in pecans and caramel sauce. And so do non-moms, men, and anything human.

And I get requests for these about three times a week… including for Mother’s Day.

Excuse the over-exposed, flash-crazy picture which does these moist, refreshing bars absolutely zero justice, but if you can put the bad photography aside and make these, I promise you’ll be pleased. They’re excellent!

Mother’s Day is just another ritzy excuse to get drunk off Mimosas and screwdrivers. So why not booze mom up with some Mimosa Cupcakes so she can have her bubbly cake and her bubbly, too?

Or, you know, there’s always this for when those vanilla bean cookies aren’t enough.

Or make her donuts. Seriously, everyone loves donuts unless you’re a robot programmed to blow up the earth. These donuts give you an easy head-start by being born from a can of biscuits and transformed into a beautiful, golden brown donut. You’re welcome, world!

And last but not least, one of my favorite cupcakes to-date (still!) and one of the first I posted on my blog. So tasty, easy and pretty to look at. Forrealz.

Well, that about does it for this roundup! I have a ton of goodies to bake for next week and some Coronas to chill before tomorrow (yay!)

I hope you all have a seriously fantastical Cinco de Mayo!! Eat a boatload of guac for me and I’ll do the same for you 🙂

xo, Hayley

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  1. We need to go to Homegoods together sometime!!! I need a shopping buddy that understands that, yes, I need to stare at the serving dishes for 15 minutes while I mentally prepare a staged food set in my head. I’ve only met her once, but your mom does seem pretty awesome. 🙂

  2. Not only is this a “sweet” tribute to your mom, but it’s made me incredibly hungry for treats!

  3. Great round-up post…AND, I’m thinking I need one of each of these, since I get to celebrate for myself this year, too. Hee!

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