The Friday Roundup

Yay, it’s Friday!

Are you stoked like me?!

Even though my work-week is not yet over, I still look forward to Fridays. They’re the day that I can (sometimes–thankfully!!) take off from work to bake, and the day that I always wake up at 615 in the morning, throw on some yoga pants and head to Walmart by 7am to grocery shop for the following week.

Yes, you heard me. I’m at Walmart by seven am. Oftentimes, before seven.

And it’s PURE BLISS.

Seriously, have you been to Walmart that early before? It’s completely quiet. No psychotic children running rampant through the store. No “is-she-or-isn’t-she-a-prostitute?” peoplewith their stretched-out butterfly tramp stamps and fur vests walking around. No crazy-long lines, no “I only came in for shredded cheese and they have NONE” moments.

Everything’s quiet, stocked and everyone’s SUPER friendly. For reals!! I have made so many quality Walmart buddies. And by ‘quality’, I mean I admit to feeling slightly giddy when they notice I’m back “like clockwork!!”, they say, every Friday, shopping in my yoga pants and remarking “what a good daughter” I am for shopping for my family.

…even though all of them at one point have asked if I was shopping for an old folk’s home or something with the amount of food in my basket. No, I explain, I’m shopping for my family of five… and we all eat like an army of pizza-roll-loving fiends.

Anywho, today I’m grocery shopping to my heart’s content and baking all day (woohoo!) and later, going to a cocktail party with the fabulous Ellen and Jacqueline of Bake It With Booze with my BFF Dorothy from Crazy For Crust. I fully plan on smothering my Friday night with Midori cocktails but who’s really counting?

Before I start dancing all drunk-like and drinking all Ellen’s booze, I wanted to recap my week of awesome recipes for you… in case you want to bake some now and get boozy later, obvi.

Oh, did you guys hear? I’m NOT getting married! In fact, I was NEVER engaged in the first place. But will you come to my virtual Pinterest carnival-inspired wedding anyways? THIS cheesecake will be there. So will a carousel and a neurotic 21-year old with a penchant for pinning wedding pictures obsessively.

My oven died & came back to life this week! I fully plan on submitting its story on I Survived. And mine, because I made THESE bars as a result of my survival.

I talked about the importance of being prompt and timely… and punished tardy people by eating all of THESE donuts. Suckers.

I also (briefly) experimented with being a male this week. And while it was fun, I kind of liked it too much… so I went to the mall and immediately bought a bunch of trial-sized Yankee candles and cute jewelry at Forever 21 so I could prove I was still the frivolous-spending GIRL I am.

Oh yeaaaah… and then I made THESE treats and wrote this whole post about Easter and posted them yesterday, which proves that even the best food bloggers have brain farts and mess-ups sometimes… or have had too many Midori sours but again, WHO IS COUNTING?! Not I.

So that’s that, kiddos! I have some awesomely outrageous, spectacularly scrumptious desserts awaiting you next week, so stay tuned and have an ahhmaaaazing weekend! Aside from working tomorrow, I fully intend on (attempting) to sleep in on Sunday, tinker a little with some upcoming essays, and do NOTHING.

Speaking of which: what are YOUR weekend plans?! Tell me!

See you tomorrow!

xo, Hayley

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  1. A girl after my own heart! Of course I’m at Walmart @ 7AM or before. I work 9 hour days so i can have every other Friday off. Those Fridays, like this one, I am at Walmart in our town shopping about that time. I can actually talk to the produce guy about what’s best and he’s thrilled to tell me since no one else ever asks. It’s not totally quiet but there aren’t many misbehaving children screaming at their parent who looks at them helplessly or couples fighting in front of you. Luckily for me, I get my hair cut once per month in the small town nearby where I used to live. They have a SuperWalmart and (seriously) I can go there on Christmas Eve and not have to wait more than 5 minutes in line to check out, they are never out of stuff, the help is friendly and helpful – it’s like a mutation among Walmarts! I go there as often as possible. Wow – That was a lot on Walmart! Sorry – loved all your recipes and even pinned a few over the week. Bake well and have fun tonight!

    • Hi Kelli! I agree with you completely–the Walmart people always tell me I’m so friendly and they wish they could talk to more customers. I’m always talking to people just ’cause, so this is my chance to chat and leisurely shop to my heart’s content in a mostly quiet store. Love!! I don’t even know how people can shop at Walmart during normal hours. Too chaotic, loud and distracting, and TOO MANY PEOPLE. I like my Walmart to myself, thank you 🙂

      Have a great weekend!!

  2. Great baking week, Hayley! I loved the donut post and am psyched to make it this weekend for my family 😀
    Hahaha at the going to wal-mart at the crack of dawn! I used to work at wal-mart, and I remember some people who would be there 15 minutes after I got there. And you know why they’re so jolly? Because there’s barely any people! Unlike the Friday or Saturday night rushes…sighh, good times!

    Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

  3. I need to try Walmart that early sometime. Because if I have to go again at 10am like I normally do (and I will, inevitably, go again probably next week), I am going to shoot myself. I hope you had fun shopping today! 🙂 See you tonight!

  4. It’s 6:45AM…Are you there yet? I usually hit Winco at that time in the morning. Maybe you and Dorothy and I should meet at Walmart of coffee? And, hun, I’m so sorry but I don’t have Midori! We’ll have other cocktails though. And, Prosecco and…and… 🙂 I’m still cleaning and making CUPCAKES this morning. The cranberries (for the cosmo CCs) soaked in VODKA all night and I’m VERY excited!! Just need to let my butter and eggs come to room temp, becuz you know I’m an baking geek. But, OH, the new cupcake liners!! I’ll see you later and SO very glad you’ll be there for Bella’s Partee.

    • Lol, that’s totally okay! I’m not that much of a Midori fiend that I’ll put up a fit that it’s not around. The Cosmos sound perfect on their own and I can’t wait for all this delicious food! See you soon!!
      (and yes, I was there at 645 🙂

  5. Another great “batch” of recipes (sorry). Glad to hear there are some decent walmarts out there, I havent experienced it ….

  6. Oh, have a FABULOUS time at the cocktail party, and drink one (or two) for me. We just finished enrolling Doodle for kindergarten; tomorrow we have a t-ball meeting (can’t believe I’m going to be one of THOSE moms), and you guessed it…Wal-Mart. UGH. But I need groceries, there’s no way around it. I can’t get there early on the weekday mornings, and usually end up there around 1:00 on Saturdays. Pray for me, would you?

  7. you make me laugh! I look forward to reading you each day! As for Walmart, not matter how “easter bunny and flowers” you paint that den of WTF moments, the only way I find my way into a Walmart is if I happen, and I stress happen to find soemthing that I can only get there and I do Ship TO STORE online transactions and go through the back door to get it. I think if that was the only place to stop for a bathroom on a road trip, I would opt for a bladder infection:-) I have a bit of PTSD when it comes to Walmart. But I am glad you have been able to find your zen moment there . . . maybe I will one day too! 🙂 Have a great weekend and can’t wait to see what you got cookin’ next week!

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