The Friday Roundup

I have some bad news, folks.

Yesterday, April 4th, 2012, my oven was pronounced dead on the scene of dinner.

I tried desperately to resuscitate it–turn the knobs to different temperatures, adjust the settings to broil–to no avail. A dark, cold, gasless oven stared back at me.

However, in somewhat goodish news, my stovetop works. Soooo… I can’t bake treats, but I can make mac and cheese, boil water, and more than likely attempt to bake a cake over my range.

So if I report back next week with my house having burnt down because I tried baking cupcakes on a gas range, well, you know why.

Anyway, the coroner (read: electrician) will come WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY!!! So I’m basically stuck with this dead hunk of metal torturing me with its uselessness until Wednesday.

Sooo if I report back next week that I’m going to die, you know why.

It’s tragic. You don’t realize how much you use something until you create A FREAKING BLOG CENTERED AROUND BAKING AND YOUR OVEN BREAKS. Ugh, why couldn’t something stupid and unnecessary break, like the toaster or the alarm clock? Life is SO cruel.

Anywho, before my oven committed suicide, I made some really awesome things this week–do you remember? If not, here’s a handy recap:

I talked about how miniature things are irresistible, like mini toothpaste (yes I find mini toothpaste irresistible; so what?)

I talked about my offensive taste in music, naturally.

I talked about my obsessions, which included things like mint jeans and THIS cake.

I talked about non-existent pregnant woman cravings and guest posted over at my BFF Dorothy’s blog!

And lastly, I talked about how I’m now a supposed dognapping creep.

Well, that was my week–I’m thankful it’s over! How was your week? What are your Easter plans?

Usually, for Easter, we’ll have breakfast here, do nothing, and then eat at my grandma’s after hunting for eggs (yep, we still hunt for eggs). This year, I’m throwing a visit to Jessie’s family into the mix, which is fine by me since his mom cooks really good grub (and they’re BBQing–yay!–no ham!!)

And there will be no carrot cake in sight. Yippee!!

I hope you all have a fun Easter and I hope the Easter bunny is good to you!

xo, Hayley


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  1. Nice to meet you Hayley! Found you from of course, Crazy for Crust! Those Banana cupcakes look amazing. And it’s good to know that there are non-prego women who have the same cravings I do! Thanks for sharing!! I’m your latest follower!

  2. I saw on Facebook that you’re back in the baking business. WHEW! I was already going through Hayley withdrawal! =) Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  3. Have a great Easter! I’m so glad the oven fiasco ended early. 🙂 Get some good eggs for me!

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