Cotton Candy Bars

So a few days ago, I became really embarrassed while on my way to Dorothy‘s house.

Dorothy was giving me some treats in exchange for these very bars, so I decided to walk my dog and my boyfriend over to her abode to pick up some sweets.

While on our mid-afternoon walk, nature called Mannie and like most dogs, he answered with no regard to people, places, things or feelings. ..which brings me to a small sidenote.

You know those people with the squatting dog signs on their lawn “prohibiting” dogs using the bathroom on their yard? No? Well, in our neighborhood, people have taken a liking to stickers, picket signs or fence signs saying my dog is not allowed to poop on their grass.

While I understand this in theory–and while I have been the recipient of people who do not believe in picking up their dog’s, ahem, waste–ultimately, I can’t control when or where my dog uses the bathroom, including your lawn. Thankfully, I have invested in bags which allow me to pick up his waste in the most dignified fashion possible, so I will remove it from your lawn when he is finished.

Back to my story. We were walking and Mannie, well, you know. I did the respectable, neighborly thing and picked it up, but my next move was to find a trash can in a vacant house.

Why vacant? Because there’s nothing more awkward than approaching a house with their windows open or people outside or someone obviously home than to walk up their driveway to use their garbage to throw your dog’s poop away.

The house where he–yeah–had their windows open, so no dice. Fast forward a couple houses with hidden garbages and voila, a garbage can smack dab in the middle of the driveway of a two-story house with no cars. Bingo!

I passed Mannie off to Jessie and dutifully trekked up the driveway in a quick and unsuspecting fashion to toss the contents and did so successfully. Then Jessie made some mean, jokey comment about how “someone totally saw us” and “they’re totally home” while pretending to wave to a window upstairs. I rolled my eyes and we proceeded very briefly on our way when a van sloooooowed down right beside us.

“Can I help you guys? Is everything okay?”

Lo and behold, a woman in a minivan pulled right alongside us, look very bit suspicious at two characters and a three-legged dog.

“Uh, no we’re good. Everything’s fine,” we assured minivan lady.

“Oh, because you were in my driveway, so I wanted to make sure everything was okay since you know, you were there.”

In this brief moment of panic, I contemplated coming clean about the situation but found there was something un-consoling about telling someone you used their garbage to throw your dog’s sh*t away so I decided against that situation and figured staying suspiciously quiet was the better of the two options.

Jessie mumbled something incomprehensible about how we “weren’t there” and “everything is fine” while we both walked away and ignored the woman now pulling into the driveway where my dog’s #2 sat in her garbage.

And the whole time on my way to Dorothy’s, I kept thinking, she’s gonna call the cops. She’s going to report suspicious people lurking on her property. And then what do I say? That I threw my dog’s crap away in her trash? That I am guilty of trespassing and loitering?! That my dog can’t control his bowels? 

I pictured the cops zooming past Dorothy’s house and arresting us, the guilty trio, on behalf of the minivan lady, clearly perturbed by seeing us on her property. And I’d have to call my family and ask them to please pick us up from jail and my mom would say no and remind me that one time she threatened us kids that if we ever called from jail she wouldn’t bail us out and so then I’d be stuck in jail for simply tossing my dog’s poop–contained in a plastic baggy and knotted so it wouldn’t spill out, mind you–into a strange minivan lady’s trash. And then I would be some scary woman’s girlfriend and live the gangster life in jail and get scary tattoos and have the name Bertha.

But basically, none of this happened, I got home safely with Dorothy’s treats and she got mine, and Jessie and I went on to eat pot roast and do absolutely nothing. Phew!! Convicts on the run, we are. We live a gangsta life.

So I’m betting you’re wondering what caused me to put my life on the line to deliver treats to my BFF Dorothy? They are Cotton Candy Bars and me oh my, they’re wonderful. Incredibly sweet, but really good. And easy to boot!

Basically, this is your line-up:

What’s that cotton candy packet!?, you ask? It’s a new Frosting Creations mix from Duncan Hines. Like Kool-Aid, but for your frosting. They have a BUNCH of flavors–all delicious–but cotton candy was screaming my name; the siren song of sweets.

No more funny business, though. If I go to jail soon, I need to tell you this recipe as my last words. Well, before I start talking gangster and cornrow-braid my hair.

Cotton Candy Bars

1 box Funfetti cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup oil
2 pkts Duncan Hines Cotton Candy Recipe Creations Flavor Mix
1 cup white chocolate chips
1 can Duncan Hines Frosting Starter kit (sold next to the flavor mixes)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a 13×9 inch baking pan with cooking spray. Set aside.
2. In a large bowl, mix together the cake mix, eggs, oil and ONE packet of the cotton candy mix with a rubber spatula until blended and combined. Stir in the chocolate chips.
3. Spread the mixture evenly into the prepared pan and bake for approx. 14-16 minutes or until edges are lightly golden and center is set. Allow to cool completely before frosting (center will set up a little more once removed from oven; just don’t overbake these!)
4. Stir the remaining flavor packet into the can of icing (or prepare your own vanilla buttercream, if you wish). Spread the icing evenly onto the cooled bars and top liberally with sprinkles. Pop in the fridge to set the icing for about an hour before cutting into squares. Store airtight for approx. 1-2 days.


If you’re jonesing for a real sugary, intoxicatingly sweet treat, this is it. The bars have a great texture, thanks to the white chocolate chips, and I am loving the possibilities with this flavor mix! Supah easy for badasses on the run.

Have a great Monday!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Ohmygosh, I saw that cotton candy flavoring Saturday when I was grocery shopping. Had it in my hand, even, then put it back. Now after seeing these bars, I’m going to have to go back and get some, asap.

    Or you could just send me some of these; you know, if you’re not in jail or anything.

  2. OH MY!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to find this here in FL!!!! Thank you for sharing you lil Gansta!!!! Hahhaahahaha

  3. Okay, first let me say thankyouforthosebars they are AWESOME! Jordan loved them and there are still a couple left but I am thinking of eating them while she’s at school and hoping she forgets they’re there. Second, you crack me up! I usually just carry my bag of s* home with me, being annoyed the whole way. I’m totally looking for vacant houses from now on. You’re a genius!!

  4. Hahahahahaha usually I carry it home all the way unless it’s trash day, in which it’s a free market of available trashcans on the street; woohoo!! But any other day, I usually carry mine home and hate life since there’s a bag of poop swinging around while I walk him. Sometimes I think about tossing it in bushes but I feel like mother nature will retaliate on me by causing me to get into a car accident or something if I litter so I don’t. Freaking guilty consciences.

  5. purplefdu says:

    I printed a coupon for the flavoring when you buy the frosting but haven’t seen it on shelves up here yet……and now I will be dying while waiting since it comes in cotton candy and I have a recipe I need to make with it!

  6. purplefdu says:

    I printed out a coupon for the frosting creations but haven’t seen them on shelves up here yet. Now I will be dying while waiting since they come in cotton candy and I feel compelled to make this recipe….

    • I’m sorry–did you say you found a COUPON?! I love coupons! I hoard them and I need one ASAP for these puppies.
      FYI, they are brand new–my Safeway just started carrying them on Friday and didn’t have all the flavors yet–so your grocery stores may not have them yet. Keep checking–I spotted them at Walmart as well. &yes, you must make these! They’re wonderful. xo!

  7. I have a question. So after you let the icing set on them in the fridge for an hour…after that do you store them airtight in the fridge or on the counter? and then you can eat them 2 days later?


    • Howdy, Shannon! Yes, set them (iced) in the fridge for about an hour, just so the icing hardens a little and they’re less messy to cut into bars. Once cut, though, feel free to store them airtight at room temperature–they should be just right. And yes, stored airtight (in fridge or at room temperature) they should keep for about 2 days.
      But, of course, if you’re overwhelmed by the wonderfulness of the bars, you can definitely eat them immediately after frosting them. As I mentioned before, it’s just easier and less messy to harden the icing for about an hour before cutting and eating.

  8. Where did you buy the flavor creation thingy? I’ve never seen them, but will definitely look for them! They look marvelous!!

    • Hi Kris! I found mine at my local Walmart AND Safeway stores. They’re brand new, so if yours don’t have them yet, it’s understandable. But keep an eye out for sure! (PS, they’re in the baking aisle and should be displayed as a new product).

      • My Walmart does not have them yet. :-/ I had to get them at Albertson’s.

      • I live in the northwest and Albertson’s reigns supreme up here! (headquarters here and all). Wish I could find the flavor packets at Winco or Walmart though! Great recipe though. My family is eating them as I type! 🙂

  9. What a couple of hoodlems you are !
    I just found these frosting flavors and bought one of each – cant wait to try them !

  10. These look so good! I’d love if you’d stop by and share them at Sweet & Simple Sunday!!

    p.s. my son is going to LOVE these!!

  11. I keep reading about the flavor packets, but I haven’t found any yet. I can’t wait to try out this recipe!

    • Hi! They’re a brand new product, so your store may not have received a shipment yet. But keep on the lookout! I spotted mine at Safeway and Walmart, but I hear Target should be carrying them ASAP. Thanks!

  12. OH MY GOODNESS! I so needed a laugh today, and after I read your gangsta activities I had a great laugh! I so zoomed in on those cotton candy bars, I might have to say there are for the kids but trust me, I will be eating them! Thanks for the great recipes!

  13. Doodle Bug says:

    Yeah, these look good, but I was totally put off by the whole story about your dog’s poop and the fact that you were tackless enough to throw it away in someone else’s trash can! Good grief…your dog’s poop should go in YOUR trash can.

    • Sorry. I guess I am woefully tackless and tactless.

    • “Don’t mix your refuse with my refuse! My refuse is different from your refuse! And my refuse-storage device is only equipped to accommodate MY OWN PERSONAL REFUSE!!!”

      Seriously? Life’s too short.

      • Seriously!
        This is the kind of person who tracks their neighbours every move, and every little thing is WRONG and a BIG DEAL. It’s garbage for goodness sake, get over yourself, must be hard living life with a stick lodged so far up your back end.

        • Right?! I mean, who cares about their garbage can and the contents that enter or exit it? It’s a freakin’ garbage can. Half the time, stuff probably WAY grosser than poop is in there. Whatever, dood! Thanks for your funny comment! xo.

  14. Brigeete says:

    I am cracking up while reading this post! Thanks for the great recipe and the great story!

  15. I just made these on Saturday for my boyfriend’s birthday and they are to die for!! Thanks so much for sharing! Nobody could believe that they cost less than $10 and 20 minutes to make!!

  16. Can’t wait to try these bars. Never seen flavors for flavoring your frostings. As for letting peoples dog go the bathroom in your yard, I have no problem with that as long as they pick it up. When I take my dog, I Always take it home with me. No one wants someone elses dogs stinky poop in their trash. Those people that get me the most are the ones that pick it up and bag it, and then drop the bag in the grass. Man would I LOVE to see someone do that. Your better off letting the poop lie on the ground because at least it will eventually go away. a bag will Not. So anyone out there that does this, watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know! What’s the point of bagging it to leave it? So weird.
      And as far as the frostings go, they’re a relatively new product so keep a look out at your grocery store and they should be there, soon! There are tons of new flavors and they should be on the baking aisles. Thanks for stopping by, Jenny!

  17. Found the link here on pinterest …I love Cotton Candy! Can’t wait to try these, thanks for sharing! the whole story! …. lmbo! I would have just told her the truth, what’s she gonna do? Scream at you for putting your sealed poop in her trash can? That’d be pretty selfish! …and after your being kind enough to remove it & all. Oh, and I’m tackless too… but then again, I don’t have a horse so it makes sense. 😉

    • Lol!! You saw that other comment–sheesh. Too funny 🙂 I am also tackless and I feel so depressed about it, you know?! At least I have tact if I can’t have tack, right?! Haha. Thanks for your comment; made me laugh!

  18. You have me laughing out loud! I too, have a dog who goes when he needs to go! More often than not, I end up carrying a little bag full of his poo with us as we continue on our walk. I’m too chicken to throw it in someone’s trash!

    These bars, by the way, look delightful!

  19. Your story cracked me up. Thanks!!

  20. Hello Domestic Rebel! My name is Lynn and I work at Duncan Hines. We were so excited to see your post and thrilled that you share our enthusiasm for Frosting Creations! I did just want to make note that bakers will get the best results if they use Frosting Creations Flavor Packets with our Frosting Starter. We have received mixed feedback from consumers who have used it in homemade or ready to serve canned frosting. The Frosting Starter combined with the Flavor Packet is a patent pending system formulated to be used together to ensure quality delivery of taste and texture.

    On a personal note – your site is wonderful. So many fabulous recipes!

    • Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your comment! I did use the frosting starter–I will adjust my recipe accordingly so my readers know to use that as well. Thank you for visiting! Have a great day! xo.

      (PS, rig the contest so I win. Just kidding–kind of 🙂

  21. TrynaTreen says:

    I’m so glad I just found this! I was just going to make cotton candy cupcakes! Now I’m off to buy another packet of flavor creations and into the kitchen I go! What a great idea mixing the flavors right into the cake mix! 🙂 🙂

  22. I am going to make these today! i am not a huge cotton candy fan but my boyfriend is! hope he likes them! just telling people i got my flavor mixes at Target! havent seen them anywhere else yet around me!

  23. Girl…I am cracking up over your story but even more so at the comments…and your tacklessness. Lmbo !!! Going to make these tonight for our family night! Will not even pretend that I won’t be eating them gangsta girl!! Thanks so much for sharing and will let you know after we eat them!

    • Hi Maliaka, thanks for your super sweet comment–I laughed out loud! You rock! You BETTA eat ’em HELLLLUHHHH gangsta, giiiiirl or else me and my gurls will find you and mess you up, ya hear?!

      ^^ my best gangster impression. I would be murdered in prison, fyi.

  24. Jackie DeBriyn says:

    OMG…you are HILARIOUS!! (Actually, I thought someone had recorded me on video and you were “re-enacting” the scene)! So anyway, we are having a bake off at work tomorrow (and pretty much all my co-workers know that I have an estranged relationship with my kitchen and anything that has to do with cooking/baking), but I saw this recipe and I’m going to put on my suit of armor and make these sumptious looking bars (since we can only enter bars or cookies into the contest). If, by chance, yours truly takes home the blue ribbon, I may just try rice krispie bars or something…and, who knows, maybe I’ll be ready by the end of summer to enter some great masterpiece into the county fair! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Jackie! I fully encourage you to mentally prepare yourself for an end result that is tasty, easy and AWESOME and fully envision yourself walking away with that shiny blue ribbon, ’cause it’ll happen, girl! These bars rock and I guarantee you’ll win. Also, if you take it to county fair status, please bring me a corndog. Thanks for visiting! xo.

  25. My husband is using some of these new “flavor creations” to make bubble gum ice cream… so far it’s looking promising. My son saw your cotton candy cookie bars on pinterest and has requested them for his birthday, I’m curious to see how they’ll turn out at high altitude…

  26. that looks like a fairytale pastry come true

  27. I haven’t made these yet, but I want to tell you something about letting your dog on other peoples grass.. people put chemicals on their grass that could harm your amimals .. so for that reason, make sure your dog walks the side walk, or the street… and bring doggie bags with you.. Better then having a very sick dog..
    Dog lover

  28. The word, ladies, is TACTLESS, not tackless. T, not K. Look it up.

  29. I’m making these as I type! I do have a question though… I added all of the ingredients you said (although the cake box said to have 3 eggs instead of 2 and also called for water). There wasn’t enough liquid to stir it into a thick batter so I had to add about 1/3 cup water. Was this how your batter was? Also, my baking time is taking a lot longer than you suggested… they’ve been in there about 22 minutes now because the center is still gooey (and the bars rose to about the thickness of a cake). What went wrong!? I did all of the ingredients you said! They smell great though and I’m not going to be disappointed if it turns into cotton candy cake rather than cotton candy bars =P

    • Hi Kya, apologies for not getting back to you sooner! Your bars are probably more like a cake since you used three eggs and added water. The batter is supposed to be thicker for bars (think thick like a brownie batter), not runny like a cake batter. The amount of the eggs, oil and water on the box mix calls for a cake, so you’d just reduce the eggs to two and only use 1/2 cup oil in order to make bars 🙂 I hope the cake turned out okay regardless!

  30. The cupcakes definitely look great, but my comment is actually about your dog walk 🙂

    As a fellow dog-owner, I am never shy about walking up to someone’s house to put my used doggie bags in their garbage can and nobody else should be either! If anyone ever says something to you, like the woman you encountered, just be honest and if they give you any grief about it, let them know that they don’t have to worry because next time you’ll be happy to just leave your dog’s shit in front of their house.

    I’m sorry, but people are allowed to walk their dogs and it’s unreasonable to ask someone to walk around with a bag of hot, smelly dog poop for who knows how long, depending on how far you are from your house or a public garbage can when your dog finally decides that magic moment has arrived. Ultimately, one hand washes the other. If you want people to help keep your neighborhood clean by being responsible and picking up after their dogs, you have to be willing to let people walk up your driveway to throw poop in a plastic bag into your plastic bin filled with…oh yeah…GARBAGE. Silliness. Walk up the driveway with pride next time!

    Plus, I’ve actually found that people could really care less, anyway haha

    • And I’m sure that person will be happy to call animal control – leaving your dog’s shit on someone else’s lawn is against the law in most jurisdictions, darlin’.

      Bottom line: if you’re walking onto someone else’s property, you should have permission first. Maybe it would be nice if you’d walk up to the door, knock, explain the situation and ASK first. Just like you said, one hand washes the other? Yeah. People appreciate when you take the time to ask.

      • Wow, people are getting so offended about poop! I didn’t even leave poop on the lawn; I threw it away in the garbage can issued by the city. When those people move far away, no doubt scarred by a responsible neighbor throwing poop away into a city-issued garbage, another family will move in and have that same garbage can, tainted by more poop and more garbage. It’s a cyclical shit situation, obviously.

  31. The cupcakes definitely look great, but my comment is actually about your dog walk

    As a fellow dog-owner, I am never shy about walking up to someone’s house to put my used doggie bags in their garbage can and nobody else should be either! If anyone ever says something to you, like the woman you encountered, just be honest and if they give you any grief about it, let them know that they don’t have to worry because next time you’ll be happy to just leave your dog’s poop in front of their house.

    I’m sorry, but people are allowed to walk their dogs and it’s unreasonable to ask someone to walk around with a bag of hot, smelly dog poop for who knows how long, depending on how far you are from your house or a public garbage can when your dog finally decides that magic moment has arrived. Ultimately, one hand washes the other. If you want people to help keep your neighborhood clean by being responsible and picking up after their dogs, you have to be willing to let people walk up your driveway to throw poop in a plastic bag into your plastic bin filled with…oh yeah…GARBAGE. Silliness. Walk up the driveway with pride next time!

    Plus, I’ve actually found that people could really care less, anyway haha

    • Hahahaha thank you so much for your sweet comment, Alison! I couldn’t agree more. After awhile I was a bit nervous about approaching garbage cans thinking there were more like-minded people who worshipped their garbages or something weird, but after awhile I realized (quickly, perhaps since it involved poop) that I hated shlepping poop around because one lame person can’t handle the truth about what goes in their garbage can. Lol, thanks for the laugh!

  32. I made these last week. Delicious! I loved them so much I wanted to make them with another flavor. I substituted the cotton candy for the bubble gum favors. Yum!

  33. Brittany says:

    Making these right now for a Memorial Day cookout! My batter was almost as thick as a cookie batter so I hope I did this right! They smell good so far! Thanks for the recipe!!!!

  34. The “talking gangster and cornrowing my hair” comment is extremely racist and it makes you sound very ignorant. It’s not a good impression for someone, like myself, who has never been to your blog.

    • I apologize if I offended you; the comment was light-hearted and didn’t have negative intentions. However, it is peculiar that you’re assuming I’m speaking of any one particular minority. “Talking gangster and cornrows” aren’t a race thing; everyone does it regardless of gender, race, or whether or not they’re in jail.

    • I’m sorry Leah, but I believe the ignorant one here would be you, who cannot see that her comments were clearly meant as a way to vividly illustrate her “gangsta activities of the dog poop realm.” Lighten up please. It saddens me that people have lost the ability to be humorous, silly or accept those who have a more “raw” sense of humor than others. This PC crap is really starting to make this world a very stiff and dull place. Besides, this is her blog and she has the right to say whatever she wants. She was clearly not making it a point to be offensive in any way and I thought her story was quite hilarious.
      Hayley – thanks for making me laugh out loud when all I expected was a recipe for Cotton Candy Bars to make for my 4 yr old step-daughter. Can’t wait to make these with her tonight for our “Girls night” as daddy goes hang out w/ his BFF. After eating these I’ll prob be cursing you for giving me the dumb idea of stuffing a 4 yr old full of sugar while I’m the only one watching her (good lord help me!) but hey…the munchkins gotta get spoiled once in a while (more often then not…*sighs*). I’ll drop you a comment after these have been inhaled and send you a bill for any damages that may occur tonight 😉
      Keep doing what you’re doing and kudos for having a sense of humor. *golf clap*

      • Maddy, you rock! Thanks for standing up, and thanks for making ME smile! Yeah, you’ll probably hate me for stuffing your little one with sugar but hey, if you stuff yourself with it too, you’ll be A-okay 🙂 thanks again; can’t wait to hear how you like ’em!! xoxo.

      • Hey Rebel lady! So I’m thinking you should rename these to “Cotton Candy Crack Bars” as these are one of the most unique, tastiest and freakin’ addicting deserts I have ever had. Goodness, the cotton candy icing is the s%#znet! By the way, I didn’t end up making them the night it was just me and the munchkin (blessing in disguise) as we had to go all over town to find the cotton candy packets (lots of people around here must have been reading your blog as well, lol). Once we finally returned home it was too late, not to mention borderline suicidal, to make them and allow Rylee to have them. I didn’t want her to turn into a “Gremlin” 😉 Lol So I made them on Sunday and everyone just flipped out over them. I cold not believe how easy, fast and amazingly good these were. So thanks again for this great recipe and you definitely have our stamp of approval 🙂

        • Yay, thanks so much for your sweet comment and approval, Maddy! I’m glad you liked them 🙂 I’ve been hearing some people say the packets are still hard to find, but I’m sure one of these days they’ll be everywhere–just you wait! (PS, I spotted some at my Target; perhaps yours would have some as well?) At any rate I’m stoked you enjoyed ’em!

  35. Sam bush says:

    Wondering if I can bake them in cupcake pans?

    • Hi Sam! Yes, you can totally bake them in muffin tins. They’re be more like cotton candy cookie CUPS though. Then you can fill ’em with the frosting! Just watch them around the 8-10 minute mark to make sure they don’t burn, and grease the muffin cups really good.

  36. Made these tonight. Perfect! They look so cute also. Tired a piece without the icing and it was also fabulous! Thanks for the recipe!

  37. Think this would work as a cake? Or should I just add the flavoring to the cake mix and follow the “box” directions?
    My son loves cotton candy-flavored things and his bday is in a couple weeks… good timing!

    • Hi Kelly!
      Yes, I think this would work well as a cake. For that, just prepare the mix according to the box’s instructions and add the flavoring in last. However, if you want REALLY strong cotton candy flavor, I really recommend using flavoring oils. They’re highly concentrated, so they’re strong and stand up well to cake batter. You can find them at, as well as places like Hobby Lobby. I’d use 1-2 bottles for the cake mix (depending on how strong you want it) and then use the Duncan Hines packet for the frosting 🙂

      I hope this helps!

  38. Brittany says:

    Hi! I am working on this recipe now and can’t wait to bite in. Question though, I got my frosting starter and flavor mix at Target and they only had one cotton candy flavor packet left (guess everyone is making this recipe). While the flavor packet and frosting say you only need one, your recipe suggests two. I am wondering, do I really need two packets of flavoring mix? Thanks!

    • Brittany says:

      X-P nevermind. It just sunk in that one packet is for the cake and one for the frosting.

      • Hey Brittany! Apologies I didn’t see this til morning. Yeah, one packet was for the cake and one for the frosting, but you could always do one or the other!! Personally, I think vanilla frosting would be good on the bars, too 🙂

  39. Have you ever made it with the bubblegum flavor? My store only had 1 cotton candy, but I’m dying to make it now.

    • No, I haven’t, but if you’ve read the blog you’ll know I LOVE BUBBLEGUM!! And I need to get around to making it because that sounds like something right up my alley! Let me know if you like it with the bubblegum twist–I’m eager to hear!

      • Hey Girl 🙂 I loved your story so much I read it to hubby LOL… and yes life is too short to get all stinky about poop! LOL… Anyhoo when I saw your recipe on pintetest I ran, not walked to get the ingredients…. but, as much as I LOVE cotton candy, my frosting tastes horrible and artificial ;( I tried to add some vanilla and then almond flavoring to help it out and it still was not good like everyones been raving about. I am letting the cake cool overnight along with putting the icing in the trudge and hope for a better outcome tomorrow … is it possible that my flavor packets were bad?

        • Nicole, thank you for your sweet comment! Life is too short to get all stinky about poop! 🙂 as far as the packets go, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like the flavor. It IS very sweet tasting and probably *is* artificial, but I think it’s more of a preference of taste as opposed to a bad flavor packet. Anything’s certainly possible, but perhaps cotton candy wasn’t your flavor. However, there’s good news to that considering you have some options! One: Frost your remaining cake with plain vanilla flavor and chow down; Two: Next time, try a different flavor, like strawberry or bubblegum (and send me the gum one!); or Three: You can purchased a concentrated cotton candy OIL online and in stores like Hobby Lobby. This stuff is the real deal and is highly potent, but doesn’t taste overwhelmingly sweet or artificial to me. It’s about $3 and you can get it at Hope this helps!

          • cool, thanks… One more qwik quest…You said it was really sweet… I was curious and tasted the flavor before I added it to the icing starter, and it did not taste sweet… That’s why I wondered if I got a bad one… Give me your addy and I will be happy to send you a bubblegum and a cotton candy one from the walmart that I got it from… They had like 6 or 8 diff flaves… And then you could tell me if it was “supposed” to taste that way 🙂 thanks for replying and happy baking! PS.. DON’t STOP WRITING… YOU ARE HILARIOUS!

          • Oh, that may be why! I thought the same thing, like it’d taste like Kool-Aid or Jello does when you dip your finger in the dry powder and it comes out fruity. This definitely does not! Try adding it to a little bit of your frosting and tasting it mixed in with the frosting–you’ll probably like it a lot better! And thank you for the compliment!

  40. I love this web site!!!! I made these cotton candy bars, and they were awesome,,, i have a major sweet tooth, and these are way, sweet! Thanks so much!

  41. Oh My Gee! I HAVE to try this!, But possibly in cupcake form. Do you think that would work? I guess I’ll see when I eventually get to try.

  42. I just made theses and my oh my! They are super sweet but oh so tasty! The hard part was finding the ingredients: WalMart had only the white chocolate chips, one local grocery store had only the cake mix and had to go to a third store for the frosting and cotton candy flavor. I do have to say though, it was well worth the hunt!

  43. These sound amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 Can’t wait to try them out!

    I featured your bars on my blog today. Feel free to come check it out:

  44. Melissa Hittel says:

    Where can I find the flavor packets? I checked @ Meijer and they don’t have them….where else can I try..I don’t want to have to run all over town….

  45. Do you think these would work as cupcakes? And if so, how long to bake? Thinking of it for my daughter’s 7th bday party!

    • Hey Jill! Yes, they’d work as cupcakes–just make sure you follow the package directions for cupcakes (if you use my recipe with 2 eggs and 1/2 cup oil you won’t get the exact cupcake consistency!). I would add the flavor packet to the batter and bake for about 14-16 minutes or so, or until done.

  46. I followed a pin here to get your recipe, but I’m so turned off by your terribly offensive and racist comment at the end that I feel compelled to express my dismay–and leave. Everything you wrote about your dog story was cute and funny–why finish it up with such a terrible stereotype?

  47. Lacey Centers says:

    Thank you for the awesome recipe! I am trying it today and hope it turns out well. Keep the awesomeness going <3

  48. so from which shop can these things be bought in Australia or do we just miss out 🙁

    • Hey Jenny! I’m not sure if Australia has the Duncan Hines products available in stores 🙁 but I do know that you can order cotton candy flavored oil and use that instead! Just go here: They have it, and it’d work just the same.

  49. I am gonna try this for my Twin girls 4th Bday =) I also have a Pup the same way, He is a Black Lab and you may know Labs do what Labs wanna do!! Lol Keep it up girl!! I’m going back for Culinary Arts…so u deff helped with making my decision between Photography and Culinary <3 thanks again and much love!!

  50. Mom of six says:

    As long as it’s in a bag, I don’t care if you put it in my garbage. I’ll just be happy that you cleaned it up instead of leaving it on the yard! As for the bars, interesting, but it will probably be awhile before such a product makes it here.

  51. Carol Kelly says:

    I made these today using a white cake mix. They are awesome. I didn’t even put the icing on them.

  52. I am jumping up and down inside! This makes me happy! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  53. My kids would go totally head-over-heels for these yummy bars. I mean, seriously? Cotton Candy? That’s got WINNER written all over it 😀

    -Danielle @

  54. I love these bars. So pretty!

    And I am just impressed you pick up your dog’s crap. My neighbor’s don’t and I’d LOVE to lend them my garbage can 😉

  55. Tried the cotton candy bars..mine didnt look as great as yours cuz I had a yellow cake mix on hand and yellow+blue=green..not so pretty 😛 but still, tasted super yummy! My 4-year-old nephew loved these, and calls this ‘blue brownies’ 😀

    Oh and I absolutely love your website and all the recipes in here! Even blogged about it.

  56. This is really interesting, You’re a very professional blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to in quest of extra of your fantastic post.
    Additionally, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

  57. Howdy are using WordPress for your site platform?

    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create
    my own. Do you require any html coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

  58. Wow, you are a very ignorant human being. Wearing cornrows in your hair does not equate to being “gangsta”. Maybe you should spend less time “cooking” and more time learning about other cultures if you’re going to fix your mouth up to speak on it.

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Amanda, it’s called being facetious and sarcastic. Maybe learn about it somewhere else where someone can dumb it down for you.

      • Amanda, I totally agree with you. And as for you “thedomesticrebel”, I don’t believe it could possibly get any more dumb as you have shown yourself to be!

        • thedomesticrebel says:

          Meagan, thanks so much for buying me dinner by commenting on my site. Your snarky comment doesn’t go unnoticed to me or my bank account 🙂

          • Domonique says:

            Hi TheDomesticRebel,

            I am an African American woman and I must say, my family and I adore you! We frequent this site often!What I love most about you as that you have the best comical sarcasm and that you don’t mind being you and saying just how you feel! DON’T EVER CHANGE! Some people should just stop being so sensitive! Rock On! XO

          • thedomesticrebel says:

            Thanks so much, Domonique! You rule!

  59. Shelby H. says:

    So I made these a few years ago and everyone thought they were delicious! Fast forward to present day and I was actually planning on making these for a friends baby shower, only to find out they no longer make the flavor creations anymore. It was a sad day I tell ya 🙁 So here I am asking if you have any ideas on how I could make these without the flavor packets? Maybe cotton candy extract or flavoring? Help my sweet tooth craving, please, pretttttty please!!!

    • thedomesticrebel says:

      Hi Shelby! I am SO bummed that they stopped making those Frosting Creations too! You can absolutely use cotton candy extract, which you can order online or sometimes find in stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, etc. They are really tiny bottles called drams, and you’d need probably about 3 – two for the bar base, and one for the frosting. Hope that helps!


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