The Friday Roundup!

Hey dudes and dudettes, what’s happenin’?!

I’m sure whether your answer is “shopping until my eyes bleed with my parents’ money!” or “cleaning the mold out of the grout in my tub” or “eating fistful after fistful of what I can only describe as now-Thin-Mint-dust”, it’s all better than what I’ve done all week.

Yup. I’ve had the dreaded flu ALL. WEEK. LONG.

Misery does have a face. It’s mine. And sadly, my precious Mannie’s, since he’s been neglected of his walks for nearly a week due to either his mother dying of a coughing fit or bad weather. Nothing’s worse than seeing your walkaholic, three-legged son sitting lonesome by the window… not even a 103 degree fever.

Or ZERO appetite.

Or the worst hot/cold flashes imaginable. Chills and night sweats sound like glitter and fairy dust. I had moments where I felt like I was submerged in a meat locker only to be relieved by the not-so-soothing sensation of being lit on fire and drenched in napalm. It was truly great. I’m looking forward to menopause.

But let’s not dwell on the fact that sicky is losing weight by doing nothing (best gig ever–who needs the stair master?). Let’s embrace what I made last week before I could infect everyone around me!

Science is weird and complicated and Periodic-Table and all that. But sometimes, science–like science experiments where you put donut holes in blondies–are really cool. And tasty.

Today is the birthday of America’s Favorite Doctor, Dr. Seuss!! (Happy Birthday, Mr. Seuss!!) But even if you didn’t get a chance to celebrate, read your favorite Seuss book or bake up these terribly adorable cupcakes, Dr. Seuss is a pretty cool dude and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you did all that stuff tomorrow. What else do you have to do?!

And when you’re making hats for cats, make these too. Though if my boyfriend shows up at your door begging for some, don’t be surprised (we ran out). Just tell him you’ll give him one if he fixes his headlight. PLEASE.

I have something RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME to tell you. When I posted this delightful Samoas Popcorn on Wednesday, I had over THREE-THOUSAND visitors. That is THREE TIMES the previously-held “record” day. And we celebrate my record days around here so that’s big news. You guys are so freaking cool!!

Yesterday, I had this Pink Lemonade Fudge goin craazaayy on Pinterest (yay!!) but the night before, WordPress and I were duking it out (okay–I was being delusional, hopped-up-on-NyQuil and WordPress was being WordPress) when I accidentally published the following recipe… in the PAST. How did I manage to publish something in the past while publishing it in the present, I do not know. Apparently, NyQuil can bend the space/time continuum. But because my loyal readers who subscribe via email got the post promising fruity cupcakes and it wasn’t set to show up til Monday, I decided to be nice and do a double-posting on Thursday. So here’s your Pineapple Right-Side Up Cupcakes!

So there you have it. A week’s worth of super yummy, super easy recipes for you to try this weekend (the Donut Hole Blondies should be at the tippy top of your list).

Here’s hoping you don’t come down with any ailments but should you, here is my survival guide.

#1. Know you’re going to lose weight. It’s wonderful motivation against your odds of chills, fever, nausea and the like.

#2. Stock up on medicine or, before you get sick, STOCK UP ON MEDICINE. We, for one, have not checked our medicine cabinet since, oh, before we moved TWO YEARS AGO and then another TWO YEARS BEFORE THAT so my mom offered me NyQuil from 2009 and some cough drops from the year I graduated. Being prepared with up-to-date medicine will, I’m sure, help you out.

#3. Redbox and On Demand are awesome things. Because Jerry Springer is only on at 1-and-2 o’clock! Rats.

#4. Keep your local Chinese joint on speed-dial for wonton soup. It’s the ultimate comfort food soup.

& #5. Recruit unsick family to be your slave. Because you are a threat to their health if they resist 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Oh my goodness…over 3,000 hits on your Samoa popcorn!?!?! Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great week; well, not counting the being sick part. Hope you’re coming out of the funk and have a fabulous weekend!

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